The Digging Deep Toolbox ::
Get To The Root of You, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Digging Deep is my process for thriving in any area of life, no matter the circumstances.

It’s a process for getting so deeply rooted into the Core of Who You Are that you are unshakable when the world tries to shake you up.

:: Stress. Overwhelm. Anger. Depression. Anxiety.
:: Knee-jerk reactions. Paralyzing fear.
:: Living the same cycle, the same year over and over.

None of that is YOU.
It’s not real. Not authentic. Not your Truth.
It’s just what you’ve learned. And it’s time to unlearn it.

It’s time to nurture the things you actually WANT growing in your life.

this is where digging deep comes in…

Digging Deep is a life-long toolbox to help you uncover blocks, overcome fears and move through your life’s challenges to organically create a self-designed life of passion, autonomy, spiritual freedom and authenticity.

It is your catalyst for personal growth, your inspiration for healing and your toolkit for awareness and confidence.

Because you have a life to live and some things just aren’t serving you.

“Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.” – Marcus Aurelius

Who this toolbox is for…

This workbook is designed for any person who is ready to identify, examine and heal the discord, disconnect, dysfunction or just plain discontent in their relationships with themselves, others and their life.

Digging Deep is a process of excavation. It starts with TRULY understanding ourselves, our reactions, and our struggles intimately and safely. As you slowly DIG IN you’ll be given the opportunity to understand exactly what holds you back or helps you create, how to dig up what isn’t serving you and how to plant and nurture the seeds of a new life.

You might be:

:: Struggling with triggers in your parenting
:: Facing challenges in your relationships
:: Unsure how to overcome fears that hold you back
:: Meeting obstacles in your business or finances
:: Experiencing self-doubt, or even lack of motivation
:: Feeling unsure of Who You Are or what you’re about

Digging Deep is not for the faint of heart or the part-time dabbler of Life and expansion.

It’s for the person ready to delve deep into the heart and spirit of Who They Are, to embrace their own Truth and lay to rest those painful bits and pieces that don’t belong.

the digging deep toolbox includes…

Here’s what you can expect to find in the Digging Deep toolbox:

:: A 151 page PDF e-book full of organic discovery, recognition, digging and replanting

:: 16 worksheets to help you DIG IN to this deep soul-work

:: The tools and exercises that will have you tearing down the barriers in your life

:: Gorgeous assignments + a Double Dog Dare to plant the seeds of growth in your life

As an added BONUS to the beautiful and diverse learners out there…

:: Full audio of the entire e-book and every worksheet! You can read, listen, write or talk according to how you learn and process best.

want a sneak peek?

Curious about the process? Want a little idea of what it’s about?

Ask and ye shall receive. 🙂 Below you can find the entire Table of Contents to give you an idea of what’s in store for your own process of Digging Deep.

frequently asked questions


How long does the Digging Deep process take?

Digging Deep is a toolbox for life-long growth. And since we never really stop growing, I guess my answer should probably be “your whole life”.

But that sounds a little intimidating, so let me put it this way:

Working through the e-book your first time can take an afternoon or a week or a month. It really will vary depending on your enthusiasm or readiness, your personal goals and what it is you’re digging into.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. It really is about what you need.

But the tools given in the workbook will serve you for the rest of your life. You can come back again and again as you journey through your own life, your own success and what it is you’re creating or wanting to create.

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What does the process “look like”?

It looks like a lot of deep questions, journaling or any other form of processing you’d prefer, such as talking or meditation.

It’s meant to take you from where you are now (whether that’s literal or figurative) and help you DIG IN to your experience, your ideas, your fears, your barriers, and the source of them, then dismantle them, take them apart, and help you rebuild your lief without them.

This is not just an e-book; this is my coaching process in an e-book form, so be ready for some real digging.

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I’ve been trying to push through my fears, but it never works for me. How will this be any different?

Because I DON’T recommend “pushing through fear”.

Pushing through fear is a lot like pushing through the crowds as you run a marathon, or pushing a one ton boulder up a mountain you’re trying to climb: exhausting, slower than necessary, potentially painful, and generally not what we would deem successful. Anything you try to do in your life, while pushing through fear, will be less powerful and less wonderful since most of your energy is going to pushing, instead of going toward your life, your relationships, or your deeper needs.

This process helps you do something better than pushing the fear; it helps you examine it, heal it, and move on without it. Yes, this means pausing, which can feel like slowing down. But I guarantee it’s much faster and more powerful when you’re able to experience the lightness, energy and freedom it creates.

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Do I need to be of a certain belief or religion to use this e-book?

Although this e-book is spiritual in nature, it does not ascribe to a particular belief and is geared toward every person, right where they are. The primary tools in this book are about self-excavation and are based on the way we work and learn and above all else, Love and trust of Who You Are without all the muck that gets in our way.

You can be Buddhist, Christian or atheist and still use and benefit from the tools and techniques in this e-book.

That’s because this entire process is about you, your experiences and your Truth. Not mine.

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Can you explain a little more?

I created this quickie little video to give you some further insight into the Digging Deep process:

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I’m a little nervous about investing this much on my inner work. How do I know it will be worth it?

You can know it will be worth it, because you are worth it.

You’re growth, your self-awareness and your success are priceless. Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with those you love are vital. The way you feel and the way you want to feel matter. And after you experience all of that after working through this workbook, I feel confident that you’ll feel the same.

Many, many people have been deeply moved and changed by the tools in this e-book. In fact, because I’m so confident about this process and because I know it’s important to go into it without any money stress hanging over your head or getting in your way, I even offer a guarantee. You can read about that below.

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How do I purchase Digging Deep?

You’ll start by clicking here or the banners below. You’ll be prompted to choose your product (in this case, Digging Deep), guided to create your login info, and then directed to Paypal to make payment.

Paypal gives you the option of using a Paypal balance, a decit or credit card, check, or bank account to make payment. (Please note that checks often take several days to clear, which will delay your purchase.)

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Are there any refunds for Digging Deep?

Because of the nature of this product being instantly accessible, I can’t offer any refunds and still honor my own work and boundaries.

But please know that if you’re struggling to get results from this process, you can always reach out to me. Oftentimes it’s just a matter of clarifying or making a shift in the way you’re working and I’d be happy to help you find those shifts to ensure you get the most of the process.

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How does all that sound to you?

The Digging Deep kit is your guide, your toolbox for excavation, your fertilizer for growth. It’s designed to help you gain understanding and empowerment to get unstuck or get creating in your own life.


hear what others are saying….

After over a year of offering Digging Deep and 100’s of soulful women doing some deep work in their lives, I continue to receive many beautiful stories from the sistahs experiencing incredible growth and spiritual breakthroughs as a result.

Digging Deep is one of the best books I’ve laid my hands on, e-book or otherwise. It is going into my toolbox for self excavation and will be carried around with me for quite some time. I can see myself coming back to it again and again.

Within the first few pages I was in tears at what Tara has written. It was as if she was inside my mind and knew what I needed to prepare myself to dig into the book.

And while sometimes when I read a book of this nature, I end up feeling like there are so many things that I want to “change” about myself, that didn’t happen here. It has caused me to look deeper into myself, and not with harsh judgment or fear but with actual longing to know myself better.

I’ve loved Tara’s writing for awhile, I’ve loved her blog posts and getting to know her. I love her vision and her determination to grow and to encourage growth in others. This book is an invitation of sorts, to get to know yourself better, and to do some beautiful growing of your own. It’s not just written “towards” you, it draws you in and begs to be handled and worked through.

Thank you Tara for pushing yourself so that others can grow.

alicia thiede

Tara, Tara, TARA!

I am very near tears.

I got your offer in my email box earlier this week. I clicked over to read about it, possible purchase and then hesitated. I let it sit in my inbox, almost until the last minute. But then, when it was one of the last things I was wondering about as I drifted off to sleep, and one of the first things I thought about as I got dressed and showered for the day, I told myself I needed to purchase your e-book.

I have to say, that I don’t normally go for things like this, the self-helpy stuff. But something about this pulled me in and made me wonder, what if? What if this is what I have been needing to hear, do and understand (for and) about myself. I knew I loved your writing and insights from your blog, your spirit and passion- and I think that is what made me take the leap and just buy the darn thing. 🙂

I started to listen to your words today while at work (I know, I know… one of the first things you say is to be in a place that you can focus… but sometimes I like to have words pouring in when I am only half listening, letting them soak in and simmer without my whole mind wrapping around them.).

You, my dear, are a very special and talented lady. Your words, your voice, your thoughts and your knowledge are powerful and insightful. I turned it off when I realized I needed to be in a space where I could listen and follow along in the book at the same time.

I am going to make the time for this, because I need it, because I deserve it and because I have felt soooo stuck and confused about where I want to take my career and my life. I will set myself up for success (I really liked that part of your intro, btw) and walk my way through this book. It might take me a few weeks or a few months or maybe even a few years…

I have to and want to say thank you. Thank you for being brave and honest and open and willing to share. There’s a lot stirring in me right now, I think this is just what I needed.

love and hugs,

Through your phone-support, and with the help of the Digging Deep toolbox, I have been able to rewrite my STORY and let go of all the old messages I believing. Instead of believing that I was unlovable, I now feel love from so many people. Instead of believing that I always do everything wrong, I have learned how to do the right thing FOR ME.

Patti Tinholt

I read Tara’s manifesto last week and was so moved by it, I decided to order Digging Deep as well. I took my time going through it at a pace that seemed right for me. I have to tell you that when I uncovered my first block, I suddenly just had to stop when I was about halfway through the worksheets. My eyes were watering but I wasn’t aware of that at first and I was so tired I literally fell asleep where I was lying. I didn’t sleep much that night though as I thought about what I was uncovering and discovering about beliefs and how it has shaped probably every single encounter I have had in my entire life.

Long story short, an incident that had happened when I was young had made me feel on my core level that I am not to be trusted in this dangerous world.

I can’t even tell you what it is like as I start to free myself from this belief. The biggest issue I was having (and it was really affecting me and my kids I am sure) is that I was resisting playing with my kids and was afraid to take them anywhere (as I can’t be trusted in this dangerous world!).

Wow! Not only has Digging Deep started changing my life but my kids as well. Since completing the workbook, I have signed up for a 5k Warrior Dash (I am not a runner anymore but miss it!) and once a month horse leasing (I don’t know why but I really feel called to be horseback riding!) and I have been taking my kids to the park every night after work and they have been having a blast.

I do not know if I will ever be able to thank you enough, Tara. You truly are an angel.

Sue C.

Tara, I wanted to thank you for your e-book, Digging Deep. I would say that it came at a perfect time in my life, allowing me to delve into some issues and assumptions that have been playing around the edges of my mind, but I think that the beauty of this book is that it will hit anyone at a ‘perfect time’. The techniques and ideas in this book are relevant for fleshing out both small and large issues that any person has at any given time.

What has stayed with me the most this time, out of all of the amazing inspiration and methodology in this book, is the story of the clouds. It seems silly to say, but this one metaphor has helped me in four different relationships since I read it – with my children, my husband, my can-be-difficult-to-relate-to father, and in a discussion with a group of people about homeschooling. I say “what has stayed with me the most *this time*” because I know that the next time I work through this book, I will come away with something that I likely didn’t even notice this time but will be of more importance to me at that time.

I often wonder when getting an e-book if it will be ‘worth it’. This one, without a doubt, is worth it.

Its content will be useful for years and years down the road and I can’t thank you enough for putting the processes that have worked – and are still working – for you down on paper for the rest of us to benefit from.

Thank you – and I hope to see more from you in the future!

Sarah Heiner

i just wanted to send you a note to say thank you. thank you. i have been working through digging deep and reading the ‘invitation to be organic’ manifesto and just wanted to let you know that these tools are making a huge positive difference in my life. in all things, i have found myself just being more aware of my response to things and how to handle that response. and i’ve found myself creating things again, instead of just planning. and that makes me unbelievably happy!!! yay! – alicia k.
I just wanted to take a moment and say a deeply felt Thank You for your ‘Digging Deep’ materials. I bought it as an early 40th bday gift for myself this past week. I’m halfway through the process and it. is. amazing. I’m learning things about myself that I have never consciously known. I’m understanding myself at a level that is so healing and wonderful. I have a long way to go to feel whole (although I’ve learned, through you, that I *am* whole!), but I’m getting there. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Michelle
this past week was so emotionally intense. i was just totally numb and cracked wide open and didn’t know which way to turn. i found you on my ipod and just pressed play and started digging in. holy shit, woman. it is JUST what i am needing right now. to face these fears that are holding me back from really taking my life and my business to the next level. thank you!!! – erin
I have to say, that I don’t normally go for things like this, the self-helpy stuff. But something about this pulled me in…. Your words, your voice, your thoughts and your knowledge are powerful and insightful… this is just what I needed. – Vanessa


Ready to “dig in” to this process?

This entire toolkit is here to support you. To help you how you do not have to be a victim of your mind, your emotions, or your experiences. To show you how to begin the process of being free.

It’s big work. It’s the real deal.

And it’s yours when you’re ready for it.

The cost? The best spent $47.


Or do you prefer the whole shebang?

In case you’re not aware, the entire Digging Deep toolkit is a part of The Library. This means you get over 50 different tools, including Digging Deep, for everything from personal growth to healthy relationships, and unlimited access to updates and added tools in the future. Here’s what’s included:

What You Receive

Digging Deep

The Library

151 page ebook full of tools and guidance to get you unstuck and out of overwhelm (value $47)
Full audio of the entire ebook to listen anytime/anywhere and help you DIG IN better according to your own learning style (value $47)
16 worksheets of step-by-step guidance to simplify this deep soul-work (value $25)
1 Inspiring Assignment + Double Dog Dare to help you solidify your inner work with an outer practice (value $25)
The Guiding Word ebook to help you DIG IN, learn from, design, and lean into your next phase in life
The Organic Parenting E-Course: The unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids (value $74)
2 Guided Meditations: Filling Your Cup and Mindfulness Meditation, to help you find your center ($40 value)
4 Toolkits for Personal Growth: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, How to Thrive Unconventionally in a Conventional World, Living Beyond “Should, and Living Beyond “Have To” ($100 value)
3 Audios for Partners: Partners on Different Pages, and Organic Partners and Relationships ($45 value)
6 Audios for Emotional Wellness: 7 Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm, What to Be Instead of Busy, 6 Tools for Self-Acceptance, From Uncertainty to Clarity, and Quit Taking It Personally Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
2 Mini-Toolkits for Parents: Children and Food and The Playful Family
4 Additional Audios for Organic Parenting: Emergency Parenting Turnaround, Handling Meltdowns with Compassion (Theirs and Yours), Advocating for Children Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
12 Additional Collaboratives: 9 audios, 2 workbooks, and 1 video on everything from Getting Grounded, with Pixie Campbell, to Un-Diagnosing Our Children, with Dr. Marilyn Wedge ($170 value)
2 Mindful Business Goodies: 6 Steps to a Better Blog and How to Sell Other People’s Stuff ($35 value)
Bonus: Mini “Thriving” E-Course, including 1 ebook, 1 audio, 2 videos, and 3 workbooks full of nuggets o’ wisdom on everything from parenting to making confident lifestyle choices ($90 value)
Value $144 Value: $800+

Your Investment

Digging Deep: $47

The Library: $129

Click here to purchase The Library.
Click here to read more about the offerings in The Library.

Or click here to purchase Digging Deep by its lonesome.


about tara wagner (the organic sister)…

Photo by Tifani BearupHello there wonderful soul, my name is Tara. I’m a mentor with a pretty big message and mission: to help others heal and release their fears, self-doubt, and uncertainty in order to recreate a thriving life, family, and relationship with one’s own Self.

The Digging Deep process is a gigantic part of my one-on-one work, helping men and women (including myself!) overcome barriers in ourselves, our families, and our lives, and I’m happy to offer it here in a way that makes it more accessible and flexible to your needs.

P.S. I hope that you’ll invest in this process…and not just your money. That’s the easy part. But your time, energy, and commitment. Because it truly does have the capability to allow you to thrive.