5 Reasons To Share A Photo of Your Ass With The World

  1. Tiffani from freeplaylife challenged women everywhere to do it. And really that should be enough said, but in case you’re still unsure…
  2. It freaks out your conservative side…If you think there is ANYTHING inappropriate about sharing a photo of a women’s body I encourage you to think again. (And what’s the difference between your undies and your bathing suit?)
  3. You’re worried what others will think…I’ve spent too much time there. And I realized that I could be authentic with everyone about Who I Am and what I believe, or not really be authentic at all.
  4. You’re rattling off all the reasons you think your ass isn’t “good enough” to share…I see your self-depreciation and raise you a scar, and stretch marks. Self-love means loving all of you. Start practicing.
  5. You’re a male and think you can’t join…Meet my husband. His motto: “Asses that play together, stay together.”

I wasn’t planning on joining in. Until I heard all the women who thought they couldn’t or shouldn’t. And nothing sparks my interest like challenging the Shoulds and Cants.

I have a four inch scar across my hip and stretch marks covering the span. I also have long toes, a bald spot on my head, knobby knees, adult braces, an uneven ribcage, protruding shoulder blades and another 18 inch scar down my spine.

Inspired by my favorite line in Fried Green Tomatoes…

And I don’t give a good goddamm!

I choose to love myself BECAUSE of these things.

It doesn’t matter if you think your ass is too wide, or too dimply, or too whatever else your self-doubt and downright rudeness has to say about your incredible body.

It’s not about having a “nice ass”…it’s about challenging our ideas of what nice means.

It’s about telling the media portrayal of “nice” that WE LOVE OUR BODIES just the way they are, for the incredible, wonderful, miraculous things they can do FOR US, not for the male fantasy.

Don’t take a photo of your ass to share with Tiffani. Take a photo to CHALLENGE yourself.

Challenge yourself to love all of you so much that you’ll share it with others. Challenge what you say you believe, but don’t live out loud. Challenge the fears of others while you’re at it.

Because like Christine pointed out, it’s all about the NamASSte. Seeing the beautiful and divine in each of us…including ourselves.