About The Organic Sister

My name is Tara Wagner. (Tara is pronounced like Star-uh, but without the S, obv.)

I write, I speak, I mentor, I create…all for this message, a really simple message actually:

Get out of your head.
Get out of the box you’ve been living in.
Drop into your heart.
Into your core.
And let all you do organically flow from Who You Are.

Don’t just be “unconventional”, moving against something you disagree with.

Be Organic, standing for what lights you up, resonates truth, and enables you (and those around you) to thrive – vibrant and joyfully.

And I help you do this by showing you how to find your own answers, helping you learn how to cut through the layers of complexity and mental bullshit in order to listen to your own Organic Wisdom whispering the clear direction you get to go. By helping you overcome the past and the habit of living, in order to find yourself truly alive.

I don’t coach you to be “unconventional”. I guide you to Be Organic, to release the comparisons to what’s around you and unapologetically live in tune with what’s within you.

Let me explain what I mean by “Organic”. The definition is:

Constitutional in the structure of something; fundamental; integral
Of or characterized by the coordination of integral parts; organized
Developing naturally; organic change

What does this mean? It means when you work with me we don’t just throw exercises and ideas and goals and timelines at the problem.  (We all know how long that surface shit lasts.) Instead we get to the root of things, the core…we DIG IN, we examine the real barriers and find the real blind spots that are causing the real disconnect. And we bring Light to them; we uproot them, heal and release them. And then – without those barriers getting in your way – the change you wish to see begins to naturally, organically (i.e. easily) flow.

Here’s what it’s like to drown in “conventional wisdom”…

:: We focus on the superficial manifestations without finding the deeper roots or source of the problem
:: We feel pushed, pulled, dragged, halted, stuck or sabotaged by all of Life
:: We are inundated with “should’s” and “have to’s” and our excuses why we can’t or aren’t allowed
:: We are constantly nipped at by fears and anxiety and “I couldn’t possibly”
:: We twist, contort and shove ourselves into the tiny box of What Others Think
:: We avoid what is wonderful and repeat the same self-sabotaging patterns
:: We constantly clash with the people we love, getting our buttons pushed and our triggers pulled over and over
:: We follow all the rules(roles), work hard, and wake up 10 years later without light in our eyes
:: We experience loneliness and hurt, and think the solution is in new relationships, instead of new understanding
:: We find ourselves in survival mode, treading barely above water, exhausting our spirits

But when we lean into our own Organic Wisdom…

:: We combine our outer work with deeper inner work to see real movement in our spirits and our lives
:: We flow through Life’s Obstacle Course intuitively, gracefully, easily
:: We experience what it’s like to live “Inspired, Not Required”
:: We dwell in “Right for me” and “I trust” and “Yes, please”
:: We find our hearts liberated and balanced – openly, freely, naturally
:: We aren’t afraid to DIG IN to what rubs up and we allow it to guide us toward deeper wisdom
:: We connect easily and honor and uplift the people we love (and find they begin to respond in kind)
:: We actually live by our principles, have clarity in our roles and wake up with an open heart every day
:: We find ourselves enveloped by support and encouragement and more depth of connection than we thought real
:: We discover what it’s like to finally trust the process of Life, love ourselves, and spiritually THRIVE.

Long story short…you don’t need to set about “changing yourself” (or your house or your family or your clothes) to recreate your life, your home, your version of success, or your experience of Joy.

You get to come back to Who You Are – your innate, organic, wonderful self – and allow her to hold you as your Life begins to unfold.


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