Doing and Thinking

I feel like I’ve done a fair amount of both. Okay, probably more thinking. But I have a lot to think about. Justin is switching companies this week. He received a job offer that will last through December (as opposed to the current job ending in September). I’ve been contemplating opening up my entrepreneurial brain again with an idea I’ve been chewing on for some time (but have yet to gnaw through). And that’s just the financial side of things. As for an update on the challenge, here goes:

Goal #1 – Time Management

This has basically gone down the crapper. I’m not sure if it is because it is unrealistic of me to assume I can as easily micro-manage real life, as I could a business or if I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps all I can hope for is a personal morning routine that leaves me ready for the day, a reminder to make lunch and a well-written and noticeably displayed To-Do list for the rest of the stuff. Stick with what works for ya, right?

My mornings have been nice. I wake up early, spend time tending the garden, then escape into a shaded chair with a good book until Zeb wakes up. Lunch is still a pain – we’re never hungry ’til we’re starving, leaving us too jittery to handle a knife and too cranky to speak to each other. Ah, gotta love us hypoglycemics!

I don’t feel the computer is consuming my life anymore, though. In fact, I’ve been enjoying so many other things I have to remind myself to check my email or (gasp!) update my blog. Can you blame me? It’s June in Las Vegas and the temps have dipped to the 80’s! Who can stay inside??

Goal #2 – Harmonica

I chose my song! All My Loving by The Beatles. It’s pretty simple to play and I’m already memorizing it. I definitely need a new harp but I’m practicing with a plastic one to avoid swelling of the reed so I can put off a purchase for a bit longer.

Goal #3 – Decluttering

In the past two weeks, I finished the master bathroom, and my closet and drawers. I moved our Goodbye Pile into the garage but I need to box it better so it’s stackable and saves space.

This goal has kinda flopped because of back pain. I have a fused spine as a result of scoliosis. But even with major surgery, things are not aligned and the doctor (who has the worst staff and office management ever) thinks the lumbar discs, as well as the cartilage in my knee are degenerating. 🙁 I’d know the results of the MRI if my appointment wasn’t royally screwed up. So, because of the back pain, I’ve been pretty limited on what I can do each day. I’m trying to take it easy and it’s leaving me restless and frustrated. Hopefully I’ll have answers and physical therapy soon. I started acupuncture last week, as well as chiro care. I think muscle strengthening is going to be key but I’m having a hard time doing it on my own without causing more pain.

7 Replies to “Doing and Thinking”

  1. it’s the same for us on the hunger issue. it hits us out of the blue. so i keep snacks out all the time so that we can graze. stuff like popcorn, sliced fruit, nuts…whatever is always on hand so that we can stroll by the table and have nibble or two and then be on our way. the boys and i are exactly the same in that we become hyperfocused on our daily projects that stopping to eat sometimes just doesn’t occur to us.

    regarding all the other stuff…it looks like to me you are making a big effort and getting lots done. i would really be struggling…am struggling right now actually to get everything done here that needs to be done before we leave. really struggling!

  2. Good news about Justin’s job offer. That’s gotta releive some worries? I’m a big fan of cooked-ahead-freezed dinners. Although in Summer I guess we go for lighter doesn’t-freeze-so-well stuff. Does a piece of fruit help calm those jitters while you get lunch ready? Can’t wait to hear the tune. Nice choice.

  3. I’ve tried micromanaging, too. It doesn’t really work. I think having a To Do list is great- you’re doing much better than I am time-management wise for sure!

  4. Sorry your back is so bad. I can sympatise. Don’t overdo it but stick to your limitations and spoil yourself whenever you can.

    Glad Justin has found another job and you’ve chosen a song.

    To do lists are my life savers (and running masterlists for all the other hope-to-get-to-whenever stuff)

  5. Add me to your perfectionistic hypoglycemics with a bad back! 😀 I injured my back severely a few years ago and it’s never going to be the same. If I do too much bending one day then by the night i am nearly paralyzed as my muscles seize up so i don’t cause more ‘damage’. It’s the body’s own self defense mechanism but it is VERY scary. Oh well. Enjoy your June – that sounds absolutely gorgeous! OH! Can you make little sandwiches with some sliced fruit or similar for lunch early in the morning before you sit outside with a book? Take care Tara!

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