Organic Wisdom: Asking Forgiveness for What We Didn’t Do

203 / 365 - Let the right ones in and the right ones go

You don’t have to be wrong to ask for forgiveness. You just have to want to set things right.

These words came to me the other day and I’ve been sitting with them since, not sure how to share them, but feeling the nudge to.

I think it’s a challenging concept to embrace, to ask for forgiveness when we don’t feel at fault.

It’s humbling. And sometimes humbling feels like humiliating. Lowly.

As though we’re somehow making ourselves smaller.

And it can, when we choose to feel it that way.

When we choose to make forgiveness about who’s right and who’s wrong and who owes who what.

But that feels less like forgiveness and more like shame to me.

Shame calls one right and the other wrong.

Shame points out mistakes and imperfections and demands amends be made for our humanness.

That is NOT what I’m talking about.

That kind of forgiveness is bullshit in my mind.

In my heart, forgiveness feels like intention – making clear our intention and realigning ourselves with it.

I’m intrigued with the Huna Process of Ho’oponopono, in which it says that each of us is responsible for what we see, but not to blame for it. Asking forgiveness is an integral part of creating healing, growth or connection in our world.

When something isn’t my responsibility I’m removed from it, even above it when my ego comes into play.

But by asking for forgiveness…forgiveness that my words were misheard, forgiveness that there was a misunderstanding, forgiveness that I didn’t co-create connection or compassion, forgiveness that my intention to see others in joy was not created by my actions…I place myself within the realm of “I can help with this.”

Not to be confused with “It’s all my fault.”

And the world could use more of us saying, “I can help with this.”

P.S. Happy Full Moon! We’re up in the mountains with our new caravan-ing tribe! Plenty more on that to come!

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