End Of Summer Reflections

This weekend at the RV campground was packed full of Labor Day campers and kids enjoying their three day weekend.

As Justin and I would walk the dog we would marvel at the noise and excitement where complete stillness had been. There were outdoor TVs for football games, four-wheeling through “our” blackberry trails and oh, the drunken karaoke. Nothing says “Sweet dreams and goodnight” like hearing the last chorus of Daydream Believer sung 17 times in a row. 😉

What surprised us the most was how much work their vacation looked to be. More setup and teardown than we allow ourselves for an entire week at one spot! LOL

Zeb has had a blast this weekend too. He made two great friends here, one a little older and one a little younger and for three straight days they ran around together, playing Nerf wars and games, then for three straight nights they had a sleepover. Laugh-snorts, video game playing, and total tween boy energy. 😀

zeb at the waterfall
Scouting a sinkhole for fossils

Both his new friends head off to start school tomorrow, a culture Zeb no longer understands, as he tried to explain to him our culture of learning what interests us, doing what we love, exploring the world and not “having to” follow a rhythm other than our own.

There were some not-so-funny moments this weekend too: We were a little taken aback by the grandpa who threw his granddaughter’s bike out of frustration or the parent’s who left Zeb hanging as a punishment to their son.

This morning before we were even fully out of bed the jammed-packed park was nearly empty, as everyone was packed and heading home.

Full RV park + RV full of boys = Non-stop movement for 3 straight days, followed by complete stillness.

Kinda eerie.

Facebook has a new feature where it notifies you of last year’s status. This was my reminder a few days ago:

Sometimes I forget just how different our lives are from others. We eat when we’re hungry, never raise our hands to get permission to pee, & we don’t have to work when someone else tells us to. We get to love what we do all the time, instead of just holidays & weekends & if we’re tired by the end of the day it’s a fulfilled tired, not an exhausted-depressed tired.

at the beach
Together at the lake

I could’ve written that today.

We’re no longer accustomed to the Work Hard/Play Hard mentality, the school shots and shopping, or the energy that comes from parents and grandparents yelling at their little ones while they busy themselves with other things.

Now we’re used to going with the flow, talking together when challenges arise, and creating situations that make us all feel good.

This wasn’t always our life, and I’m grateful for the reminder of that.

Because it’s a charmed life we’ve chosen.

7 Replies to “End Of Summer Reflections”

  1. beautifully written
    …it is a charmed life indeed!

    I too feel so blessed that we are leading our lives down a different path… deep simplicity at it’s best. 🙂

    we camped in Northern Michigan on our RV trip for a week this summer, it was beautiful! We can’t wait to see what the southern half of the country is like this winter, this country is full of amazingly beautiful places!


  2. I look forward to our life when it is more like this. It will take five or more years but it makes me so happy inside to forge a different path for my children and give them a different world to grow up into. one that has as many options as you can think instead of turn 5, go to school, turn 18 get out of mom and dads house and go to college, finish college get a job and realize what MONEY really is because you now owe MANY PEOPLE some, work hard to buy things, work harder to buy things for your family, retire, die. it scares me!!!! i want my kids to live in a magical world and see that the more we do that the more others can, we can change the world one little day at a time! 🙂

  3. Ahhhh…..We were walking through a campground at our favorite park this weekend too and I noticed how much “stuff” people had that seemed extemporaneous. When we go camping or on vacation we usually have the bare minimum and I wondered about how long it took them to pack and unpack and repack all that stuff and what they might be out doing at the moment and how exhausted they might be.

    Samantha…I hear you! We are on about the same time frame and I often forget to be excited about what it will be because I just want it to be that SO MUCH right NOW. Yikes. 🙁 It will come….It IS coming… “one little day at a time.” 🙂

  4. I liked you post. I found myself wondering how you are able to live your charmed life…. Like how do you afford to not work and live organically like you do? I would love to live more like that…

    1. Hi Jamie, we don’t “work” but we do make a living doing what we love (and sometimes it feels like work but that’s really just our own junk getting in the way of the fun sometimes 😉 ).

      The work we do – my coaching and my husband’s multiple streams of income – are all pretty much location independent which allows us to travel at our own pace.

  5. Oh, angry grandfather throwing his granddaughter’s bike sounds so familiar. My grandfather threw all my stuff out of my room TODAY! But your trip sounds beautiful and I’m glad it was full of happiness.

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