Connect the Dots

Just had to share the new, cool developments in Z’s learning. His mind has been constantly working through numbers lately. He’s explaing computations nearly every day and most significantly, he’s “getting” time measure! (He’s had a difficult “time” – haha – with that until now.)

He is understanding how long fifteen minutes (or an hour or 47 minutes) is and how it feels and can look at a (digital) clock and figure out how long it is from the current time to the next event he happens to be waiting for. He looked at the clock the other day at 8:54 and stated that he had exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes until his show came on!

This is without effort on my part whatsoever. Yeah I try to “speak” math and clock usage when possible but to be honest, I’ve been so dang busy recently that I haven’t done so in awhile. So what’s been helping him, do I think? Television. No, I’m not kidding. He now has good reason to understand the uses of time measure (to figure out when his show comes on and not miss them). It’s also helped tremendously with his ability to add and subtract quickly, as well as see the patterns in number usage.

We were driving the other day and he stated from the back seat that he knew what half of 50 was. “You take the twenty and the twenty and the five and the five.” was how he explained how he reached his result. I asked him how he figured it out and he said “From watching football with Dad.”

Dad: “WELL, that’s a damn good reason for me to watch football every Sunday and Monday from now on.” haha

Who says kids just “veg out” on TV all day and don’t learn or use their minds? Not unschooling kids. Not my unschooling kid. His little mind is always gathering and naturally connecting dots in everything he does.

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December 2, 2007 1:16 pm

I think most kids veg out on TV. I think that after a long day of school it’s comforting for them to plop down in front of the “boob tube” and just let their minds go.

I have definitely noticed a HUGE difference in the way mine watch TV since we started unschooling. They learn so much from the television, and S actually remembers what he watches! I’ve been able to (slowly) let go of some of my negative feelings about TV and just let them watch.

Sometimes, just living and not worrying so much about math and other “subjects” is all they need at this moment. :-)

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