Goodbye Hair

Today was hair cutting day. The rain had stopped, so we set up shop outside with some clippers, a pair of scissors and a camp chair. I’m happy that Justin and Zeb are both glad to have me cut their hair; it saves money and resources to do a simple cut at home. Most of the hair went into the trash but I’m assuming the rest will end up in a bird nest or as humus.

Zeb was first up. Oh, it was hard. I so loved his long curls. But he’s very tenderheaded which makes brushing difficult and infrequent. Because of this the back was starting to dread and that wasn’t what he wanted.


He wanted short hair. He was tired of being mistaken for a girl, tired of getting hair in his eyes, tired of trying to comb it out. So as hard as it was for me to do it, I lopped off his curly locks and watched my tween transform before my eyes into someone younger and lighter and happy to feel the breeze on his head. He loves it but I will still secretly miss his curls for some time to come.

Before and After

Justin was up next. He’s not sure what the heck he’s doing with his hair or his massive beard, but I convinced him to let me trim things up around the edges and define his beard into a goatee.

Justin Before and After

After looking at his before and after, he’s not real happy with his look.

He’s asking your opinion…should he go back to a shaved head and shorter facial hair (like this photo)? Or should he keep growing it all out?

P.S. Um, no. I was not included in hair cutting day, thankyouverymuch, Mom.

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  1. OMG that had to be tough to cut Zeb’s hair. I would LOVE to have that hair. I suppose if my son let his hair grow that long it would look about the same. He used to let me cut his hair, but now he wants it done at a salon.

    Re: Justin? I say off with the beard. Keep the head hair. Just saying. lol

  2. I almost had a heart attack b/c I thought you were cutting your hair!

    Everybody looks great!

    If I had to vote I’d have to say I like Justin’s hair shorter. Good look for him 😉

  3. Aw, bye bye Zeb’s hair… Sad day…

    I kinda like the grown out hair, but if Justin wants the the bald head, I’m sure it’ll make summer easier…

  4. OK. I’ve never been big on Justin’s beard. I’m ONLY saying that because he WANTS opinions. He is so very handsome and it only covers his face. 🙂 I’ve never seen him with long hair so I can’t comment.

    I remember when I cut Skylar and Milo’s hair. I teared up a little. They have both decided to regrow their lovely locks.

  5. I totally came over here dreading that you had to take out your dreads!! LOVE the new cuts.
    I think Justin would look SWEET with short head hair, and the long beard. (I also like the before, AND after. lol)

  6. WOW! Every time I have had to cut my son’s hair, it makes me cry. I love his scraggly look.. You son’s long hair was GEORGEOUS! But I feel you on the tender head and brushing is always a battle over here. And he is SO handsome!

    I like the shorter hair on your big guy.. he looks more energetic, young, and vibrant. 🙂

  7. Sorry, but you all look better with your hair!!! :-/

    So, for Justin’s desire for public opinion, my vote is not shorter and I also think Zeb should grow his gorgeous hair back! But, this is the age of independence, so don’t tell him that and maybe he’ll do it… 😛 *snicker*

  8. Whew! When I saw the the title I thought it was going to be yours! Thank goodness it’s not! I know how you feel about your son’s hair. My William had the raddest longest hair and I hated cutting it. But he is also EXTREMELY tender headed (which is mostly why we didn’t cut it), so the washing and combing was too hard to maintain. We had to cut it. Your son looks very happy with his new do.

    Ok, hubby – love the long goat. Buzz his head and keep the long goat. yum yum! (that’s how I like my husband’s too)

  9. Wow! It’s amazing how much more grown up Z looks after the haircut! Did you save any of the curls?

    As for Justin, I prefer the longer hair & the full beard. 🙂

  10. Awe, my little guy totally has the curls too and I never want to cut his hair. It makes me smile whenever I look at him. That being said, you gave Zeb a great cut, I’m impressed!

    For Justin, I like the bald head and full goatee. Oh how I wish I could talk my hubby into a goatee one of these days.

  11. I have to say that when I read the blog title, I rushed in to see because I couldn’t believe you would cut your hair! Which of course you didn’t.

    Zeb looks awesome. So few kids can have their hair that short without looking like a “TV” kid. Like on of those “perfect” hollywood overachievers. But with the natural wave to his hair, he looks cool. (I don’t think I’m too old to say that and not have it mean something.

    Justin. I think this is a great look for you! From one bearded wonder to another, DO NOT shave off the chin hairs!

    Of course I’m a dude so what do I know!

  12. No that it matters, but I realized that I used my old website link on that comment, so here is the new and improved one.

  13. I like Justin’s head hair thicker, and I think he looks a little younger with the facial hair trimmed short along the cheeks. The goatee is cool.

    Zeb’s cut looks really handsome. Definitely no mistaking him for a girl now!

  14. I remember cutting Sebastian’s curls I cried and cried…maybe that was due to pregnancy hormones. Zeb’s hair looks good though. 🙂

    I like Justin’s hair both ways. It gives him two distinct looks. And without knowing him, looks like one matches one part of his personality and the other look another personality. I personally like the beard but his shaved head looks good too…hmmm not much help huh? 😉

  15. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. I find you to be very inspiring and it seems odd to me this is the post I pick to begin commenting on, but having a hubby that wants a super thick bushy beard I’m here to tell you that Justin should keep it, but keep it trimmed. He’s a nice looking guy who is consumed by his facial hair. I love beards. I think they make a man sexy, but not a bushy long beard they just make a man look lost in his facial hair. As for the hair on top… I don’t have an opinion on that. I would have to go back and look at it shaved off. Good luck with your decision Justin. I know you will do what YOU want because that’s what you all do and it is awesome! You listen to your own inner voice and let it guide you! Stay in that vibration!

  16. M asked to cut his locks a few weeks ago. He actually wanted to shave his head (like his balding dad) but after asking again he just wanted his hair out of his eyes. We had thought we’d be leaving CR with dreadlocks as he seemed set on them a few weeks before. At least hair grows back.

    I gotta agree with Justin – the full beard seems to be the way to go. Though I have no idea how he handles it in hot weather.

  17. I too like some of the others thought, “NOOOOO she cant be cutting her hair!” 🙂 In regards to your hubby, whats your preference? My hubby has a shaved head so Im a bit partial.

  18. Awh, that had to have been tough to cut Zeb’s curls. Yet, the result is adorable! You just have a good-looking son. 🙂

    As far as Justin – well, I really liked the old photo you posted from Flickr, so if it were me, I’d say “go back!” 😛

  19. I like the flickr photo myself but I appreciate a clean shaven man. My hubs has a (ahem) hairline like Justins and I think he looks better keeping it cut real short, like bald or barely bald. Just my 2 cents.

  20. your baby boy just grew a little more – how exciting and sad

    Justin – second photo after hair cut is great – you look young and happy and full of zest for loving and living! hands down my favorite of the three

    i’d vote for shaving the head though if it would make life easier for you – but the beard, well, i do have a bearded man in my life so i’m obviously partial to that look 🙂

  21. Love, love, love Zeb’s hair! I think Justin needs to go back to the old cut. He definitely looked better! I hate when my hubbies beard gets too long.

  22. Oh, I know what you mean. My boys both wanted shorter cuts not long ago and they looked SO different. But it is nice still, to see them want to develop their own style and look.

    Justin – shorter/trimmed looks younger and more hip, I think. 🙂

  23. Perhaps I am just an old and married guy. I don’t know. But my hair is thinning and so I don’t care for it long as it looks too over-compensatory but I also don’t like bald ’cause when I really am bald I will always “remember when.” So, I meet in the middle and do a close, clean crop with a #3 guard on the ‘ol dog clippers. As for my beard? Well, if it were up to me I just wouldn’t shave. But since I don’t kiss myself (and thank goodness Pan still enjoys kissing me…hahahaha) I kind of trim according to what she likes and finds attractive.

    As for Zeb. The two of you have brought a very handsome young man into this world; locks or not!

  24. The shorter beard is much better!! My husband likes to grow his long, too…but, I’m always so thankful when he cuts it shorter. I like being able to see some of the face! Handsome men shouldn’t cover up their face all the way!!:)

  25. To add my oar into the water… I think your husband looks good with the trim… but I’m not so much into the shaved look. So my vote is for the second pic… trimmed up but not too short.

  26. Oh, I miss his curls already. I was curious what he would look like with short hair…wow, what a difference!

    As for Justin…he is looking rather grizzly with the long hair…I think I like the shorter hair better…I’m not saying the long hair looks bad, though!

  27. Wow.. what a difference a haircut can make! Zeb looks so different with the new do (and it looks great both ways!).

    For Justin… I really like the older photo on Flickr you pointed to, the buzz cut and goatee look quite nice on him. But I haven’t gotten to know him well enough yet to know what look is more ‘him’.

  28. lol I should also mention that my hubs is BALD. As in he shaves it shiny. He’s always saying if he’d have known he was going to be bald so early, he’d have grown it long enough to braid it at least once. lol

  29. I love the curl in Zeb’s hair. His hair is beautiful long or short. For whatever reason, I wanted a perm when I was about eleven, which only kind of took. I also have a tender head so I rarely combed my hair well and I ended up with dreds forming also. I think it finally just grew out, but I remember plenty of crying while having my hair combed.

    (And, at first, I read “humus” as “hummus.”)

  30. I like the cleaner cut look on your husband, but if I knew him personally, I might like the shaggy look. Don’t ask why. That’s just the way it is.

    I like seeing the different looks on your son, with curls and without. Hair is great that way. You can change a projected persona dramatically by changing hair, but it’s rarely permanent.

    Shorter hair will be easier for tick checks.

  31. Interesting. Zeb looks much older with short hair, and Justin looks much younger with short hair and beard. At first I thought you were cutting yours and, believe it or not, I had mixed emotions, and was actually a little disappointed.
    HA-I bet you never thought you’d hear me say THAT. But I love you all just the way you are, short or long.

  32. First, I apologize if someone’s already said this, but I don’t really feel like reading through all 43 comments here at the moment…

    Anyhow, maybe I’m just not familiar with the degree of tender-headedness Zeb experiences, but I would think that if the brushing was more frequent then it would be less difficult and might actually toughen his head up a little so that it wasn’t so tender. Now, it does sound like he has other reasons for wanting his hair shorter, so this is more of a suggestion for him to consider later on if he decides to grow it out again, but I would suggest that if he wants it long then he should brush it himself (I have no idea whether he had been doing this or having you do it Tara. I just bring it up because I remember when I was a kid I always managed to brush my own hair with less pain and annoyance than when other people brushed it for me) and keep a brush handy so that he can brush it frequently. Maybe keep one of those little travel brushes in his pocket and brush his hair in the morning, whenever he comes inside from being out in the wind, before bed. And I would also recommend finding a way to put it up for bed. A ponytail, braids, something to minimize the tangles that result from sleep.

  33. I vote shaved head and shorter facial hair…but what do I know?

    Also, you may know this but rose bushes and tomatoe plants love human hair…planted right under the root ball. For next time you might be putting in roses or tomatoes somewhere.

  34. Ohmygoodness those beautiful curls are gone? NO! I loved them too, but I understand his want to get rid of them…my own little guy was like that too, and he was much younger than tween! *sniff*

    I’d say go back to the short hair. Takes off many years.
    Sarah M

  35. sorry but i think justin is a good looking guy and preferred the flickr pic…just don’t like beards at all though must say. hope everyone is well. tara, i was really curious about what happened to the Las Vegas house in the end…sold? abandoned??

  36. I do like the short hair, but either way the beard was fab– since you asked, I’ll be straight with you… a full beard looked terrific, it just needed to be shorten. But you can pull definately pull off a solid beard. Quality!!

  37. For Justin from an Old guy, KISS it. Keep It Simple, Silly. Head and facial hair at 1/4″ or 3/8″. I use barber trimmers with a guide. Once a week buzz things at the same time and no worries about combing, shaving or anything.

    Steve the dinosaur in Central CA

  38. I like the old and new look. My hubby has the same necklace, he inherited it from his grandfather and never takes it off

  39. aww poor Zeb!

    Justin i have to say that the beard should go, but short hair like that looks good

  40. Love Zeb’s hair either way, but like you, I would miss those beautiful curls. For Justin, I’d vote for the shaved head and shorter beard.

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