My 9 Favorite Essential Oils {For Self-Care and Spiritual Balance}

Sara Janssen asked me – oh, weeks ago – what my favorite essential oils are and I promised to let her know. Yeah sorry ’bout that Sara. ;)

Picking my favorites is kind of hard. We have almost every kind we can order from doTERRA and we use so many of them on a regular basis. I have favorites for travel days and favorites for busy work days and favorites for health reasons and favorites for spiritual connection. So I’m going to try to list them in order of how often I use them, but there’s some lapping between lists.

{Note: We promote these oils through our healthy living websites and my cohorts and I are hosting another live tele-circle tomorrow night centered around answering your questions about how to use essential oils. It’s free and you can join us for that here.}

My 5 Fave Oils for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being:

You could probably also calls these “how-Tara-keeps-from-losing-her-shit-on-a-bad-day”. ;)

  1. Balance – This is probably my most used essential oil blend. It’s all about grounding and feeling centered and it works. I carry it with me almost everywhere, especially on travel days or super overwhelming times to help keep the HSP in me grounded. When I was experiencing a lot of vertigo this oil was essential (har har).
  2. Elevation – Holy moly, talk about elevating. I have to be careful with this oil because it will literally elevate me to near giddy levels. It’s awesome when I need the extra energy or oomph, but I like to use it in conjunction with Balance so keep me from floating away. Manic is fun for awhile, but the crashing back down, not so much.
  3. Marjoram – I actually didn’t prefer the way this one smelled in the bottle but then Justin threw it in the diffuser and I was hooked. For some reason it smells like roses to me. Marjoram promotes peace and creates a calm stillness. I diffuse this on days when I’m tired, overwhelmed by the world, missing my dad, doing a lot of art journaling, or am in my self-care sabbaticals.
  4. Frankincense – We love to diffuse this one too. It’s said to create clarity of mind, calming the emotions and enhancing spiritual awareness. I really like mixing this with marjoram for the diffuser. Frankincense is incredibly sacred and personal for me.
  5. Immortelle – This is a roll-on blend for skin care. I have no idea if the anti-aging claims are true {ask me in a few years} although my mom actually did a test on two sun spots on her hand, applying Immortelle to one and not the other, and you could see it fading after just a couple weeks. Very cool! But the SMELL – oh my goodness, it transports me. {It also makes me hubby nuzzle me. Extra bonus.} I love to use it at night, and although this isn’t the primary use, I have found it to be very emotionally and spiritually balancing. It helps me sleep, and if I ever meditated it would be great for that too. ;)

My 4 Fave Oils for Physical Health and Well-Being:

Yes, these are the oils that help my trooper of a body not feel like shit. ;)

This stuff is my saving grace right now. Try as I did I still ended up with a post-Thanksgiving bellyache from eating the non- #paleo stuff. Sugar, traces of dairy, the wrong cooking oils, potato.... *groan*

  1. DigestZen – Probably my most used oil for health purposes. Anytime my belly comes in contact with grain, gluten or dairy it tears me up and this is the ONLY thing that alleviates it. And it usually does it in under 10 minutes. Freaking godsend, this one. I recently found out that if I’ve been severely glutenized I can take it every few hours to set myself right again. I take 2 drops with water and although I think the oils taste gross {I’m not a fan of fennel} I’ve gotten practiced at ingesting without tasting it and I’m even getting used to it now that my body associates it with feeling good. I take this one anytime we travel or go out to eat, since I’m likely to come into contact with something.
  2. DeepBlue – This oil surprised me. Scoliosis creates so many chronic joint problems that you just come to know and accept pain as inevitable. The first time I used DeepBlue was on my knees back in January. They had been aching nonstop for weeks and I couldn’t sleep without waking up throughout the night because of the stiffness and pain. I used this oil FIVE times and haven’t experienced knee stiffness since. Sheesh, I’m reminding myself as I write to use this more often. {Side note: There is a DeepBlue rub and a DeepBlue oil – I have much better results from the oil, while others have had better results from the rub. I don’t know why, but food for thought if one doesn’t help.}
  3. Lavender – Sort of a No Duh oil, lavender is the “When in Doubt” choice, meaning if you’re not sure what to use, grab it. Justin uses it to fall asleep. I’ve used it on Zeb’s and mine itchy scalp. Burns, obv. I use it anytime my skin reacts to something. And I gotta say, I used to not really love the smell of lavender, but doTERRA’s is so much more floral than any other brand and 10x more effective. I actually don’t use this one as much as most people do, but the guys do.
  4. Lemon – I add a drop or two of this to my water {especially if we’re in an area with gross tasting water!}; it boosts my energy, is detoxifying, and mentally stimulating. I got out of the habit of using it and am just starting up again. It really makes a big difference on my stamina during the day.

These are my favorite’s after almost a year of experimenting with doTERRA. I have tons of others I use, like OnGuard {for sickness} and Justin and Zeb have their favorites too {like Citrus Bliss, which I think smells like an Orange Julius – yuck – and Justin swears by White Fir for his shoulder when juggling}.

But if you asked me, out of these 9, what I COULD NOT live without: Balance and DigestZen for sure.

My Best Advice For Choosing and Using Essential Oils

Above all, trust your nose.

I’m not a doctor or a specialist, just a gal with a passion and strong dislike for conventional medicine and all the side effects {or no effects} I’ve experienced. I’m even obligated to tell you the FDA doesn’t approve any of this stuff {yay!} and that you should consult your doctor.

But no one can tell you what works best for you, and how, quite like you can. So try different oils out. Smell them and see to which you’re drawn. I’ve been attracted to several oils before I knew they were actually beneficial for exactly what I was experiencing. I like to go through and sniff a few and see what grabs me that particular day, then research it. It’s always exactly what I need. If we ever connect in person, you’re welcome to sniff all my bottles. ;)

  • If you’re looking to stock up and don’t know where to start, I’d probably recommend something like this EO starter kit with all the must-haves. Then just add here or there what extras you need.
  • And if you’re new to using essential oils, check out Organic Home Health. We have many fun and informative guides, training audios, etc for free on the home page, as well as a team working together to share our collective wisdom and help each other build businesses.

TOMORROW: I hope you’ll jump on to join us for a *free* Q&A chat!

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