Bittersweet Thursday

We said our first round of goodbyes today.

One of my closest friends is also the mom of one of Zeb’s closest friends and when we went to pick Zeb up from their sleepover, we did our best to say goodbye to Elizabeth before she heads out of town tomorrow. She was one of the first real-life unschooling moms I met and her gentle, affirming interactions with her son helped propel my embrace of unschooling. She is an amazing, open and authentic person and her approach to life is so mindful and inspiring. She is always the person I call when I need someone to truly hear me but she has an amazing way of helping me see things clearer, as well. Never judgmental, always thoughtful and always in my heart. I love you, Elizabeth.

Miss you already

Then we got news that Zeb’s very best friend won’t be able to see Zeb before we go. It broke my heart to tell Zeb and it crushed him when I couldn’t offer an explanation. His friend will be sorely missed. :(

Then it was time to send off my grandparents. They have a one-way ticket and their sister’s estate to care for and as much as we all wish Death could work around our schedules, it’s never quite that convenient. While we are hoping to remain in Vegas until they return, we didn’t want to risk missing them and so we helped send them off tonight. It was very difficult to feel rushed; my grandma and I held each other for as long as we could hold back tears. I can’t describe how difficult it is to feel as if I’m losing any time with them at all and yet not have the time I’d like to really say goodbye see you soon.




The goodbyes are the worst part and this is only the beginning. Justin has a breakfast date with his dad tomorrow, we still have a going away party on Saturday and we’re planning a Life Learner sleepover on Sunday. I’m sure every one of those events will be difficult in its own way.

I’m so ready to leave Las Vegas, I just don’t know how to leave the people I love.

It wasn’t all sad news today, however. Justin received the veggie oil tank a day early and they will begin the final steps of the install tomorrow (if only he had time to keep up with his blog!). I got a wonderful, albeit also bittersweet, email from a friend and former client whom I hope to see this weekend (why we were never closer or found more time to hang out, I’m not sure). And now Zeb and I have our vintage suitcase packed with a few days worth of belongings and are spending the time at my mom’s.

And the days keep counting down…

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When we moved, everyone kept saying they would be so sad and “we’ll miss you”. I never really knew how to deal with that. Breathe deeply. You have a grand adventure unfolding before your eyes.

Thank you for sharing all these steps with us, these small and big moments. I think that I’ve said it before, but I’m living a little vicariously through you and your family as you begin this epic adventure. Oh, and what an awesome book you could write about this!

goodbyes just plain kinda suck – they hurt and their scary and, even when we don’t plan them to be, they tend to feel so final – i know you know this, but just in case you forget, it is going to be okay – so just rinse and repeat ‘it is going to be okay’ – in fact, i’d wager it’s going to rock!

Freely Living Life
February 26, 2010 7:02 am

Living this lifestyle you will soon learn that it’s never “goodbye” but rather “until we meet again”. Goodbyes are forever. It’s hard at first but you’ll get used to it. Keeping in touch with friends and family via phone, E-mail, website and post cards while on the road will help you ease into this transition. You will soon find out that this is a really, really small world. There really isn’t anywhere that’s “far”. :)

You’re doing a wonderful job at holding it together. Once you get out here and experience life on the road you won’t have any sadness or regret. :)

Those are some great pictures to keep with you always.
It’s not good-bye.
It’s “see ya’ later!” :D

Stacy (Mama-Om)
February 26, 2010 11:42 am

Hey Tara,
I just wanted to pop in and say I’ve been reading along and feeling your journey in my heart…. What a whirlwind of emotions, feelings, plans, connections, and more!


I didn’t perceive this post as sad at all–more like sweet nostalgia.

Very sweet.

Well hello there!

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