Homemade Yogurt!

Learning how to make homemade yogurt is so incredibly simple to do and SO inexpensive, I’m actually mesmerized it’s not more popular.

  • First, I boiled a half gallon of organic milk. I used the suggested water jacket so I didn’t scald the bottom. My instructions said to get it to 185 degrees.
  • Then I chilled it to 110 degrees, which is the temp the cultures multiply at. I’m actually wondering if the boiling was necessary or if I could have just brought it to 110 degrees. Anyone know?
  • After that, I added a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt with live cultures. I accidentally bought the Vanilla yogurt instead of Plain yogurt, but I used it anyway and it still turned out great.
  • Lastly I stuck it on a heating pad for the day. My instructions said 7 hours, but recommended taste-testing it before that time. It can also be left on longer, which makes it thicker but also more tart. I did exactly 7 hours. It was still pretty thin, but thickened up a little more in the fridge.

My only issue was the dang safety shut off on the heating pad. At least once my homemade yogurt’s temp dropped a bit while it waited for me to reset the heating pad. I was nervous it was going to make me sick because of it, but it turned out great anyway. That may however account for my slightly thinner than expected results (thinner than store-bought *is* normal though).

I put my homemade yogurt in recycled food jars (they can be reused for storage but not for real canning – if you have more patience, they look nicer when you peel the old labels off – HA!) and flavor individual servings with cane juice, vanilla extract and chopped fresh fruit. SO good and totally satiates my sweet tooth!

Google “how to make homemade yogurt” for tons of instructions and websites. Or wing it. ;)
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I’m not sure if the heating is necessary since store bought milk is already heated, but it can’t hurt. When you use farm milk you do need to heat it or it is too thin. Real yogurt lovers know that raw yogurt is a farce, it needs to be heated to be the right consistency. Raw foods are good, but there are plenty of non-raw foods that are just as health giving. Yogurt is a living food with live beneficial bacteria. Living foods are what I call Super-Raw.

Heat the milk to stop the natural enzymes that don’t play nice with the yogurt cultures. You don’t have to boil the milk. Just heat till steamy. Boiling results in lumpier yogurt.

I have had good results making yogurt at home, using my crockpot to keep everything warm overnight. Just pour in your warm milk and yogurt, put on the lid and wrap the whole thing in a blanket or a couple of towels. You do not need to turn the crockpot on. Unwrap in the morning.

The runny consistency can be remedied by straining your homemade yogurt through some fine-mesh cheesecloth. It thickens dramatically, and the liquid that drains out can be used in pancakes, bread, whatever you’re making.

I make homemade yogurt all the time and my favorite flavor so far has been mango. I take a super ripe mango (or 2 or 3 or….) and blend it or chunk it up and then mix it into the yogurt. I have found if I blend it with the yogurt the yogurt loses its thickness so I just mix it with a spoon. The longer you leave it in the fridge with the fruit it gets sweeter and fruitier. It´s amazing! I am definitely going to try it with vanilla next time too!

Thanks for the yogurt tips! I have made yogurt a number of times as well, pretty much the same way you did, just not as specifically. I warm my milk on the stove till tiny bubbles start to appear around the edges. Then I remove from stove and pour into my jar. I let it sit until I can hold my finger in it for 10 seconds (it’s usually at least 30mins or so). I then add my 2 T of yogurt w/ live active cultures and I also add some powdered milk (I think this helps thicken it a bit). Stir gently. Put the lid on, put it in a cooler filled w/ warm water and let sit for 6 hrs. Yum! Thanks for the flavor suggestions. I haven’t tried that yet!