Inspiration Monday – Would you like to join in?

Beach Monday

We’re in eastern Wisconsin now, outside Green Bay. Zeb’s Gramma has flown into town and we are all staying with her brother and his family at their house on the lake. The weather is cool and breezy and the water is warm, and the family is amazing. They have paddle boats and tubing and more fun than I can describe. I’m spending my time hooping and hooping and hooping on the sand. It’s been an amazing experience to spend so much time out of my head and in my body (without the humidity slowing me down!).

We’ll be enjoying our time here for a couple more days and I intend to spend as much of it in the sun as I can. But before I jump into my hoop again, I wanted to share a few inspiring things I’ve been loving the past week!

Would you like to join in the inspiration?

No need to follow any rules; it’s just a fun, no-obligation sharing of whatever inspires you.

You can share a link, story, quote or excerpt; it can be a piece of art you made or a pair of earrings you love or a fantastic article. Share a link to your own post or you can even share in the comments below!

Do it however you’d like, just tell me: what’s been inspiring you?

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