9 Steps to Break Free, Live Deeply, and Experience More Life in 2013

9 Steps to Break Free, Live Deeply, and Experience Life in 2013

Happy New Years to my sisters in spirit!

If you’re at all like me this time of year has you at least a little swept up in the intention-creating, reflection-inducing, hope-nurturing energy of it all.

Are you wondering how to have the best year possible? How to actually meet your goals and create your experiences and swim in that deep sense of fulfillment and joy and peace that you’re so hungry for?

Here are my best tips, learned from hard-earned experience, total successes and painful lessons:

  1. Make a List of Everything You Wanna Do (big and little): Call it a Bucket List or a Life List or whatever, but dream big and dream a little SCARY. If not you’ll find another year has passed by without anything to remark on. You will NOT get it all done in a year (or you’ll drive yourself crazy trying), but it will keep you centered on what matters to you.
  2. Make a List of Things You Are Ready to STOP: From the internal (“stop caring what others think”) to the external (stop drinking soda), bring some awareness to what IS NOT serving you. Then make a list of HOW EXACTLY you’re going to stop doing it. Again, you may not “accomplish” this in one year but that’s not the point. The point is awareness and forward movement, rather than unconsciously recreating the same patterns in your life.
  3. Take A Good Hard Look Within: It’s not the shit in our life that keeps us from growing or creating change. It’s the shit each one of us hold within ourselves. Until you get honest and DIG IN to those things, they will continue to throw you off-kilter. Digging Deep is a long process, but it’s a powerful one that will help you overcome the stuff that keeps popping up when you set your intentions.
  4. Make Some BIG Changes Now: There is an energy around this time of year that is important to jump on and ride out. Putting some action to your intentions helps to actualize those things, setting the tone for the year. So go ahead and get a radical haircut, throw out your entire closet, or take some other REAL BIG, maybe even SCARY step right now. (Not a step towards a step that you’ll be doing sometime in the future, hopefully, if it works out that way. None of THAT.)
  5. Schedule Your Dreams Right Now: When I make my business plans or my life plans, I schedule things in my calendar WAAAAAY ahead of time. I already have entire weeks crossed off for quarterly evals, and appointments scheduled for yoga, and down time scheduled for quiet space or transitions I know will occur. This way I treat it like a real appointment and don’t let anything else nab that spot on my calendar. (Yes, Life will throw curveballs and things will change, but your conscious creation of your year will help you stay in alignment with what you need.)
  6. Challenge Yourself: Whether it’s a 365 Days challenge, a 52 Weeks challenge or a 31 Days challenge, find what you want to stretch yourself by doing and challenge yourself to do it. Sex every day for a month? A selfie each day for a year? Finally drinking enough water? A date night once a week? Try it. What freaks you out the most? Go with that one. (Don’t try for perfect. And don’t quit when you miss some days; it’s inevitable you will. Just keep checking off boxes for each one you complete and celebrate how far you have come, instead of the how far you haven’t.)
  7. Make Space for You Time: For me this looks like quiet space, stillness, meditation, Nature…this is where I reboot, realign myself, check-in. How do you do those things? Are you making them a part of your “resolutions”? I think the biggest reason we lose sight of our goals and never see them through is because we fail to create this stillness in our life to bring the important things back into view.
  8. Choose a Guiding Word for the Year: And don’t make it something like “money”. ;) Make it a way you wish to experience the year, a way you want to feel. If you’re a part of the Sisterhood Tribe (or you’re ready to join!), download the free Digging Into 2013 ebook to find your Guiding Word. :)
  9. Surround Yourself With the Right People: People who will encourage you. People who will call you on our bullshit. People going where you’re going (instead of criticizing where you’re going). Every single person who loves their life, meets their goals, and creates amazing things in their world will tell you you can’t do it without support.

And One More For Good Reason

Create Your Own Damn Steps! ;)
Ask yourself what you really need to do, try, accept, release, change….I can only get you started, and I’d love to help you keep going, but ultimately YOU are the only person who can guarantee anything will happen this year. Get engaged with your heart and soul. What do you need to do for you this year?

I know a lot of us – myself included – are looking back and looking ahead and reevaluating with the best of them this time of year. It’s a strong energy that pulls us in. I also know how much more powerful of a year you can finally have if you reach out. So if you’re looking to reach out, I’d love to connect with you.

We can connect over the phone, one-on-one for 20-30 minutes and see what might support you.

It’s free. No obligation. But I can only create 6-7 of these free spots each week.

Click here to read more about it or click the button below to grab your spot. And let’s work through the baggage and the beauty of what’s going to make this next year yours.

Here’s to your beautiful, organic year ahead. ♥

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