First Day of School

Oh, not for us but for our school district. Hundreds of thousands of children are marching off to their first day, with new backpacks and new clothes; pencil boxes and special erasers. May all their school days be as exciting as their first day.
Us? We woke up kinda late today. Not on purpose; we really couldn’t help it. Around 3am a fantastical storm brewed and the lightening and thunder woke us all – and kept us awake with rapt attention for about two hours. It was spectacular! I must admit I have a mild love affair with storms, and am entranced by the electrifying flickers across the sky, followed by the window rattling booms.

Dad went and ran through the giant puddle lake that collected at the end of the cul-du-sac. Yeah. Smart, huh? Stand in a pool of water in a lightening storm with over 100 bolts an hour shocking the sky, trying to find their way toward earth!
See what that gets ya.
We caught some video of the splendor (and I managed to get some awesome stills from it!) and then lay upside-down on the bed to stare out the open window. I fought fatigue long enough to see some of the best shots I’ve ever seen and fell in love with the rain all over again.
Z wondered aloud if his friend down the street was watching the lightening. I reminded him he had school today and that he probably was missing out since he had to get up early. :-(
But the best part of the night?
As the three of us lay cuddled under the blankets at the foot of the bed, Z whispered, “I really like laying here and watching the lightening together. We should do this every time.”
It was beautiful and comfortable to all lie there together. Thank G-d we have the freedom to do things like this without the worry of “getting enough sleep” for school the next day.
That G-d for the myriad of opportunities that just plop into the lap of an unschooling family. How is it possible not to learn in a world as interesting as this?

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August 27, 2007 7:14 pm

I love it. You’ve inspired me. On the first day of PS here… I’m blogging. LOL

We celebrated the other kids going to public school by spending the entire day in DC at the National Gallery of Art. We had a blast! Hubby even took the day off to fool around with us. :-)

Those are great shots of lightning! I’m jealous, because I sat around for 2 hours during one bad storm, trying to get a shot like these, and came away without one!

I remember waking up to watch a storm or two with my parents and brother while we lived in Vegas. The stroms out west are spectacular. I remember. I am sure we left Madeline to sleep if the thunder didnt wake her. She was still so little.
I also remember the only earthquake I experience while living there. My first thought when it woke me in the middle of the night was that there were dogs fighting under my bed! (Obviously more likely than an earthquake striking). Hey, I was like 10 and had never experienced one before!

August 28, 2007 4:02 pm

l love the unschooling life too! I dont think any parent could not just love this life if they could just let go and do it. Great shots of thunder, i love it also.


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