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Circle with me and other sisters around the proverbial (or literal) fire and let’s connect. Let’s share our deepest needs and dreams, and our messiest barriers. Let’s hold the space for one another to be seen, heard, held. Let’s do this with a margarita in hand, shall we?

As we travel I love to connect with intimate circles, local tribes, passionate women and mamas. These circles are a moderate dose of philosophical examining, a heaping helping of soul excavating, some spiritual coaching, and the creation of a sisterhood, right where we stand.

In the past I’ve facilitated women’s circles on:

  • Filling Our Cups: How do we balance our desire to give with our needs to receive?
  • Empowering Ourselves: Boundaries, authenticity, and the barriers that keep us from shining.
  • Organic Parenting: Loving and living with children in a way that honors us all.
  • Digging Deep: Liberating ourselves from the cycles and the fear that restrains us.

These circles may be as intimate as a gathering of your best girlfriends in your home or some other beautiful, comfortable space. (You bring the planning and the peeps, we decide on the possible topics, and I’ll bring any materials that may help us connect and move deeper together.)

Or they may be larger, more official, such as talks given at conferences.

I’d love to discuss the possibilities and your needs for either.

I invited Tara to be a headlining speaker at the Mindful Spirit Expo in Mississippi, based on her exceptional business as a life and parenting coach. I’ve known Tara for over two years and I knew that she would bring such a positive element to my Expo; and I was right! Her presentations were very well received. The information was thorough, helpful and very inspiring.

I witnessed Tara speaking with many people individually in between her presentations, in which I could tell she was touching their lives, as she would take their hands and offer a hug. Tara is passionate and compassionate. I received much positive feedback from attendees in regards to her presence at the Expo. I hope she will bless my Expo again in the future!

Jamie Roth
Mindful Spirit Expo

Tara cultivates depth. Safety. Clarity.

At my event, Tara created a nest for my attendees to pause, explore their inner landscape and strengthen their wings. I witnessed release, tears and aha! moments of connection, compassion and consideration. A busy mom needs an oasis in which to sink and replenish; float and let go and Tara delivered. I highly recommend her supportive circles for anyone needing a deep dive below the surface. With her confident guidance, edges melt away revealing a place of possibility and purpose. Any individual or group will benefit from her ability to provide a nurturing environment, challenge ideas and inspire positive change.

Invite Tara into your world and it will never be the same.

Flo Gascon
January’s Girl and Wide Sky Days


What I Charge:
For intimate, local circles I charge $250 for up to 3 hours. (Please contact me for large events, or conferences.)

Current Availability:
I’ll be in the Panama City, FL for some time. If you’re interested in facilitating a circle in the Panama City are or your own area, please contact me below to discuss options and availability.

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