A Small Christmas for a BIG Reason

We’re enjoying the warmth of Florida for Christmas again. {Well, I’m enjoying it; my men are lamenting the lack of frostiness and its impact on the holiday season. Pffft.}

After a lot of talk between us, we decided to do a small Christmas this year. Very small. As in Justin and I are skipping gifts for each other and only getting Zeb a few things. We’re not really spending money on anything else, unless we decide to make and mail cards.


3 reasons.

  1. We have been officially, completely, 100% debt-free for two years now. No credit cards, no mortgage, no car payments. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. This isn’t altogether abnormal for us. We rarely used credit cards, and only had “smart debt”, like a mortgage and a car payment {just one at a time}. But being 100% debt-free is something we’re not willing to give up ever.
  2. We’d like to go off the road very, very soon. Next year we want to deeply explore the couple areas that we’re considering {Ithaca and NW Florida, and maybe NC and KY}. And when we do settle down we want a home and acreage, permaculture gardens, yurts {yes, plural…I have big dreams, yo}….if you’ve been following me on Pinterest you probably have a good idea of what I’m dreaming up about. {You probably also are sick of seeing my art journal pins. Again….pfffft.}
  3. We want to remain debt-free by paying for said Someday Home/property with cash.

Big goal? Heck yes. And worth it.

We’re SO ready for this, SO hungry for our own roots, and SO DETERMINED to maintain our freedom when we do settle down by not tying ourselves into debt, that we’re willing to put as much of our income and every spare penny we found on the sidewalk aside to make it happen. {Part of this hunger could probably be blamed on Pinterest. Nothing like keeping you inspired!}

We may find we’re not disciplined enough, but that’s never really been the case with us. When we want something, we can make it happen. I think the bigger question is WHEN and if we’ll grow tired of waiting and jump into a mortgage. {I hope not.}

So we’re having a small Christmas.

And we’re serious.

The tree above was made by Justin and myself. A spare hour, found twigs, and twine we had on hand.

It’s perfect for the RV, since we don’t have room for a tree anyway and our rosemary bush version last year died so quickly. This one is flat so we can hang it on a wall or window.

The coolest part though?

We normally would’ve just gone out and bought something and that’d be that. It wouldn’t be unique, creative, or fun.

It would’ve been an obligation to have it and no special meaning behind it.

And it would’ve been ugly, cookie-cutter, conventional – not me.

Why do we settle for ugly so often when beautiful and simple is what we actually want? Why do we “keep up with the Joneses” when the Joneses are so damn tacky?

My excuse?

I just did. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted {still don’t really; I’m figuring it out as I go} and gave myself all kinds of excuses why I couldn’t make it happen {time, mostly, but also just not knowing where to find things, or how to make them – I’m getting over those excuses too}.

We’ve already made a commitment to each other in our Someday Home…it’s inspired by this quote:

Basically, we’ll settle for BARREN before we settle for things we don’t love and need, until we can find exactly what we want. Exactly what is necessary and beautiful, eclectic and rustic and colorful and rich and sacred.

So it feels good to start with this simple little twig tree to hang from our wall and give it back to the Earth when we’re done with it.

And it feels even better to be solidifying plans to put down roots.