TechNomads, Perched to Fly, and Hatch Words


Just a quick little post to direct you to three other places to hear from me!

  1. Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Chris and Cherie interviewed us waaaaaaay back in 2010 when we had JUST hit the road, right before I had started coaching and when our entire world was transitioning us into Who We Are. This is the updated Where-We-Are-Now video! 
  2. Life, Love, & Source with Hatch Words – This lovely website is truly amazing. Stories from all walks of spirituality and understanding. Joni interviewed me on my journey from Christianity to whatever you would call me now. 😉 I have to say, I’m used to the basic interviews but this one was so much richer and deeper than I normally get to share. It was wonderful for me to just put my experiences and feelings into some sort of (inadequate) words.
  3. Fulfilling Life with Perched to Fly – Connecting with Kelly over Skype was just plain fun in one of those instant-connection-and-laughs kinda way. She’s doing a series on creating fulfilling lives and we talked about what it means to me, how I create it, and how what fulfills me challenges me.

Pop over and give these beautiful peeps some love! ♥

And It Shall Be Known As The Big Chill

We met and connected instantly with the Paul family and the Mattern family back at Wide Sky Days in September. Justin and I invited them to join us in January in the Keys. We weren’t sure it would come together (because how often do such things ever pan out with three busy lives?), but it did.

It may have taken us 3 hours to decide but our time together came to be known as #thebigchill13.

(You can see all the photos on Instagram with that tag).

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to call these families our friends, to see our kids connect, and to have so much fun. So different in so many ways, so very much the same, all with a total love and appreciation for one another. The sheer amount of laughter, depth, fun, and support we shared with these incredible people is beyond my wildest dreams.

(Like seriously? This is my life? Every detail is one I never thought could be mine.)

I’ve sat here staring at this screen, trying to communicate what these two women mean to me, what these two families have given us in such a very short amount of time.

I can’t.

So you’ll get the photos instead.

(Oh, and be sure to catch the video at the end!)

Chilling. #thebigchill13 @heathermattern @calebabc @melimae79

More #artjournal with @melimae79 #thebigchill13

So this just happened. Took a shrimp right out of my hand. #Crane

Messy is a part of every beautiful process. #artjournal @heathermattern

Cheers to #thebigchill13 #keylargo #florida

Sunset with @heathermattern @melimae79 @justinplayswithballs @mrcliffy06 @calebabc

@melimae79 @heathermattern and a photo bomber #keylargo #florida

Sunset #thebigchill13 @melimae79 @mrcliffy06

From the Turtle Hospital #thebigchill13 #turtle #seaturtle #iguana

Me and Zeb courtesy of @heathermattern #thebigchill13 #snorkeling #ocean

Me and Zeb #snorkeling #ocean #thebigchill13

Dinner with the sunset. Missing @heathermattern #thebigchill13

Saying Our Goodbyes

How did it all come to an end?

Like this. 🙂

How can Life possibly be against you?

Buenos Dias from #keylargo. May your day be bright, colorful, and calm. <3

Have you ever had one of those days where it literally seemed like Life was out to get you – and only you – melodrama and all?

{Don’t front. I know you have. 😉 }

I had one yesterday.

It was a travel day and I’ve learned that travel days are a huge instigator to anything I need to DIG IN to. I’ve gotten proactive, planning meals ahead, taking time to ground myself, bring along my essential oils to keep centered.

It worked on the first travel day. But two travel days in a row I was ill-equipped for.

So my son woke up cranky…I’ve got this. I get it. I’m not a morning person either.

Breathe. Surrender. Keep flowing.

Then the fan belt began to shred. Actually felt good through this. My husband is a rockstar, noticed it, changed it, back on the road in no time.

Aaah. Feeling good. Gratitude through the bumps and all.

Then I started getting hungry.

The man-child had eaten the day’s lunch the night before (when do they STOP eating?!). We were hours behind schedule. No healthy food options in sight. Then a cranky son again. And I felt the spiral happening.

Oh you know the spiral…that one thing rubs you the wrong way and you start to inch downward. The next thing rubs a little harder and you slide a little farther. Then something comes along and you find yourself spinning.

I was spinning. In my head {because where else do we spin?}.

Thoughts of “why can’t he…” and “no one but me…”. Grasping for my anchors to keep me stable. Slipping into the backseat. Listening to the words of my own guides and gurus tell me what I. Do. Not. Want. To hear. Nothing getting through to me.

My spinning went on through the evening.

Needing easy food and feeling as though Life was conspiring against me to not offer something convenient with paleo options {no Chipotle?!}. Like Life was deliberately causing the ache in my neck. Like Life was intentionally making it impossible to feel grounded. Like I’m not allowed. Like Life intentionally sent that guy to hit our truck in the parking lot and rush off while I stood watching him. Like that.

And on and on that shit went.

You know, you’ve been there. That dizzying spiral.

Then that same guide and guru, that same voice that can cut through my bullshit, found me. A quote I stumbled across to calm my exact thoughts of “Life is against me”.

Life cannot be against you, because you are Life itself. Life can only be against your Ego protection. – Mooji

There are some days when only the Scarlett O'hara approach will work. I will go to bed and think about all this tomorrow. #lifeontheroad #toomuchofthisday

It was like a slam to my ego, but a gentle kind of slam. I took it in, wrapped it around my heart {and my heart around it} and went to bed with it. I call it the Scarlett O’Hara method – “I’ll think about this tomorrow” – except I know my spirit really thinks about it all night. I have this agreement with Life, that anything too big will make me tired, and that’s when my spirit will go to work. When my spinning head is out of the way. 😉

And I woke up understanding.

Life cannot be against me.

Life isn’t even really “against” my Ego protection, in the sense of warring against it.

Life just will not cooperate with my bullshit, is all. It doesn’t jive. It can’t. It will bump against it again and again because it can’t not. It will take me back to that shattered place because that protection{projection} NEEDS to shatter in order to come back to peace.

{Life is not against me. I have been against the natural, organic flow of Life!}

Again and again, this is our work.

To allow what does not belong to be shattered. To expose the raw and tender places beneath to the Light.

To fall out of our stories and into the the Truth. Over and over.

Time Again to Pull Back In {And a Request For Happy Mail}

Erin Goodman is facilitating a #slowholidays tradition this year and I’m taking that as just another cue from the Universe that it’s time to unplug my HSP self for a bit.

Spending my birthday slowing down time a bit.  <3

“Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, I’m finding enjoyment in the things that stop time”. – David Hyde Pierce

I seem to do this nearly every year around this time don’t I?

Last year it was The Holiday Reset Challenge with Hannah Marcotti. A few years before that I took the whole month off the internet. Hea-ven-ly.

This year it’s just me, slowing things down and pulling things in. Me and Justin closing out the year together, looking back on what we’ve done and looking forward to what we want to do. Me, Justin and Zeb coming together.

It still feels like a giant reset button for me.

Here’s what I intend* it to look like:

  • No social media. You’ll still see my Organic Wisdom updates coming through, ala my beautiful VA, Jennie. And she’ll be on Facebook and Twitter to answer Qs and keep things flowing. I’m sure I’ll still be on Pinterest for my art journal inspiration fix, and I’ll be taking photos via Instagram. But only via my phone and no extra time spent on either.
  • Easing back on emails. Be patient with me and I’ll get back to you, but over the next few weeks only emergencies get precedent.
  • A blog post or two. I have a couple I want to share before the year ends.
  • “Are you still taking clients?” Yes, but not as many and with priority going to current clients.
  • Lots of art journaling. No brainer there.
  • Lots of plans. Revaluating of business plans and travel plans and family plans. Tis the season after all.

Honestly, 2.5 weeks doesn’t seem nearly long enough for what we’re wanting to do with the time.

So I’m being as careful and intention as I can. No wasted time. Nothing unsavored.

{*I say “intend” because I’m practicing going with the easy flow. Ultimately I follow what feels right, and that will most certainly deviate in some form or another from my original plan.}

But before I slow things down, can I make one request of you?

I miss happy mail. Christmas cards. Love notes. Random bits of ephemera spilling out of an envelope and addressed by a soul sister.

So I’m stating my needs blatantly and unapologetically, as “tacky” as it may seem. {I highly recommend trying it yourself. 😉 }

I need some love in my borrowed mailbox.

Are you game to send some happy mail? If so, you can send it here for a couple more weeks:

Justin and Tara Wagner
c/o Eden Gardens State Park
181 Eden Gardens Road
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Be sure to include your name, address, Instagram handle, blog address, and any other bits so I can find you. 😉

It will need to arrive by Dec 27th to ensure we receive it!

You have no idea how wonderful you will make my year. ♥

A Small Christmas for a BIG Reason

We’re enjoying the warmth of Florida for Christmas again. {Well, I’m enjoying it; my men are lamenting the lack of frostiness and its impact on the holiday season. Pffft.}

After a lot of talk between us, we decided to do a small Christmas this year. Very small. As in Justin and I are skipping gifts for each other and only getting Zeb a few things. We’re not really spending money on anything else, unless we decide to make and mail cards.


3 reasons.

  1. We have been officially, completely, 100% debt-free for two years now. No credit cards, no mortgage, no car payments. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. This isn’t altogether abnormal for us. We rarely used credit cards, and only had “smart debt”, like a mortgage and a car payment {just one at a time}. But being 100% debt-free is something we’re not willing to give up ever.
  2. We’d like to go off the road very, very soon. Next year we want to deeply explore the couple areas that we’re considering {Ithaca and NW Florida, and maybe NC and KY}. And when we do settle down we want a home and acreage, permaculture gardens, yurts {yes, plural…I have big dreams, yo}….if you’ve been following me on Pinterest you probably have a good idea of what I’m dreaming up about. {You probably also are sick of seeing my art journal pins. Again….pfffft.}
  3. We want to remain debt-free by paying for said Someday Home/property with cash.

Big goal? Heck yes. And worth it.

We’re SO ready for this, SO hungry for our own roots, and SO DETERMINED to maintain our freedom when we do settle down by not tying ourselves into debt, that we’re willing to put as much of our income and every spare penny we found on the sidewalk aside to make it happen. {Part of this hunger could probably be blamed on Pinterest. Nothing like keeping you inspired!}

We may find we’re not disciplined enough, but that’s never really been the case with us. When we want something, we can make it happen. I think the bigger question is WHEN and if we’ll grow tired of waiting and jump into a mortgage. {I hope not.}

So we’re having a small Christmas.

And we’re serious.

The tree above was made by Justin and myself. A spare hour, found twigs, and twine we had on hand.

It’s perfect for the RV, since we don’t have room for a tree anyway and our rosemary bush version last year died so quickly. This one is flat so we can hang it on a wall or window.

The coolest part though?

We normally would’ve just gone out and bought something and that’d be that. It wouldn’t be unique, creative, or fun.

It would’ve been an obligation to have it and no special meaning behind it.

And it would’ve been ugly, cookie-cutter, conventional – not me.

Why do we settle for ugly so often when beautiful and simple is what we actually want? Why do we “keep up with the Joneses” when the Joneses are so damn tacky?

My excuse?

I just did. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted {still don’t really; I’m figuring it out as I go} and gave myself all kinds of excuses why I couldn’t make it happen {time, mostly, but also just not knowing where to find things, or how to make them – I’m getting over those excuses too}.

We’ve already made a commitment to each other in our Someday Home…it’s inspired by this quote:

Basically, we’ll settle for BARREN before we settle for things we don’t love and need, until we can find exactly what we want. Exactly what is necessary and beautiful, eclectic and rustic and colorful and rich and sacred.

So it feels good to start with this simple little twig tree to hang from our wall and give it back to the Earth when we’re done with it.

And it feels even better to be solidifying plans to put down roots.

The Things That Matter in 5 Years, What We Birth, and the Space Between

A lot of you have asked me where the inspiration for my “Organic Wisdom” updates on Twitter and Facebook come from. The answer?

They are my own reminders. They are the things that my intuition reminds me when I pay attention, the things I hear when I’m banging my head against the keyboard, the words Spirit slips my way when I’m artfully avoiding it.

This one {above} has been with me for years.

Do you know how often I find myself nit-picking, nagging, sighing over {a little habit I picked up from my mom – thanks Mom. 😉 }, getting riled up about, worrying over, or generally being a bitch about that WILL. NOT. MATTER. in five years?

More than I care to enumerate.

Life is a freaking process.
Growth is a practice.
Letting go challenges me in deep and sometimes shattering ways.

We travel to Vegas this weekend, to meet Zeb there and see my sister walk down the aisle and spend the Thanksgiving week with family.

I’m equal parts excited and not ready.

Lordy Lordy look who found a vintage carry-on suitcase for the plane. #score #thriftstoresrock
Vintage luggage find at the thrift store.

This quiet space we’ve had lately has been one of those shattering things – shattering in the very best of ways. Just Justin and I and a quiet little patch of Nature. He’s been working for a state park here in FL and loving it, and I’m not going to lie – I’ve been loving all these quiet hours to myself.

Space to DIG IN, space to throw it all away and practice surrender to what is, space to play in my art journal {my god, that’s been a journey of its own}, space to experience stillness.

All this space is not something most of us women or mamas see often.

We are busy. No…we keep ourselves busy. We birth families and work and homes, and then we birth drama and fear and “shoulds” {or maybe we adopt those}. And we forget to birth peace of mind. We forget to birth understanding. We forget to birth empathy and patience and roots.

We forget to birth ourselves.

{Or maybe that’s just me?}

These past three weeks, with Zeb in Vegas with family, and Justin working, I’ve been birthing myself. I’ve felt myself shatter to pieces in order to fall back together. And this shattering has happened again and again. It’s been painful and exhausting and uplifting and lightening.

And I don’t think it’s over. But my space is coming to an end. We’ll be with family for a week – busyness and energy overflowing. Then Zeb will fly home with us and life will shift again – maybe shift back or shift forward, I don’t know.

And my heart keeps asking, how do you maintain this much space, needed for this place I’m in, this place of pulling back, of slowing down, of sinking in?

I’ve made some hard choices recently – choices to slow down my work, choices to put projects on hold, choices to back off certain activities.

These choices all come from the same message: This is a period of pulling in. A period of examining what will matter in 5 years.

Maybe it’s in alignment with the whole Mercury Retrograde thing. Or my upcoming birthday. Or maybe it’s just one of those spaces we all experience in our life, when the flow ebbs and we take the time to breathe and be and sink back into what matters.

{Ask yourself: What is Life saying to you about what matters? How much energy are you sinking into what doesn’t?}

Sending Him Off Again

Saying "See Ya Later" to your kid is weird.

Zeb is flying to visit family for a few weeks again (we will meet him there for Thanksgiving). Oh and we found his first chin whiskers. Much fun was had by all.

Zeb left yesterday afternoon, heading to Vegas again for an extended visit with family and friends. We’ll meet him there before Thanksgiving, and for my little sister’s wedding, which means we have three weeks to share together – just Justin and me.

It’s still weird, having a teenager who has a life beyond yours.

Does that part of parenting ever get less weird? I’m told it doesn’t.

I suddenly understand this quote so much better now:

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. (Elizabeth Stone)

He suddenly has memories that I don’t share, details that I’ll never know, conversations with strangers on a plane that I’ll only wonder at, trivial moments of his life that are only his, not worth sharing or even knowing but still taken for granted as a mama that you’ll be a part of.

Goofing off before his flight. I rarely capture his real smile.

Heart these men in my life.

He's cool beans, this one.

At the same time, it’s really cool.

It’s amazing to see photos of him towering over to his grandma, to call him at night and chat casually about his flight and his plans, to see how much he swells with a subtle sort of confidence and pride, responsibility and excitement.

It’s a little like all our efforts in parenting are materializing, but we don’t get to see it. 😉

Justin and I were talking about what it will be like when he’s flown the coop.

What will we do with ourselves? Will we be bored? Will Justin drive me crazy without Zeb to play with or pick on? Will our lives change radically, and if so, in what direction?

It feels as though trips like Zeb’s are good for us, Justin and me.

It’s like practice for having our heart walking around without us, a piece of our trio and also a piece of our hearts off doing his thing for the long-term someday. We’ve never been just the two of us, without Zeb (Justin was a late arrival into our family).

It’s an interesting role to play, this couple (instead of trio) thing.

So we’re playing it up. We’re doing all the things couples usually do before they grow their family. Or at least the things we imagine they do.

It’s weird, like I said, to have this big empty space where his energy used to be. But it’s life too, to eventually have my heart off living his life. And it’s incredible for him, just like I was saying before. So we may as well get with the program, reign in our desire to hound him, and make the most of it for us too.

The Life Lessons of Purple Hair

I did something I haven’t done since I was a teenager. I applied chemicals to my head, drained the tips of color, and filled it back in with purple.

Yes, I’m the “Organic Sister”…my life orbiting around the natural, the innate, the organic, the mindful. And I bleached and colored my hair.

It's happening people. Tippin' it.

I cut it. @mirandamayi tipped it. My color blind husband can't see it. #purple #hair #pixie #fauxhawk
(@tarawagner on Instagram)

I don’t use shampoo. I don’t condition. I don’t use styling product or tools. (I use water, and my fingertips, and that be all, folks.) I cut it myself and I intentionally avoid products because, quite frankly, figuring out what’s safe and what’s not is a royal pain in the arse and why bother when it’s not really necessary.

Having dreads for almost 4 years got me into this habit of minimalism.

Then, shaving my head placed me square in the habit of fully alive.

Still, it’s sort of a big deal for me, being all hip on the sustainable aspects of life, to embrace what I used to call (still can see as) wasteful, superfluous, and potentially harmful.

And I did it anyway. 😉

Here are the thoughts I’ve been playing with in my head:

I’ve lived a life of minimalism and mindfulness and it bordered on the mentality of scarcity. We had our urban homestead, our chickens, our food storage, our ideas of sustainability and peak oil, and right versus wrong, and holy-hell-the-world-is-coming-to-an-end.

Since then I’ve embraced a world of joy and abundance. We travel, we explore, we create, we examine, we swim in the possibilities of life. But it can border on denial at times.

My goal since becoming aware of this dichotomy of our experiences has been to balance having two feet planted firmly on the ground, while simultaneously raising our hearts and minds to the universe. The balance of the spiritual and the practical. Of reality as we see it, and the awareness of the dream we call reality, the spiritualism that tells me all is ultimately well.

As we approach the idea of settling back down, we know we want chickens again. We want a permaculture “homestead”. We want sustainable housing.

We don’t want scarcity, fear, paranoia, mistrust, or that impending sense of doom.

We want to balance our values for the earth with our values for our spirits.

What the hell does this have to do with my hair?

I’m not totally sure. 😉 Except I think maybe I’m playing, toying with the balance of scarcity and abundance, with the ideas of responsibility and playfulness, pushing edges, and throwing around ideas through the “frivolous” and the “serious” things I’m doing, trying to figure out for myself what this new era in our life will be like, embracing the teacher before the lesson has really begun.

Right now that looks like purple tips.

Living in a Bubble {And Making it Bigger}

Hanging in a quiet little forest in PA for a few days. Chasing the warm weather south. #myofficetoday #autumn #fall #leaves

Imagine Dragons, Instagrammin, cool weather, flow wand goodness, curry on my shirt...what "should" I be doing? Exactly what I am. #myofficetoday #thejoysofselfemployednomadicliving #canIgivethisup

We left what felt like a bubble in Ithaca. Said goodbye to our friends in the caravan first, then goodbye to our friends in Ithaca.

We’re traveling south for the winter, like the snowbirds we are.

It’s quiet now on the road. We’ve been surrounded by friends, family and friends who have become like family for almost a year. Now it’s suddenly just us again, the slow pace together needed but strange.

It hit me the other day that this is likely our last year on the road, and I realized how many opportunities I’ve missed.

I know that’s natural.

There is SO MUCH to see and do, and you can only do so much of it. The fact being that this isn’t exactly vacation for us makes that even more true. We have businesses to run and a desire for downtime (being homebodies and all). There are plenty of things we don’t make time to explore or explore as fully as we’d like in order to do the other things our lives are calling for.

But the thought of only one more year puts that into sharp contrast.

There are things that you only miss in hindsight, and even though you knew then you were making a conscious choice to forego, it doesn’t become real until you’re looking back at the road.

You don’t miss it, until you miss it.

There are some things I wish I had done more of with the last nearly 3 years.

Namely, connecting with others.

The first year on the road was all about connecting with others, to the point of burning ourselves out. So we went into the rest of our travels being mindful not to run around from place to place, from home to home, to create more time for ourselves. A necessary and wonderful decision as a family.

Now, after this past year of connection, I see how to balance the needs of slowness with the desire to connect.

We learned a few tricks – like facilitating potlucks at our campground with groups of people, instead of trying to meet each person individually, or inviting new friends along while we did our exploring. As simple as they seem, they made the world of difference.

So now, looking back, there is one opportunity in particular I see I missed.

Meeting all of you, intimately.

Connecting women, connecting with women, connecting with ourselves.

I’ve come to see that I want to facilitate more of these in-home circles, the ones I’ve had the honor to be a part of several times this year so far. They are powerful and cup-filling for me for days. Circling with other mindful women, mothers, entrepreneurs…Digging Deep around our lives, our challenges, our roles, our gifts, our needs.

I want to meet some of the members of the Organic Tribe or the incredible women I’ve connected with through this blog (or have yet to connect with), but in their homes, around a table, around a fire. I want the ability to hug them in person, cry and laugh together.

That’s where some real magic happens.

And this travel thing creates the perfect opportunity for it. (How I wish I saw that sooner.)

So the next couple months, while we travel through NC, SC, GA, and FL I’m hoping to do just that: create these small in-person tribes with some of you.

If you’re in those areas, if you’re interested in circling, or even if you’re just curious, let me know.

Let’s make some magic happen. Let’s make this bubble bigger.

Going Our Own Way {Saying Goodbye to the Conscious Caravan, and Maybe Even Life on the Road}

A country brunch with friends, strolling the Commons, and a drive with my lover around #Ithaca. A beautiful Sunday.

We said our last “See you later’s” to the Conscious Caravan on Monday. After traveling together for the better part of this year, it’s time for us to go our own way.

Let me back up.

If you remember we started traveling with this band of wild nomads back in March after first connecting in January. It was a serendipitous connection of many dots that brought us together and met the needs of our family in such deep and meaningful ways.

Mostly, it was a traveling village…actually dubbed “The Village” between us. It was friends, a network of support and a lot of love. Some split off in the spring to head up further north for the summer, but even then they were in our hearts. The rest of us traveled up the coast and into Maine together.

I’m trying to find words that describe the experience – the love, the stretching, the learning, the trust, the fun, the growth – in all of us.

But I can’t.

So I’ll just skip ahead to now.

Right now, we’re visiting friends in Ithaca, NY. Angela and Clint and their kids spent several weeks here with us before they went out to Vermont on Monday to meet up with other members.

We made the choice to stay behind. Partially, we wanted to avoid going any further north this time of year. Partially, the truck needed some more work before we hit the road. Partially, we weren’t ready to leave Ithaca and wanted to squeeze one more week out of the fall here.

It didn’t hurt to say goodbye to Angela, who feels so much like my spirit sister. I wasn’t sad or worried. I felt comfortable, certain that it wasn’t goodbye. That it was just another “See you later down the road.”

Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. Or maybe I’m just not afraid of losing her. Ever.

My sweet spirit sister, @ecowomb

Now after several days, I think I can also say we stayed behind because we needed the space to transition into the next phase.

When Justin, Zeb, and I made the decision to hit the road (exactly three years this month!) we made the choice together. We talked together about the pros and cons, the needs we each had, what we wanted out of it, what our concerns were, how we would handle those things.

It was a cohesive decision between the three of us. Which felt good, knowing we were all heard and honored and on board together.

For the past few weeks Justin and I have been sorting out our new needs, how we’re feeling and what we desire for the future and have both been feeling the same thing:

We’re ready for roots again.

Top of the #tree of my happy spots #climbing #play

We’re ready to find a community we want to stay. We’re ready for library cards and local meetups and chickens and a full-size oven and fridge, for goodness sake. We’re ready for ground beneath our feet and a treehouse and cable internet.

We’re NOT ready to quit traveling completely, but we like the idea of snowbirds (traveling south for the cold months). And we like the idea of world travel with an official home base.

We have been mulling these things around in our head without talking to Zeb yet, until he came to us Wednesday night and asked if we could all talk.

What came out: he’s ready to stop traveling too.

(Damn, I love when we’re all on the same page at the same time!)

He wants more community (instead of warming up to people just as we or they leave again), and the ability to delve into his interests easier (computers, which requires more reliable internet than we can always find). He wants more space of his own.

He wants roots, just as we do.

So together we talked about our needs again, the things we’re ready for, and how we might make another transition.

And this is what we concluded with and what we sense we’ll be moving toward:

We are still heading to Florida and white sand beaches for the winter, because I miss Mama Ocean like whoa and we’re just not prepared to be anywhere colder. After that we’ll start making our way north again, coming back to Ithaca. We’ll be staying on our friends’ land, helping them build out their property, and exploring the area more. If we still feel drawn to the area come fall, we’ll try staying over the winter (to see if I can handle it and all).

Anything can change – and I’m sure something will – between now and then.

But after three years it feels like this is it.

Life on the road has changed us. It was the most amazing guru we could have had, allowing us to explore not just the country but our understanding of Life. It’s opened us up to possibilities for experiencing the world that have freed us, spiritually and otherwise.

And after all that – all the adventure, all the examination of ourselves, all the liberation we found – it’s nearing the time to take what we’ve gained and plant it somewhere, plant ourselves somewhere.

Life might show us another direction, but either way…all roads are leading home.