My Business Mindmap for A Big, Beautiful Year

Have you ever made a business mindmap? I got the idea from one of my own business coaches. It’s a great little way to look at where you’re heading, but in a nonlinear (i.e. boring) way.

Wowsers. I have a busy year. And this is just the next three months!

This is my mindmap for 2012. Well, it says it’s 2012, but actually most of this stuff is happening in the next 3 months. [insert bugged out eyes here]

(Generally mindmaps are circles pointing to new circles, but that’s way too busy-looking for my order-loving mind.)

Did I mention my intention for this year was to SHINE?

Well, my intention is a pushy one, pushing me right along at a nice little clip. I’ve got:

  • My parenting e-course!
  • New group coaching programs!
  • A whole new website!
  • Events! I have events!
  • And yes, that says “Book” down there! 😉

Last year I would’ve been totally overwhelmed by what I’m doing. It’s a lot and I had this crazy idea that I had to do it all (while simultaneously dealing with a belief that I couldn’t – super productive state-of-mind, let me tell you).

Thankfully, I have some pretty rocking tools and systems of support (like my own coach and my rockin’ Organic Support Specialist/virtual assistant, Jennie) to help me knock and then rock these things out.

So this year – while being full – isn’t freaking me out.

But it WAS bouncing around in my head way too much. So I sat down yesterday and created this little mindmap, which I love all the more because every time I look at it I see a big, gorgeous stage curtain. 🙂

It’s just a simple overview of the projects I’m working on (or having someone else work on – like a totally new web design or some new offers over on Sustainable Baby Steps).

But as simple as it is, it’s a powerful thing. It allows me to “see” what I’m thinking and to begin the process of breaking my projects down into tasks.

I used to only keep these long-ass to-do lists on my computer, but it’s not the same as a mindmap I can touch, glance at throughout my day or doodle within. It feels more like a roadmap now, something with form and guidance, instead of a long endless to-do list.

There’s still further planning I get to do – breaking those tasks down further, determining my timeline (those gets done on another piece of paper)…and then, you know, execution of it all.

But now that I can SEE it all I can rest in a little more clarity as I begin to DO it all.

Are you doing some big things in your world? Create your own mindmap and share it with me!