Let’s stop living the same year over and over, yes?

We’ve all had those years…

…the ones that seem to play on repeat…
…the ones that whoosh by before we’ve even had the opportunity to say “Happy New Year”…
…the ones that leave us dizzy, maybe disillusioned, almost always exhausted and disappointed….

Let’s break that cycle, shall we?

It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, Life tends to do most of the hard work. Your part of the deal?

Listen in. Create with intention. Realign yourself. And then get out of your own way.

powerfulyearDigging into 2014: Discovering Your Guiding Word has been my own private process for the last five years, and I’m finally ready to share it. I get so many questions on my Guiding Words, how I come to them (rather, how they come to me), and how I work with them (rather, let them work on me), that I sat down and started compiling all the prompts and practices I use to guide me to my Guide.

The process not only helps you examine 2013 with consciousness (not to be confused with shame or self-deprecation), bringing Light, wisdom, and understanding to what Life brought you and taught you, it helps you tune into the patterns and intricacies of your experiences and what they have been and currently are whispering to you, disclosing what you get to do to move forward into 2014 with intention, authenticity, courage, trust, and surrender to the process.

This process is for any deep, unconventional, and wholehearted man or woman seeking…

  • An in-depth understanding of the events of the past year: why they happened and what to do with them
  • A spiritual process to help you recreate conventional “goals” into something both profound and inevitable
  • A rich practice to help you stay in alignment with your soul’s intention and Life’s guidance throughout 2014
  • Some creative fun to open your heart and mind to a full spectrum of possibilities

The most important thing to know about this process is this…

Digging Into 2014 is NOT like other ego-based processes out there where it’s all about “what you want to force out of Life” and “let’s kick/bust ass to make it happen”. Those can be fun, but it’s not what I practice.

Instead, this process is about helping you tap into what Life is wanting to offer you and helping you to work with it to co-create your world with trust and excitement. It’s not about creating your world from your head, but recreating it from your heart, your Self, and a sense of Trust for the process of Life.

But honestly, I’d rather let others do the talking…

Working through this process was as if Spirit was speaking through me…

I dove into Digging Into 2013 because I have chosen a Guiding Word since 2009, and I was excited to see how Tara’s process would differ and help me expand a practice I was already using and enjoying.

The thing that most impacted me was the realization that there had been SO much more to my current word, Surrender, than I had anticipated at the start of 2013. I knew it was a biggie… and it scared the shit out of me. I didn’t anticipate it holding my hand through loss, grieving that seems to have no end, and allowing myself time to sit with that pain. 

Working through this process was as if Spirit was speaking through me, urging me to honor myself in ways that I haven’t been able to yet. It really set the stage for wanting to dig in on the questions.

THANK YOU, dear Tara, for allowing me this opportunity… it was so timely… and helped me wrap up an emotional roller-coaster of a day in a way that felt like I got the most out of it!!!

Cid Lough
intuitive energy healer • joyful life coach • love-based body transformation coach

In a word, this guide is transformational.

I dove into Tara’s Guiding Word process, excited and a little nervous, because I was ready to make this a magical year. I was ready to release what didn’t work or hadn’t been fulfilled in the last year, learn from it, and step into this next year from a stronger place.

The juiciest part of the process was the connections it helped me make – for instance, how it helped me to realize that my home environment, physical body, emotional being and my business are all mirrors of one another. Where one has healing and growth, they all do. This helped me to recognize that since I felt growth and transformation in some areas, it must be there in other areas, even if I can’t quite see it yet myself.

It really transformed my recognition of where I still have work to do. There was one section that had me feeling stuck and tearful, and I am still processing why. This was incredibly insightful to me, because it showed me what I need to give some attention and focus to. Now as I’m moving forward I feel more trusting of myself.

In a word, this guide is transformational.

Xandra O’Neill, preconception, fertility, and pregnancy coach

Now, I’m feeling like I can plan with compassion rather than dogma.

I knew I wanted to reflect and plan, but sometimes the planning seems like an insurmountable amount work, and the reflecting…..well, that’s just the deep internal stuff that I find difficult to allow to surface. I really felt that ‘Digging into 2014’ helped guide me through that process in a kind and gentle (but no shit!) kind of way.

One of the best parts was the acceptance of things not achieved. I like to set goals, and then (it seems) I like to beat myself up over the things I couldn’t do. Just accepting that ‘shit happens’ and situations/minds change makes a difference.

Now, I’m feeling like I can plan with compassion rather than dogma.
I’m feeling like I can achieve the achievable.
I’m feeling well equipped.
I’m feeling nurtured.

Rachel Probert, Life Celebrant

I often worry that I will never become the person who I was meant to be…

Before I got my hands on this process, I was feeling as if this past year was turbulent on so many levels. There were many ups and downs and I often felt like I was in a bit of a fog, not being able to focus when needed.

As I begin work through each prompt, each request for truth, I found out that this past year was one that could be described in one word: knowing. This year took me down further that I thought I could handle, but I clawed my way out, only to discover myself and my family. I’ve come to know what works for me, for us, and more importantly, what doesn’t. So even amongst the chaos, I’ve found my center. My truths. My wings that have allowed me to soar. To soar up and out of the fog that threatened me, and instead helped guide me towards the light.

As I was answering each prompt, breaking through the shell and allowing my intuition to guide me, I was taken aback by my answers. The most powerful bit of clarity that came from this process was coming to the realization that my fears, those underlying, nagging doubts that creep into my mind when I allow room for them, should actually be embraced rather than feared. I often worry that I will never become the person who I was meant to be, but Life was telling me to take all the time I need to come to the realization that I am already there. I can see now that Life was telling me to take this time for myself and quiet the whispers in my mind, the ones that chide me for being selfish.

Gina Kimmel

I feel more focused, and clear about my goals and what actions I need to take…

Before I got my hands into the process, I was feeling frustrated about what I have accomplished this past year. I skipped right over all the great things I did do and focused (like always) on the bad.

You’ve helped me put a positive spin on the things I want to accomplish. I feel more focused, and clear about my goals and what actions I need to take to make 2014 an incredible year.

Now as I move into this next year, I’m feeling more confident about what I have achieved, and the goals I have set to make 2014 an incredible year. What imapcted the most, aside from your message (which hit home) was the way you use your words. You made every single one count, and have a truly unique voice.

Dr. Rory F. Stern

Having already recently received my Guiding Word, my heart was searching for some perspective…

For several years now I have had “spirit words” — a word for the following year that sings deeply to my spirit of what is to come. Having already recently received my word for 2014, my heart was searching for some perspective, along with something to help give more insight on utilizing the richness of these magical words…

Then I came upon Tara’s Guiding Word process. During the process of “Digging into 2014” I realized, sadly, that I didn’t use my word for 2013 as intentionally as I should have; while it was something that I kept in the back of my mind throughout the year, I didn’t make an effort to dig in and understand the magic it could bring into my life. If I am honest, I shied away from it… I mean who wants Discipline really?! LOL. I am now confident, however, that I can take that word and make it work for the rest of the year, as well as marry it to the word I have for 2014. After all what is Restoration without Discipline?

I love how REAL Tara is, and how every aspect of “Digging into 2014” screams passion and commitment. It is also comforting to read a thought process, and have a theme or an idea presented in a way that triggers my own passion. 

I will admit that there was a question Tara presented that made me bawl, it was simply a divine moment where I realized that I have been denying myself (in the process of trying to appease others) something that I can no longer live without.

It was a magical moment, and I am ever so grateful for such a revelation. 

Anticipating greatness in the coming year, 

I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive…

In one word, this process is DEEP.

I like processing the past, releasing what hasn’t worked, and moving forward with a new outlook. But I wanted to have an intention for my year ahead, and was so curious to see what came to me to help me in the coming year.

I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive. I had a feeling my guiding word and some of my intentions for the year were going to shake me a little and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it all.

Now I’m feeling ready. Through a lot of processing with focusing on the good things and releasing what I no longer need, I now have my guiding word and some realistic goals jotted down for the year ahead.

The yummiest part? My Guiding Word! I didn’t want to write it down, didn’t want to commit to it, but Tara says that’s when you know it’s *the* one. So I’m going with it, and ready for its journey and wisdom for me.

Jennie Smith, Wife, Mama to 3, and homesteader

This process, it is nourishing. Full of hope, enthusiasm, deliciousness, strength.

I was at the surface of my life. Knowing there was a depth beneath me but a little lost as to how I would find my way there. The theme of sitting on the surface kept showing up for me again and again.

The best part for me about this Guiding Word process: To be at a place where I can now see my roots growing deep in to the earth and my arms stretching toward the sky. To have tools in my belt that will help pick me up when life bitch slaps me down again and again. And to know that those skills, the information is mine for the harvesting, it’s in me to access time and time again. 

This process, it is nourishing. Full of hope, enthusiasm, deliciousness, strength. It’s unique, individual, and empowering. 

Shannon Loucks

It’s filled with positive energy, plenty of inspiration and freedom to express your journey creatively.

Before I got my hands into the process, I was feeling ready to take the next step in my journey. And this being my second year working through it, I felt even more aligned than before. As I read through the questions Tara poses in this book, the spiritual and mental work that I desperately needed to sort through came up so easily. Being familiar with her format and concepts made it so much easier for me to forge ahead through each step.

What impacted me the most was how she guides you to close out 2013 in a healthy way and move into 2014 with such hope. But the one thing that really transformed for me was the permission to release past issues so we can move forward. And there is plenty of space to create your own way of letting go and moving forward. Digging Into 2014 is filled with positive energy and gives plenty of inspiration and freedom to express your journey creatively. I feel this is a solid framework from which to get started.

Lisa Bertolini, Huntington Beach, Ca.

I experienced such shifts…so many examples of breaking open, nurturing, and ultimately healing.

After, doing this process twice now and seeing what I’ve accomplished over the last year, reviewing the year – my successes and honest pitfalls – it’s been so impactful. It really helped conceptualize the work I’ve done…and the sacrifices I made, and those of my husband, to see me through the process of my year. In fact, reviewing my year was a gift. And at the end of that process I felt like giving myself a standing ovation…I also went and whispered ‘thank you’ to my husband and children.

This Guiding Word process was a practice in clarity for me. A really useful tool to clear my vision, focus my thoughts, and ground my core.

Working through the Tara’s process brought me a confident excitement for the upcoming year. I am excited for the highs and not fearful of the lows. I experienced such shifts because of it, so many examples of breaking open, nurturing, and ultimately healing. Now as I move into this next year, I’m feeling supported through my own inclination. Because something I learned from all of this in the last year, really fully began to discover, was that my destiny, joy, success, love for this life, is in my hands.

I like having a thoughtful process to my internal conversations, a recording of sorts of the direction I want to be headed, or the space I want to inhabit, or the mindfulness I want to encompass. And Digging Into 2014 provides me this map. I love using this tool to bring my year’s potential into focus.

Melanie Levy

This really helped me see inside myself and understand what I am capable of.

I really had a great time with this. I was really craving the clarity on what I really want to do with my upcoming year. I was feeling stuck, living each day the same and it was a routine I did not enjoy. I was surviving each day struggling to get everything done. Struggling to move beyond my insanity of doing the same thing again and again and hoping for the best, for a different result.

Tara’s process really helped me see inside myself and understand what I am capable of. It helped me to be honest with myself about the things I had been doing that weren’t working for me.

But probably the most powerful thing about it was that I already knew the answers. I just needed the right support to make them real. This process helped me dive deep into my actions and really see the patterns.

Too often I let small excuses get in the way of big opportunities. But now after doing this work, I’m feeling motivated and confident about how to embrace it. How to embrace change, simplicity, and failure. Thank you Tara!!

Stephanie Schmidt, mama and cyclist extraordinaire

Being excited for a new year is something very different for me…

I dove into Digging Into 2014 looking for guidance and support as I go into a year where I have to make some life changing decisions and for a new perspective on questions I have been rolling over for the past year.

I was feeling overwhelmed and confused by myself and my life. I was feeling very pressured by the advice people in my life were giving me and needed to know what I wanted to do so I needed to get past everything else in order to get to that gem of self-truth.

The juiciest, goosebumpiest, most powerful thing about it was choosing my guiding word for 2014. It was realizing that the one that scared me the most and made me the most uncomfortable was the word I needed to take on in order to grow into the person I need to become for 2014. And the “Really, Truly Experiencing…” section made me super positive for the ways I am going to make 2014 even better than this past year. It is so rewarding to be able to fill out and revisit a list ways I am going to improve my experience.

Being excited for a new year is something very different for me as this time of year usually becomes about dwelling on regrets from last year and thinking about how the coming year will be difficult. But now, I’m feeling excited!

Rachel Schultz, college student
Reno, NV

Going through this process helped me drop down into my real answers.

This process helped fine tune so much. I’m a big thinker, analyzer and rationalizer (is that a word?). I can easily overthink everything forgetting about the feeling part of life. So, it was with great appreciation that these queries helped me filter out a lot of unnecessary stuff, get real quiet and let the Truth surface. 

I know these questions and this process on an intellectual level, but have been avoiding doing the work. But going thru each question, as it built upon the previous, helped me drop down into my real answers. Now I’m moving into the year with so much more clarity than before.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Michelle B, Seeker

I am left feeling peaceful, grounded…like everything is as it should be…

This process was truly transformative! Tara’s work is always mind blowing and heart pulling, and I went into it excited to cry, laugh, and reveal what’s going on and what I’ll be working on next year. I was feeling a ton of both spiritual and physical purging on the horizon right now, so I couldn’t wait to find my Guiding Word.

Before I got started, I was honestly feeling a little out of touch with my year. This ebook brought me back to my current Guiding Word and called me back to it. I really loved the process of discovering my Guiding Word. Being able to see the trends of my year fascinated me and gave me a map of how to find my word, and the exercises really showed me just how much of a badass I really am. 😉

I am left feeling peaceful, grounded…like everything is as it should be…and can’t wait to love on myself over the next year. 

Natalie D, birth doula

If I could only choose one word to describe this, it would be liberating.

I dove into Digging Into 2013 because I have been feeling very contemplative of late. I was hungry to receive some clarity about my growth in the past year (which has felt significant in some areas and very stunted in others), so that I could process those lessons and move forward with open eyes. I was so impacted by examining this past year and digging into those lessons, which felt freeing in some ways and very heavy in others. It was so powerful to examine how I want to build on my progress this year while moving into the next phases of my life and the idea that I have to build some overarching plan or work step by step through some well planned scheme in order to have the life I want was transforming.

As I move into this next year, now I’m feeling free to work from the ground up, building supportive and nurturing habits and keeping myself centered and focused on how I want to feel.

If I could only choose one word to describe this Guiding Word process, it would be liberating. And utterly transformational. (Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one!)

Rev. Jess Barrett

Frequently Asked Questions


What does this Guiding Word business “look like”? What will I need?

The ebook itself is is 37 pages of genuine inner work. No fluff and filler and goofiness that you might smile at but not actually delve into. Instead you’ll find the kind of prompts that will sit with you for a bit, speak to you on a new level, and allow you the insight to shine light in shadowed places.

You’ll need some quiet space to work (within yourself as well), a notebook, a favorite pen, and maybe a few other goodies listed in the ebook to help you play. You’ll also need the willingness to be honest with yourself, the openness to hear or speak the Truth, and the self-love to admit what your heart is calling you towards.

A hot cup o’something is helpful too. ♥

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Is this for women only?

Nope! You can do this if you’re male, female, and everything in between. What matters is whether the language I use, and the principles and perspective I speak about in my work, resonate with you. If so, then you won’t find anything referring to you as a woman or telling you to tap into your inner feminine power (not that you men don’t have an inner feminine power, I might add).

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How long does the whole process take?

A lifetime. A year. A week. An afternoon. Truly it’s up to you and how much resistance or readiness you bring to the table.

Most women I hear from tend to sit for an hour or two at a time, playing with the process, meditating, putting it down, and coming back to it several times throughout a week. You can certainly move through it all in an afternoon if you’re a fast mover. Likewise, if you prefer to sink in slowly, you can take as much time as you want.

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Do I need to have certain spiritual or religious beliefs for this process to work for me?

You don’t need to be of a certain spiritual or religious bend to make this process meaningful. You will likely find this is most relevant to you if you believe in something bigger than yourself – whether’s that’s God, the Universe, Life, karma, Consciousness – because this is a process of Trust in the nature of Life and the guidance that surrounds us when we tap into it. I tend to use the word “Life” in this ebook to convey what we’re all trying to convey. But you can easily substitute that word as you read for whatever word or name speaks clearly to you.

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Is this the same ebook you offered privately to the Sisterhood last year?

This is an updated and expanded version of that. I took all your feedback and more of my experience and fun in creating (co-creating) a Guiding Word and intention for the year, and made it bigger and badder than before. So if you have that one, you can certainly play along with that one. Or you can delve into the need stuff in this one. ♥

(If you’re currently part of the Organic Sisterhood, you can find a copy of this new one in your membership goodies!)

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What’s the cost? Are there refunds? Can I share this with a friend?

The cost of the ebook is $10. Because of the nature of the product and your ability to instantly access it and keep it forever, there are no refunds.

Obviously, as this is an ebook, you do have the ability to share it with a friend. I ask that you share it with kindness and honoring my work and the time, energy, and intention I put into it. I trust you’ll pass it along to a friend who genuinely can’t afford the $10 cost and not simply share this with any and all who ask.

It’s an honor system, a karmic system. Let’s build that back into the world, shall we? 🙂

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How do I order and download Digging Into 2014?

Click the lovely “Add to Cart” button below, and you’ll be redirected to my online shopping cart. There you can choose Digging Into 2014 (and/or other products I offer) to purchase, be prompted to setup a username and password, and directed to pay via Paypal (using your back account or credit card). As soon as your payment clears, you’ll be able to login to your account, and find all your downloads in one place. (This is also where you can find affiliate info to share with others!)

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I love this process! Can I share it as an affiliate?

Yes, absolutely! The same login you used to download your goodies also allows you to grab already-made-for-you affiliate links and banners. There’s even an entire ebook just for affiliates to help you share in a way that feels authentic and practical (careful, it’s easy to miss; it’s on the same page as the banners at the bottom). Read more info about my affiliate program here.

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Digging Into 2014: Discovering Your Guiding Word

Are you ready for a process like this?

A process to help you get out of your head, and out of your own way….
A process to help you tap into your deeper wisdom and intuition….
That leans on something Bigger, more trustworthy than your Ego….
And that will help you change your life (and your experience of Life) from the inside out…

You, the Universe, your heart…one profound, guided powwow.

$10. Yup, that’s it.

Let’s do this.


Or do you prefer the whole shebang?

In case you’re not aware, the Guiding Word ebook is a part of The Library. This means you get over 50 different tools, for everything from personal growth to healthy relationships, and unlimited access to updates and added tools in the future. Here’s what’s included:

What You Receive

Guiding Word

The Library

The Complete Guiding Word ebook to help you DIG IN, learn from, design, and lean into your next phase in life
Digging Deep Toolbox, a 151 page ebook and audio full of tools and coaching to get you unstuck and out of overwhelm (value $47)
The Organic Parenting E-Course: The unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids (value $74)
2 Guided Meditations: Filling Your Cup and Mindfulness Meditation, to help you find your center ($40 value)
4 Toolkits for Personal Growth: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, How to Thrive Unconventionally in a Conventional World, Living Beyond “Should, and Living Beyond “Have To” ($100 value)
3 Audios for Partners: Partners on Different Pages, and Organic Partners and Relationships ($45 value)
6 Audios for Emotional Wellness: 7 Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm, What to Be Instead of Busy, 6 Tools for Self-Acceptance, From Uncertainty to Clarity, and Quit Taking It Personally Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
2 Mini-Toolkits for Parents: Children and Food and The Playful Family
4 Additional Audios for Organic Parenting: Emergency Parenting Turnaround, Handling Meltdowns with Compassion (Theirs and Yours), Advocating for Children Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
12 Additional Collaboratives: 9 audios, 2 workbooks, and 1 video on everything from Getting Grounded, with Pixie Campbell, to Un-Diagnosing Our Children, with Dr. Marilyn Wedge ($170 value)
2 Mindful Business Goodies: 6 Steps to a Better Blog and How to Sell Other People’s Stuff ($35 value)
Bonus: Mini “Thriving” E-Course, including 1 ebook, 1 audio, 2 videos, and 3 workbooks full of nuggets o’ wisdom on everything from parenting to making confident lifestyle choices ($90 value)
Value $10 Value: $800+

Your Investment

The E-Guide: $10

The Library: $129

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