Inspiration Monday – The (Official) Birth of a Family

Justin + Zeb

It’s been a busy few weeks. Two spent in Southern California, visiting, meeting, working, creating and exploring. And then we headed back to Nevada for a very special court date.

Yes! It’s official! Justin and Zeb’s adoption has been finalized! 😀

It feels good to call official what we’ve known for almost a decade. It also felt really amazing to see my 11 year old bouncing up and down in his seat with The.Biggest.Grin on his face as the judge announced it so.

Now we’re hanging in town for another week, wrapping up our loose ends and hanging out deep in my Creative Cave while I iron out the last of my new e-book. After that? We’re cruising up the West Coast and anxiously awaiting Northern California.

I’m going to be editing photos for ages…you know, if I ever get started.

In the meantime, here’s some inspiration I’ve been swimming in:

Phew! That’s a lot of inspiration! It’s been a good month.  🙂

What’s Inspiring You?

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19 Replies to “Inspiration Monday – The (Official) Birth of a Family”

  1. Hey there, i read the article on kids and violent games.
    That person who wrote it is insane. We lived in Silicon valley, where it seemed all kids played violent games. I saw my sons become video game addicts and desensitized by it all. It was all around us and we couldn’t get away from it because every kids had violent games.
    We have since moved to a more mobile lifestyle, and as a result taken away all video games and i’m happy to say i’ve seen HUGE improvements in productivity, behavior, demeanor. They no longer laugh and tell stories of people getting their heads bashed in. I can’t say enough how i think violent games are evil… But now i digress. It’s a personal matter for me and makes me pretty emotional.

    1. I used to feel the same way about video games, until I read the cognitive science behind it and decided to lean into the trust that my son knows what he needs to experience in his life. 🙂

      Kids are wiser than we usually give them credit for. They know the difference between right and wrong. The only kids who have ever committed violent crimes didn’t commit them because of a video game; they tend to come from dysfunctional homes or have experienced personally violence that was not taken seriously.

      Criminalizing a passion by calling it an addiction, I strongly disagree with. I think it tells our kids they can’t trust themselves or the things they are interested in. It tells them on a deep level that we don’t trust them. And that’s where disconnection and discord within families begins. 🙁

      I can tell you, though, that a BIG key to helping our kids navigate these sort of natural interests (and I call it natural, because peaceful kids throughout history have always played “violent” games like war; it’s a big, big way they make sense of it – through play) is by being actively involved in it.

      Justin plays these video games with Zeb; I don’t play but I’m always sitting nearby helping him with the game, finding tips online or just showing a genuine interest in what he’s doing.

      As a result of our close and *trusting* interactions, the game stays just that – a game; something to play, to experience, to use as just another tool to understanding the world in a safe and secure way. 🙂

  2. Love your inspirational Mondays – but really miss the way your blog used to be
    filled with your every day to day happenings.
    Looked forward to always reading it.

  3. I forgot to add. Congrats on Zeb’s adoption. I read your original story about zeb’s bio dad. It made me sniffle. I’m married to an incredible man to who stepped up to the plate into fatherhood when others might have ran with fear at the thought of getting involved with a woman who has two young children….
    Cheers, here’s to good men.

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with your readers. Thank you also for all your links ! The one about Salman Kahn was super interesting to me. This guy saves my “math life” on a regular basis with my 2nd grader. And even more starting in september when we will embrace homeschooling… A new adventure that will require new tools!

    Have a lovely day,


  5. Oh my goodness! After reading that first post about Justin adopting Zeb my WHOLE BODY is covered in goosebumps and I’m trying not to cry, because I’m at a cafe and they already think I’m nuts 😉
    My gosh I love your family!!

  6. Mmmm… here’s to beautiful family wherever it is found! Congratulations to you, Zeb and Justin.

    My Good Man is in the process of adopting my 1-year-old daughter, Magia. Lawyer visit this afternoon.


  7. Congratulations on the adoption! I took care of two little boys when I was younger that got adopted by their stepdad… I’ve never seen them so excited about anything else! Everytime I’d come in they’d call out “DAD, Jenna is here. DAD… my DAD… Jenna is here. Jenna, did you hear that? I called him DAD cause he’s my DAD now. Harry is my DAD.” It was wonderful!

    That Disney trip looks awesome by the way, I haven’t personally met either of you but I’d bet you and Tiffany would be fun people to go there with. 🙂

  8. In this society of throw away families and part tim parents, I think people have forgotten how much kids need BOTH parents. Nuff said.

  9. hey tara! so awesome! i love you guys! i shared some interesting links on the inspiration monday blog- my fav is the dead pen check it out.

  10. I couldn’t be happier for your family. There is a lot of risk taking and falling in love going on in your household. Thanks for sharing your joy with all of us. I’m glad your family is so happy.

  11. Congratulations on making it Official to all of you, how wonderful and exciting. I am so happy for all of your family and so happy and privileged to share in the excitment love and wild-fun that goes on in your lives. Here’s to many more adventures now that you are a family of three (well, I know you always have been, but now that it is formally recognised as such) Lots of love

  12. So happy for you all that the adoption is finalized! Congratulations :). What a great list of links! Still working on getting through them!

  13. wohooooo! coming to norcal?
    awesome!!! =)
    If you ever break down or need a pit stop, you have a place to stay in Pleasanton!

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