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Affiliates are the beautiful people who believe in something so much they want to share it with others. In doing so as an affiliate you can help other women find the tools they need to thrive, help me in spreading this message of unconventional, joy-filled, and connection-based living, AND receive a generous Thank You from me in the form of Paypal moolah.

Being a part of my Tribe of affiliates also means a free mini marketing e-book, 3 Steps for Authentic Affiliates. This ebook will help you make the most of this affiliate program in a way that feels wonderful to you, mixing in the principles of Being Organic with effective authentic marketing strategies.

Sign up as an affiliate and you will:

  • Get 30-40% commission on all e-products and memberships purchased via your link
  • Get tips for creating blog posts and videos that gain attention
  • Help other women while creating a passive income for yourself!
  • Learn how to authentically promote anything (NOT just my stuff!) on your blog, website or in social media

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the affiliate commission?
Affiliates receive 40% of all digital products and 30% for The Organic Sisterhood membership. Affiliates do NOT receive payments for purchases they make through their own link or for anything refunded to a customer.

When do affiliates get paid?
I pay affiliates between the 10th and 20th of every month for the previous months sales. So anything purchased through your link in January will come to your Paypal account between February 10-20.

How do affiliates get paid?
I make payments via Paypal. You’ll need a valid Paypal account when signing up for the affiliate program.

What if someone buys something else other than what I promoted?
It doesn’t matter which affiliate link you provide, if they purchase anything within 3 months that offers an affiliate commission you will receive it, even if it’s not something you directly promoted.

Can I make money without promoting paid products?
Yes! The website and the free e-course each offer an affiliate tracking link. This means you can send lots of people to the website or directly to the free e-course. Then if they resonate with what I do and purchase anything within 3 months, you’ll receive a commission!

Can I purchase through my own link?
Sorry, no commissions are paid out for purchases you make yourself through your own affiliate link.

Do I need to have a website or blog?
Nope, you can share your affiliate links via social media, email, or any of your online hangout places that allow it.

How do I promote your stuff?
After signing up above, you’ll receive a bonus ebook full of tips and ideas on how to promote your favorite product or membership in an authentic, soulful, and fun way. (These tips and ideas can help you promote anything from my offers, to someone else’s, to your own!) A few quick ideas: the signature line in your email, the sidebar of your blog, an interview with me, sharing your authentic experience with others, adding a recommendation to your own products, and so on.

Where can I find badges and banners?
After you signup you’ll be directed to an affiliate page that shares all the available banners with your unique affiliate link already within.

Do you notify me of new offers?
Yes! By signing up you’ll get occasional emails from me giving you an insider heads-up on what’s coming up with plenty of notice to plan how you’d like to promote it all in advance.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do?
Yes! I don’t advocate spamming anyone, obnoxious promotions to people who aren’t interested, or being pushy. I don’t recommend burning your audience out or losing your own authenticity. And I don’t recommend promoting something you don’t love yourself, since your honest feedback and experience is what others are hoping to hear.

After I signup how soon can I get started?
Immediately! Everything you need to start promoting can be accessed within your account.

What if I have more questions?
Contact me right here and we’ll support you!

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Looking for blurbs and snippets to share?

Affiliate banners can be found within the Affiliate program, but blurbs and snips about Tara or the site can be found below.


Tara Wagner is a writer, speaker, circle facilitator, life coach and the creator of the Digging Deep process and the Organic Sisterhood. Her website, her message, her life is about personal, inter-personal, & spiritual growth. It’s about overcoming our barriers (the ones we hold within and the ones that crop up in our lives) and truly thriving – as women, as mothers, as creatives.

After 4 years of traveling full-time with her husband and son, she now resides in NW Florida, finds her center with art journaling and Yin Yoga, is an HSP and essential oils addict, and hearts deep and soulful conversations.

Her life, and her work both revolve around the idea that conventional wisdom is spiritual pesticide and to truly thrive we need to Be Organic: organically moving in all we do from that place deep within ourselves, that wisdom we inherently have about Who We Are and what we’re about and what that gets to look like for each of us (because it’s never the same).

Because Life isn’t about fighting against it or yourself; it’s about coming back to your real self, your Organic Wisdom, and falling in love with what you get to do.

What if you had a magic bag for personal growth? I’m talking about something you could reach your hand into and pull out just the right message and reminder that would guide you through the end of a bad week…That would align your spirit with the Truth you carry in your heart…That could serve as a quiet space to slip into with a cup o’ warmth and a blanket of self-love? This e-bundle includes:

  • Mentoring to help you live authentically and true to yourself
  • Practices to increase your mindfulness and clarity
  • Tools to nurture strong and passionate partners
  • Guidance to support a healthy parent-child connection
  • 50 tools in all…with never-expiring access!

(Find more info on The Library here.)


  • What if you had the tools that never let you settle for less than you deserve? @OrganicSister’s Library is just that: [afflink]
  • Get all the @OrganicSister’s digital tools for thriving in your own unconventional, conscious way: [afflink]
  • You deserve to thrive YOUR way. Get all the tools you need to make it happen from @OrganicSister: [afflink]
  • Ready to radically change your life? Commit to your most incredible year with the @OrganicSister’s Library: [afflink]

Digging Deep is a life-long toolbox to help you uncover blocks, overcome fears and move through your life’s challenges to organically create a self-designed life of passion, autonomy, spiritual freedom and authenticity.

This workbook is designed for any person who is ready to identify, examine and heal the discord, disconnect, dysfunction or just plain discontent in their relationships with themselves, others and their life.

Digging Deep is a process of excavation. It starts with TRULY understanding ourselves, our reactions, and our struggles intimately and safely. As you slowly DIG IN you’ll be given the opportunity to understand exactly what holds you back or helps you create, how to dig up what isn’t serving you and how to plant and nurture the seeds of a new life.

It Includes:

:: A 151 page PDF e-book full of organic discovery, recognition, digging and replanting
:: 16 worksheets to help you DIG IN to this deep soul-work
:: The tools and exercises that will have you tearing down the barriers in your life
:: Gorgeous assignments + a Double Dog Dare to plant the seeds of growth in your life
As an added BONUS to the beautiful and diverse learners out there…
:: Full audio of the entire e-book and every worksheet! You can read, listen, write or talk according to how you learn and process best.


  • Get to the root of you, your obstacles, your barriers, or your challenges by Digging Deep: [afflink]
  • Ever feel like you’re living the same patterns, the same year, again and again? DIG IN and find your way out: [afflink]
  • STOP “pushing through fear” and start healing it instead by Digging Deep from @OrganicSister: [afflink]
  • This moment is just where you are; it’s not Who You Are. DIG IN to get to the core of you: [afflink]
  • Do you need a catalyst for personal growth and change? Try Digging Deep with @OrganicSister: [afflink]


Organic Parenting: The unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids is a 6 week e-course by Tara Wagner (The Organic Sister) to help women examine their assumptions, disable their triggers, and nurture real trust, relationship and fun in their families through the use of her Digging Deep process and parenting tools.

The course is based on principles such as Trust, Connection, Autonomy and Passion, leans into the belief that our children are inherently wonderful (as if we didn’t know that), and shows us how we can guide and support them beyond the use of control, punishments, or rewards. But before it even gets into that it covers how you can first fill your own cup, feel vibrant and confident, and remain grounded and centered.

It’s unconventional, deep, personal, spiritual and powerfully effective in creating deep connection, cooperation, and real peace in our homes and relationships.


  • Check out the @OrganicSister’s Unconventional Guide to Vibrant Mamas and Thriving Kids [afflink] #organicparenting
  • You deserve to (and truly can) thrive as a mama. Organic Parenting can help: [afflink]
  • What I love most about the #OrganicParenting ecourse is… [afflink]
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  • Want to not only feel vibrant and energetic as a mama, but have a peaceful, playful home? [afflink]

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