Friends at Ironwood

I realized I’ve been talking all about Ironwood Farm without actually introducing you to the awesome people here!

Meet the folks:

Falling Into The Music

This is Chris. He’s the man around here and passionate about sustainability and Real Foods. He’s kind and extremely generous, as well as patient as he answers our endless questions and teaches us whatever we request. He’s also a *phenomenal* guitar player. Seriously. He’s been fun to work with and learn from and even more fun to chat with or just hang around.

Erin and Yuli

This is Erin and Yuli, both WWOOFers on the farm.

Erin is visiting from Minnesota. She’s quiet, except on nights like tonight when we’re all cooking homemade pizza and making homemade ice cream and she starts joking around. Then her funny and goofy side shine through, complimenting her kind and helpful nature nicely.

Yuli is from Peru and just left the farm. :( She only speaks a little English, although she understands quiet a bit. She’s so tender and loving with the animals, not to mention goodhearted and kind. She was also very patient as she taught me a little Spanish. She was so charming and beautiful that simply being around her has convinced me to learn Spanish, instead of Italian.

Chicken Love

Sheep Skull

This is Eliza and her big brother, Scotty. They are Chris’ unschooling kids and Zeb’s newest friends. Eliza is a few years younger than Zeb but they have a lot of common gaming interests, which has made them fast friends. Scotty is only a little younger than Zeb and loves anything with gears. It’s so cool watching the different interests diverge. Or to watch them all playing a game one moment and running out to play with the goats the next.

Shaky Legs

And because I just can’t contain myself, this is the mama cow, Rena, and her new calf, Stickers (named after the sticker bush her mama birthed her into). Zeb is still a bit amazed to have watched this spectacular event. So are we. :)

There are, of course, dozens of other animals on the farm: goats and kids, sheep and lambs, other cows and a calf, insanely annoying geese, ducks who tag along behind the geese like social outcasts trying to keep up, dozens of chickens and roosters, mean turkeys, rabbits, fish, pigs…

It’s a regular madhouse around here!

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rachel whetzel
March 26, 2010 10:07 pm

YAY!! You got to see the CALF!! That’s so cool, isn’t it?!?
Just thought you’d like to know I have officially bought the book about poo. :P

Beautiful photos and beautiful people. It sounds like an amazing way to start your journey…

You’re simply an inspiration. I adore you.

I truly love reading about your adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sounds like the farm is full of wonderful people… and animals.

I love the picture of the mama cow and her calf. :)

March 27, 2010 10:15 am

@rachel, it was cool! and we just *barely* saw it. we had left to run errands and as soon as we were pulling into the driveway zeb started flagging us down and pointing to the cow paddock. we were pretty happy to have not missed it – every other animal on the farm has birthed over night.

Um, where is Jenny?

March 27, 2010 6:10 pm

Chris and Jenny separated last year. :(

What great memories you all are making!

What’s the deal with geese and turkeys?

March 28, 2010 8:22 pm

@Lisa, the geese are insane! if you get within 30 feet of them they honk incessantly. they’re afraid of people until the moment you turn your back, then they run at you like they are going to attack. (they never do; they just act tough.) the male turkeys are MEAN. they will attack, mostly the kids….and me. they stalk people. they even chased us in a car. so they spend a lot of time in a pen instead of free-ranging.

Sounds like a great place!

I grew up being chased by psycho geese all the time on a friends farm. My husband thinks I am nuts, but that is the one animal (well, other than big honkin’ male turkeys) that I won’t mess with. ;)

Fun farm time! I’m going to be heading out myself in search of some family friendly farms in a few weeks, Northern California most likely.

Hey Miranda,
Thanks for remembering me! I’m not there physically any more but there is a part of me in every corner of that place. Reina is my cow and those are my kids. My hands built that house and cultivated that land. That will never change.
Tara, I am thrilled to see your blog posts about your time at the farm. The photos are lovely and it feels so good to know that my dreams for the place are continuing to be fulfilled. Thank you!

Well hello there!

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