Inspiration Monday – Almost There

Jazzy Jazz

Meet Jazz. Also know as Jazzy Jeff or Spazzy Jazz or any other combination of Jazzy words. 🙂

Jazz is our new home, a 31 foot 2007 Thor Jazz 5th wheel. You can see all the Before photos here.

Yes, Jazz is solar-powered. And the truck, which Zeb has named The Black Pearl, is running on waste veggie oil. We have more storage and more space and I’m going to have a dedicated desk again! It’s heaven. 🙂

There are no After photos yet. That’s because we’re not done. This week we’re hoping to finish up the details, such as removing those horrendous window valances and painting all that tan. We’ll be in Las Vegas as we finish that up with hopes of heading out in just a few sort weeks.

Right now I’m heading off to shop (oh dear Gd, help me) with Justin for the last components of our new home. And then we have some work to do!

It’ll be a busy week, so I’ll leave you with some inspiration:

I should note that I have every intention of continuing these Inspiration Monday posts. But I doubt I’ll do them every single Monday and I hope you’ll continue to carry on when I miss a week. 🙂

So, what’s been inspiring you lately?

Share your inspiration on your own blog post or in the comments below!

16 Replies to “Inspiration Monday – Almost There”

  1. Thank you for the links today Tara, I now have a few new awesome blogs to check out! :)…and the new rig set up looks amazing, cant wait to see what you do to it! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a cool Jazzy Jazz, but I just got MY NEW IPHONE today and I’m SOOOOO looking forward to the opportunities and advantages it will provide for me as a new tool in blogging, marketing, and selling on the internet. As well as keeping in close touch with family and friends.

  3. Jazz looks fantastic Tara. The pictures have me a little confused though. There appears to be a small window behind the left booth seat of the dining area, but I can’t figure out where that window sits on the outside of the rig. And everything to the right of the door inside is making my brain twist to figure out because it looks in the pictures like back where the bed is someone would be able to stand beside the bed, but then on the pictures of the outside of the rig, that’s where it shrinks up to make room for the pickup bed. It makes no sense!!

    Other than that though, it looks amazing. I love all the wood cabinets and the fixtures. I think the only things I would change are all the horrible palm tree patterned stuff and maybe the wallpaper around the kitchen.

      1. O_O Oh holy crap! You can expand and collapse your house?! That is freaking awesome! Looking back at one of the pictures of the outside of it, I can see what you’re talking about, parts that push out and pull in. But it looks like if the dining area is pulled in, Z wouldn’t be able to get back to his room. Does that mean that everybody’s going to stay up in the cab of the truck when you guys are actually driving from place to place?

        1. Yeah the only downside is having to put the slide out for Zeb to get into his room easily…he can also crawl in through an access bay that goes under his bed if he really wants to! LOL

          And yes, we’ll all be in the truck as we travel. Only certain states allow you to be in the 5th wheel while driving (and never in travel trailers) and then only if you have instant communication (like walkie-talkies) but it’s a hassle to know which state allows it and their particular laws regarding it, so we’ll just drive in the truck together. The new truck is SO spacious though; not at all as cramped as Justin’s old truck.

  4. Hello, Jazz!

    You know, I’ve been doing a links post on Mondays for a while now, but I haven’t commented on it over here, because not all of the posts I link to are necessarily inspiring. But I have to share this love story. So inspiring.

    And thanks for the link to Seth’s Blog! I read it every day, but reading that post again (thanks to you), I realized I should print it out and hang it above my desk. What a great reminder to stop trying to please everyone!

  5. So exciting to watch you and your family move forward on your journey. I would love to hear more about your experiences so far with Veggie Oil conversions both in your old and new rigs? Do you ever have trouble finding oil? My husband and I are looking into doing the same with a diesel truck but, it will be our only vehicle so I want to make sure we are aware of all challenges we may face. Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

  6. I just found your blog from Kind over Matter and I love it! I read your interview on unschooling and I was unschooled during high school as well. I’ll definitely be back to read your blog again.

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