Inspiration Monday – One Great Weekend

We had the most amazing weekend!

Friday night Justin took me out on a date. For the first time in a long time, we stayed out all night listening to some great local bands (linked below) and being ridiculously hysterical while we danced.

My husband has this amazing ability to make me forget about everyone else, forget about what others are thinking of our silliness and just let go. I can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard! Seeing Justin shake his booty for the crowd is a lasting memory for sure. :D

It's Lefse Time

Saturday was lefse-making day with my in-laws and we successfully made gluten-free lefse! Yum! I’ll share our recipe and my favorite way to eat it this week.

And Sunday was amazing in its own way. First, we sold the old truck! We’re super excited to cross that off our list and with it gone, we can finally move forward to converting the new truck to run on waste veggie oil, as well.

(The RV is still for sale, BTW.)

Then Sunday evening we participated in my mom’s church event feeding the homeless again. Justin and I volunteered to watch the little ones this time (10 kids under 10 is SO much fun and a little tiring!) and Zeb was a food runner/server/cleaner-upper. It’s always amazing to feel a part of something like that.

This kind of weekend was so needed. Dancing, laughter, connection, food, giving…life is good.

Some linky love for you:

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Love the! I am on the precipice and have let so many things keep me from taking that step that is going to throw me over the edge. I am facing that all now and I think a letter to my future self about my fears, my excitement, my dreams will be wonderful.

lefse! Your family makes lefse? I grew up eating lefse every Christmas.

So glad you and Justin had that time to connect. :)

Can’t wait to learn about lefse!

I want Benny SO BAD! I find myself hoping you don’t sell him before we could buy him, but then hoping you do because I know you need to sell him sooner than I will most likely be able to do it myself. I recently discovered my 401K and am looking to empty it, but I don’t know yet how much I’ll lose in taxes.

Anyway, if it is looking like we can do it soon, I’ll be in touch! (Okay, I’ll be in touch anyway.)

In other departments: I look forward to learning what a lefse is! They sound familiar…

Glad you got a “date night” – those can be so very wonderful for reconnecting!

Sarah Robinson
November 22, 2010 7:19 am

So glad you liked Chris Johnson’s post at Escaping Mediocrity. :-) Thank you for sharing it with your tribe. And now I am digging around on this fab blog – love it!

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the future me thing is so cool!! and thanks SO much for all the wonderful music links!! i’ve been adding to my itunes recently, and can’t wait to add some more!

Glad to hear you two had such a fun date! My family makes lefse together every year too, but not until the beginning of Dec. So yummy!

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November 23, 2010 4:39 am

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