A New Friend

Happy Coco 

As most people who know us will remember, Coco has been a part of our family for quite some time. Zeb’s Gramma first found this lonely little puppy several years ago and introduced him to Zeb. Zeb and Coco have been inseparable ever since. He’s gone every where with Zeb, they share food and Coco even celebrates his birthday with us (and gaggles of his closest friends and families).

Lately, I’ve noticed Zeb traveling without his “best buddy”. Coco, he says, wanted to stay home. Or he was simply forgotten. Sometimes Zeb seems to feel guilty about this. Other times he seems confident it’s what Coco prefers. Maybe it’s that former feeling that led him to our newest addition.

Happy Coca-Cola

Gramma and Zeb stumbled upon a sweet looking puppy at the grocery store on one of their days together. Coco had stayed home with me that day. And as soon as Zeb saw this new puppy and the uncanny resemblance between him and Coco, he knew he simply must reunite the two “long-lost twin brothers”. And so he was hidden on the top shelf behind piles of teddy bears with an insistent promise from Zeb that he’d be back for him soon.

We went yesterday to find him. Zeb told me where to reach, and with anxious anticipation written all over his face, waited while I rummaged through stuffies who must have been sad to be tossed aside. Then I found him. His name is Coca-Cola. And undoubtedly, you can see the uncanny resemblance Zeb had spoken of to me – just a shade lighter than Coco and with a slightly pointier nose. Perhaps a bit “fuller”, too. And with a very excited expression on his face. (I hope that doesn’t mean he’s a piddler.)

And I couldn’t help it. Zeb’s excitement was too contagious. I was just as excited to make him ours; just as smiley as Zeb as we rang him up; just as rushed to get him back to the truck and see Zeb reunite him with Coco, who was waiting rather impatiently for our return.


Zeb said not a peep as he brought the two together, their silent banter too important to interrupt, I’m sure. I watched in the rear view mirror as they touched noses and sat close together. Watched as Zeb looked lovingly and patted their heads. Then I watched as Zeb sat them down together beside him and turned his attention back to his Bokugon.

So perhaps this is why Coca-Cola is making his way into our lives. To take Zeb’s place in Coco’s life as my boy grows older and more confident. So that they may be introduced to family and friends and not feel lonely when put down immediately upon arrival. Or maybe to give Zeb two best buddies to cuddle with at night. 😉 Cuz my baby boy may be growing older. But thankfully not too fast.


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