Cutting My Dreadlocks, Contagious Clippers – And a Video!

The always gorgeous, always talented Tiffani Bearup sent me over the first of two videos of our Head Shaving weekend.

I love you, Tiffani. You helped me commemorate one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you for your talent, your heart and soul and all the tiny things you offered me in one brilliant weekend. β™₯

It’s Contagious, I Tell Ya

There is something about it that is contagious. Check it out:

From Wild Zen:

It was perfect, a part of the deep cleansing I was doing, a way to take what was inside and wear it outside, a symbol of new transformation in my life. I thought it was going to be a lesson in embracing my ugly – I wasn’t expecting to feel so radiant and sexy! I have bounds of clarity, especially in what is “other people’s stuff” and what’s mine (like how some people can see my beauty, some feel shaving my head is weird, and some people were way more attached to my curls than even I was). Sometimes I feel like a monk ripe with readiness for enlightenment, and sometimes I feel like a gypsy goddess extraordinaire. One thing is for sure, this is the mark of a new beginning for me. I feel reborn. I have been making some serious space in my life over the past few months, and I look forward to growing with my hair and appreciating it all in new ways. My curls are not what make me beautiful – I am

From Alicia Thiede of Milagro Girl:

Within hours of coming home from that meeting I shaved my hair, all of it. And it felt very liberating. It felt like I had finally dealt with this thing that I was called to do and had resisted. It felt like completing this task that had been waiting and calling to me.

That was five days ago. It still catches me off guard when I see my reflection and I’m reminded that that’s really me staring back. There is no hiding anymore, there is no cowering behind the fringe on top. I am all out there.

Since then at least 8 other women (and kids!) have joined the ranks of buzzed, including Zeb who didn’t shave it completely bald but came pretty darn close AND Tiffani who shaved her head right after finishing with my photos!

I’m thinking of starting a club…maybe a “No Hair for Women Club” or a “Hair Liberation Club” or a “You Only Live Once, Better Rock It While You Can Club”.

Okay, maybe not a club, but at least a collection of stories.

I would LOVE to hear YOUR experience with shaving your head. Your photos. Your videos. Your blog posts.

WHY did you feel drawn to it? WHAT was the experience like? HOW did it affect you as a woman?

Share your experiences in the comments below!

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22 Replies to “Cutting My Dreadlocks, Contagious Clippers – And a Video!”

  1. The day I found out that my friend from High School was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 31 I knew I needed to shave my head. It took me about 8 months to getting the actual courage to do it. I was not brave enough to shave my hair off my self so I had my husband do it for me. It was summer. A perfect time to have less hair. As my friend lost her hair from chemo, I felt like I knew a little bit more about what she was going through. As her hair grew back so did mine. I shaved it a few more times to keep up with the maintenance. Over 3 years I kept my hair very short. Just this past mother’s day she found out that the cancer was back. I did not hesistate to whip out the clippers and shave my head again! She has chosen a different path for her health care this time around and has not lost her hair. But, I have loved every minute of having a shaved head. I have felt very feminine during my time with less hair. I found myself wearing more dresses and skirts. I have loved the fact that I can share in the fun when we have family hair cuts with my boys and husband! I had many conversations with women about why I choose to do this. And I felt that it was a great way to spread the message about doing your monthly breast exams. It has been a way to share my friends story and to let people know that cancer has no age limits. I love that you have shared your story with us Tara and Alicia. It has been very inspiring to me. I just might shave my head again! You both look gorgeous!

  2. That is such a beautiful video. I have to know, what is that song? I love it!
    I have no intention of ever shaving my head, but I admire women who do. I can understand how it’s such a powerful experience. It’s not my calling right now though.

  3. I shaved my head in 2007, firstly it was to raise money for a leukaemia foundation in Australia ($1200!!), but during the actual process of my hair being stripped from my head, I felt so free in myself, more liberated, more able to focus on who I really am….Not many people liked it, but I was confident enough in myself to cuss at them and tell them to shut up! Luckily I had full support from my family and friends, even my boss and co-workers were supportive and made a really big deal of it for me. There have been MANY times over the last 4.5yrs that I have thought of doing it again….and I will, when my heart tells me it’s time πŸ™‚

  4. Here’s my blog post about it:

    I only wrote about it once, but have shaved it once more since then. The second time I did it, I buzzed it down to the nub. Now I’m at the furry stage again and need to make a decision as to whether to buzz or let it grow a bit. I’m leaning toward buzzing it again. I still feel like I haven’t learned all I can learn from it yet. We’ll see…

  5. in a weird way of dealing with a near-death experience during/after the birth of my son and an affair my (now ex) husband had while i was in the icu, i bleached my hair like five times within a few weeks. it began to fall out. so i shaved all but a very small mohawk thing on the top. i cut the mohawk thing about two months later. it was liberating for a while, but growing it out was annoying b/c my hair is so thick.

    i think you look gorgeous bald, btw. πŸ™‚ i want dreads now, though. that’s my next hair journey.

  6. No experience of my own – at 50, I am wearing my hair loose and long!

    Just want to say that this video captures you so beautifully, Tara – what a joy to watch. It’s you!

    Thank you both…

  7. The power that our hair can have is so interesting. I find it fascinating that the locks on our head can mean so much and have so much emotional pull. I’ve loved reading about your emotional journey through dreads and am looking forward to (hopefully) hearing how you feel with your head shaved.

    And the video is beautiful and so well done! I’m really glad that you recorded this big moment in such a lovely manner.

  8. Dear Tara – you look radiant and beautiful and more alive than ever before. i so deeply appreciate your sharing this journey with all of us – from putting in your dreads to now releasing them and your new bare noggin – the journey has been a blessing to witness <3

  9. Love, love, love the video!! And love you for all the amazing inspiration. Too bad we didn’t connect this summer up in Lambeau – we would have rocked it πŸ˜‰ Next time!

    I released my dreads and buzzed my head on New Years! Have wanted to do it for years; your inspiration helped me in my journey. Definite case of Contagious Clippers! Last 3 blog entries are about it … <3

  10. I had my head shaved for the best part of 15 years. I did it initially to annoy my boyfriend at the time [very mature] and decided it was an easy way to manage my unruly hair. Got right down to shaving it with a blade. Then, I got over it and began to grow my hair for dreadlocks. I’m now three years in to my dreadlock journey and I love my dreadlocks so much.

    Shaving my head was an easy way for me to not deal with my messy hair and it kind of symbolised what was going on inside, too. Not dealing with the messy. It was hard being constantly mistaken for a skinhead or a cancer patient. I feel so much more confortable, more like my true self, both inside and out, with dreadlocks.

    You look lovely with a shaved head, although I think your dreads were stunning on you. Just be aware your scalp can be sunburned if you don’t protect it … don’t ask me how I know, ha ha.

    Kia kaha,

  11. That is an amazing video. You are so beautiful in so many ways. I loved the whole first part with your dreads.
    And I love your bald head.
    You look different and still the same. It seems like it allowed some other magical part of you to show through.
    Again, amazing.

  12. I just finally had a chance to watch this. It’s beautiful! And you’re beautiful! Tiffani did such a wonderful job documenting it. πŸ™‚

  13. Hello lovely. I’ve just stumbled across your blog today after following links from Wild Precious Studio. I’ve been bald for several years years now, with a break for dreadhawks a couple of times. I can remember wanting to shave my head even when I was very young, so it’s something that had always appealed to me. I never could do it until several years ago when I was able (thanks to my very generous partner) to quit working. I can’t say that it was ever a statement or a cleansing or anything other than a great relief when I could finally do it. It was like heaving a big sigh and settling into myself more than anything else. I love my bald head even though it’s lumpy and funny shaped. Who cares? I’m happy. Oh, and my head is tattooed, too. You can see pictures of it here…

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