Belated Birthday Baking!

Say that five times fast!
We had a lot of fun making the cupcakes we forgot to make for Z’s birthday last week. We didn’t really forget; we were just too relaxed lazy relaxed to notice. (Not to mention, we still had cake left over from Dad’s birthday four days prior!)
We promised our Life Learner group to bring them this week and remembered that promise at 8pm last night. One mad dash, two hours and three belly aches later, we had nearly three dozen organic cupcakes to share with friends and a night to remember:

Z asked “Wait, if they are cupcakes, where do we get the caps?”

I hadn’t the slightest what he meant but Dad figured it out and explained how they will expand and spill over the top of the pan as they bake to form the “cap”. Z got a kick out of watching them “grow”, as if he hadn’t seen them baking before. Hmm, maybe he had never really “seen” it. But now with eyes wide open to the world around him, I guess it’s a whole new kind of “see”.

Oh sure we learned other stuff too – some fractions, some science, some home ec. – but mostly we just had fun, stayed up late, ate too much frosting, laughed, licked the bowls…er uh, spoons and enjoyed each others company.

A Boy and His Birthday

Today, at exactly 8:10am, my little boy turned eight years old. At one time the perverbial Big Boy title was sufficient and proudly worn. But now it is an adament Big Kid status he demands.

He is a big kid. In ever-growing confidence, he is climbing rung by rung up a ladder of determination and showing himself unscathed and ever-ready for more.

Inch by inch his intrepidity has shown itself in brighter colors, more daring, more boisterous than the day before. He’s setting himself apart as a leader instead of a follower and is voicing himself with an audaciousness unmatched. With emotional growth and a careful ponderance, he’s clutching his fingers around life with inquistiveness quietly stirring within.

To think, these qualities were once thought bothersome or something to be tamed, even squelched. But when peered at in reverse, as if he were a man still maintaining such characteristics and remembering them in him as a child, still green, still growing…well, the perspective comes into light a bit clearer now doesn’t it?

He may be the person who cures cancer, fights injustice or simply helps a friend in a time of need. He may write a symphony or write a book. He may be the man others look to for help or for impassioned encouragement. But whatever he is, he will most definitely be himself. Untethered by fruitless obligations or conformity, he will seek out what has been put inside of him and be the person he was born to be. Perfectly, beautifully real. But for now, he’ll just be my 8 year old.

Mom and Dad: “Good morning, 8 year old. Happy birthday.”

Z in a sleepy haze: “Mom, Dad, It’s not my birthday…”

Upon reminding him of the purchase of a new DS game, he quickly realized it was in fact his birthday. Up, dressed, to the store and home again, he has been sprawled across the carpeted floor for nearly 6 hours, absorbed in the marvel of such freedom of choice. Our boy is certainly his own.

A Birthday for Dad

I’m rather disappointed in myself. I failed to take any pictures of Justin’s special day. So you get a recap with no visual aids. 😉

However I, being the master of procrastination, was rather proud of myself for my well-thought and timely execution of Justin’s birthday. We did his birthday shopping a full week before! A two-tone watch from me, and Z managed to pick him out a rather nice pair of plaid shorts and a polo to match. Z did all the wrapping himself, quite impressively.

Z goes to visit his Gramma H on Fridays, so I was stuck baking the cake myself. I am known for my disastrous kitchen skills and although I did manage to get it out of the oven on time, I failed to grease the pan well enough. Being as creative as I am at problem solving, I figured I’d just let the pan sit upside-down for awhile, expecting gravity to take it’s toll. I’m not sure if that plan would have worked or not, seeing as how Justin came home and vigorously throttled the pan trying to get the cake out.

After I puzzle pieced the chunks back together, and glued them in place with a healthy amount of organic chocolate icing covered in organic strawberries, we settled on eating it from the pan. Except we didn’t. We rushed out to eat sushi (at a place that also had orange chicken for Z), then hurried over to catch the 7:45 show for Stardust. Talk about a movie with such great potential, completely missing it’s mark.

By the time we arrived home, we were exhausted and postponed the cake for tomorrow. (Hopefully it gets eaten before we make Z’s birthday cake on Tuesday, for no other reason than I will need the pan.)

Happy Birthday, love. I hoped you enjoyed it.