Poem: Childish Pettiness

Childish pettiness born of a simple greed
Ridiculous anger on your face I read
Silly competition as if you think I care
But what angers me the most are the things I wouldn’t dare

Selfish slander of another’s pride and joy?
Trying to outcast, to ruin?
Is my failure your whole ploy?
Disrespect, outlandish threats to those you really need?
Is all of this your attempt to make sure you succeed?

I’ve never spoken ill of you
Not one word against your name
Do I really threaten you enough to need to play this game?

Metta, loving kindness, that’s always what I gave
Now I’ll gracefully step back and let you dig your grave
I won’t let you bother me
I’ll wash me hands of this
Just one thing to keep in mind as you enjoy your lonely bliss

You know as well as I do, just how Karma goes
The proud will fall
It’s all full circle
You’ll walk the path you chose.

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