Inspiration Monday – The Grand Tour!

Oh yeah, baby, the Jazz is (almost) ready to roll! The art is (mostly) all hung and our things are (practically) all moved in.

Wanna see me and Justin act like goofballs, sing, dance and give the Grand Tour? 😀

And All That Jazz! from Tara Wagner on Vimeo.

Yup, pretty much inspiring the dignity out of me. 🙂

Some other inspirational stuff I want to share:

Justin and I have a busy week(s) ahead of us. We’re finishing up the last minute details of getting back on the road AND we’re co-writing an e-book for Sustainable Baby Steps! 🙂

So, I might be sparse on the blog and time sucks Facebook and Twitter for a tiny bit. But I’m still available by email and still scheduling a few coaching sessions.

And I’ll be back soon with more awesome sauce for you gorgeous people. In the meantime….

What’s inspiring YOU?

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  1. Wow, looks GREAT. Yeah, the master is so NOT pink. hahaha Even if you are color blind. You guys look like you have DOUBLE the space you had before. I didn’t to the math, but… Have a GREAT time.

  2. Be in a flashmob has been on my “To Do” life list for a while now. I really wanted to organize one with a bunch of people I know to “Say Hey, I Love You” by Michael Franti and do it downtown Phoenix while all the business and government guys are going to work but then they did it on Weeds (… I was so bummed they took my idea. 🙁

  3. Zane is watching with me and when you asked for hints on what to do with the ugly mirror he said, “I know one. Buy a crowbar and yank it off.”

    LOVE his brain.

  4. OMG Tara (and Justin), I lurve this video. I want to come hang out with you guys! Tara, you are so funny and cute. Justin, the same. The Jazz is awesome. Congrats on your new home! I can’t wait to see where you go next 🙂

    With love from NY,
    Lisa G.

  5. I love it! I’ve been looking forward to “after” pictures. The mirror? How about getting some of those “stained glass” type craft paints, and painting a design all over it (or most of it)? Or maybe mount a vining house plant on the wall under and as it grows, let it cover the mirror.

    1. I’ve got some photos to upload later too, especially since the camera lens wasn’t a very wide angle!

      I was thinking something like that for the mirror. But it’s the oval shape that’s killing me. Maybe I could put a square frame around it to kill the 1992 look?

      1. Oh yeah–well, you could paint a frame on the wall around–or have a design that was painted on the mirror and continued onto the wall….I think there’s all kinds of potential for that ugly little thing.

  6. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!

    SO excited for you!! Its beautiful and you are so proud. 🙂 I love the colors. Your dad’s picture is beautiful also. Was he an artist?

    I was thinking peppermint essential oil might work to get the adhesive off the mirror…..

    This was so entertaining! Thank you for sharing. We are just so happy for you!

  7. I love how it looks, and most of all that you two seem so happy. I was so glad to see the flags I gave you too! That’s a great spot for them 🙂 I am very excited for your family to get on the road, and I’m saying prayers for your safe travels, and adventures ahead… Thanks for sharing with us… Oh, and I love your dad’s painting.

  8. So cool, you both did a terrific job on the place- it has loads of character and expresses your personalities! I wish for you all to have many happy experiences and memories while living in your new home, and I can’t wait to read about your adventures. Thanks for sharing, and Tara, I love your dreads!

  9. The 5th wheel looks great!! You both seem like such happy people. So very cool. I wish you all safe travels! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  10. After my husband sent me the video on facebook, I now have Bruno Mars Just the Way you as the ringtone when my husband calls me. It’s a good reminder!

  11. Wow, that personality test is right on! I’ve known for a long time that I like to be second in command, or as the test put it – the ‘advisor’. Pretty cool!

  12. LOVE IT! My laundry room is currently that same lavendar color – super awesome! Glad you guys will be on the road soon!

  13. Love this! Thanks for the peek! I dream, some days, about doing the same thing. From my 6000 SF house. I know, it’s bad…

    Anyway, about the mirror. If Justin can make a plywood “frame” – or maybe masonite, you could do a mosaic around it. Or you could send the “frame” to me and I’ll make you something…. turn it into a good thing, you know?

    Happy trails to all of you…

  14. Wow the new place looks great! I love all the colors you picked to paint with, I cant stand white walls myself

  15. Congrats on the new digs. What a radical way to travel and live. And P.S… You are so gorgeous! The dreads look incredible and you have a natural beauty/aura about you.


  16. Oh gosh, I need to find a badass trailer to live in! This is wonderful.
    Everyday I have this crazy desire to give everything away (ya know, except the really important/beautiful stuff) and go minimal. Hmm…

  17. check out your new digs! that’s great how much space you have in there! and a door for the toilet, that should be mandatory haha

  18. Wow! I love it! Your new home looks beautiful. 🙂
    I would totally move to an rv myself if I could persuade my husband. Though things are very different here in the UK. In my dream we would move across to the US too.
    I have an idea for your mirror. Do you knit or crochet at all? Or I guess you could sew them. If it was me I would crochet tons of beautiful ranbow coloured flowers and position them all around the edge. Just keep going til it looked right. I had a great mirror for my daughters room that I was planning on doing that with til she broke it the other day. 🙁 She was so upset. So now I’m on the hunt for a mirror I can add to!
    Thanks for showing us round your place. It looks great!

  19. Love the tour. Its enormous! I wouldn’t be able to drive that around our tiny roads here! It must be so lovely to have a bit more space.
    My immediate reaction to the hated mirror, if it won’t be removed was to go totally OTT. Put some kind of ornate kitchy gilted frame around it, like Versaille hall of mirrors & walz out Marie Antoinette stylee! Thats me preaching what I need to practice – if you can’t be rid of it, embrace it!
    Jacs x

  20. You guys did an amazing job on Jazz!! Wow! It looks very spacious and comfortable with some pretty good chill areas 🙂
    Maybe you could somehow put fabric over (around?) the mirror and crisscross some ribbon for a place to slip in notes, pictures, reminders ect like a bulliten board?

  21. You seem so happy!!! 🙂 I think it is great that you can really appreciate the 5th wheel with all its space and luxuries (like a bathroom door). I find that how happy we are with the size of our shelter is all a matter of perspective. When my husband and I got married we were living in a tent in the National Forest…we both worked full time…we lived in a tent by choice. Now we live in a small home (989sqft.) with 3 children and 2 big dogs. People are always telling us that we are growing out of it and need to add on. Coming from a tent…we have a different perspective…our little house has lots of space and many luxuries! Besides who wants to clean more than one toilet?

  22. I love the yellow color choice! I wanted to paint our RV so bad when I were were full timing but the time/money just wasn’t cutting out! We are going to pick up our RV next month so we can hang out at the beach with it. Seriously, your dreads made me miss my dreads but I am loving that the kids can brush my hair now.

  23. You are PRECIOUS with a capital Presh! And you’ve gotta tell me- how in the world did you take off the ugly valances AND how did you get your pictures/artwork to stay up? I cant seem to do that in our trailer. 🙁 Many blessings!

  24. We love what you guys are doing with the RV – we’re just about ready to sell everything we own and move into a 31′ Class A motorhome, and got some great renovation ideas (our palm tree/marijuana leaf fabric is pale pink and baby blue on an off white background, lol) that we can’t wait to try… You’ve truly made it look like a HOME, not just another cookie cutter RV.

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