Our Car Rally!!!

This is the video compilation of the footage Justin and I (and several other wonderful and dedicated Ron Paul supporters) took of our car rally last weekend. Thanks to Jim for putting it all together!!!

Here’s my favorite pic of Z from the day. He was a little camera shy but faithfully waved his sign and hollered “Ron Paul for President” at the passersby on the strip. We all had a blast and are looking forward to the next one. Wanna join us??

And for all those Ron Paul supporters out there:

Remember, remember the 5th of November!!

Doing My Part

I guess I can no longer call myself a dormant activist. I’ve joined the local mission toward change by making stencils for Ron Paul banners. And I managed only two injuries while working the Dremel. Quite proud of myself. [Top 2 Photos by Z!]

Tomorrow we will continue to show our support by participating in the Car Rally on the Strip. Can’t wait! (I’ll be sure to take pics!) The overwhelming sense of taking part in such a revolutionary movement toward change is a phenomenal and empowering feeling. Here’s just some of my inspiration:

A New Hope

The Time Has Come To Legalize Freedom

Beautiful. He has our full support – in actions and donations.

LifeLearners Camping Trip

We’re new to the Life Learners but Oh-My-Goodness, where would I be without them? Anywho, they do a yearly camping trip which I initially adamantly declined. I. Don’t. Do. Camping. We use to do a family camping trip that was always so uncomfortable and so much work. But the idea of spending a weekend with such inspirational families was too great a pull. I did learn camping is much more enjoyable when it’s only a 48 hour jaunt.

I’ve also learned that my organizational skills have gone waaaaay downhill. In all the stress of this past year, I’ve been in a de-stress zone. I just don’t care enough to plan ahead right now. Ironically enough when I was so stressed out, I wanted to plan but couldn’t think straight enough to do so. It seems I can’t win.

We forgot so many things we needed for our trip. I didn’t even plan my menu until less than two days prior. And we just kinda threw stuff together the day before we left. It was aggravating.
I feel myself gravitating back to my old balanced, healthy self again but just can’t seem to get there quick enough.

On with the story: Zion National Monument is the camping tradition for the Life Learners. It dawned on me as we pulled through the gate that the last day Z, Justin and I were in Zion was the day my dad passed away in April. We had taken the Angel’s Landing trail (the one with Walter’s Wiggles) that very day.

Unknowingly this was the same trail my dad and I took (with the rest of the family) the last time we went together as a family. I was barely a toddler then and don’t remember it at all.

But I remember being on the Scenic Drive this past April and we had decided to take another trail when I suddenly said “We’re getting off here. I want to do Angel’s Landing.” I wonder now if that was Dad. I wonder too if he came into my thoughts up on the mountain. I honestly don’t remember.

I’m glad to have been in such great company as to not wallow in sadness all weekend. Have I mentioned how great it is to be in the presence of the Life Learners?

Here and here and here are the rest of the pics. I’d upload them onto the blog but after 3 hours of struggling with Blogger and Photobucket, I give up. Suffice to say it was a great weekend, with great conversation and lots of laughs. I’m glad we ventured out into the wild and am looking forward to next years trip.