Inspiration Monday – Would you like to join in?

Beach Monday

We’re in eastern Wisconsin now, outside Green Bay. Zeb’s Gramma has flown into town and we are all staying with her brother and his family at their house on the lake. The weather is cool and breezy and the water is warm, and the family is amazing. They have paddle boats and tubing and more fun than I can describe. I’m spending my time hooping and hooping and hooping on the sand. It’s been an amazing experience to spend so much time out of my head and in my body (without the humidity slowing me down!).

We’ll be enjoying our time here for a couple more days and I intend to spend as much of it in the sun as I can. But before I jump into my hoop again, I wanted to share a few inspiring things I’ve been loving the past week!

Would you like to join in the inspiration?

No need to follow any rules; it’s just a fun, no-obligation sharing of whatever inspires you.

You can share a link, story, quote or excerpt; it can be a piece of art you made or a pair of earrings you love or a fantastic article. Share a link to your own post or you can even share in the comments below!

Do it however you’d like, just tell me: what’s been inspiring you?

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Oh gosh–a lot has been inspiring me lately. Some of the same things you linked to have been on my radar. I’m reading “Radical Homemakers” right now, and it’s like water in the desert. I can’t get enough of it. My children are always an inspiration to me. What else? I recently found your blog (maybe through Soulemama? I can’t remember now), and I’ve been inspired by you in many ways.

I am inspired by how happy my family has been lately. It tells me that we are on the right path.

I am inspired by how we are all letting things go. Blessing them to others. Dumping them in the recycle bin.

LOVE this post. you’ve inspired me FULLY today. “the artist’s way” changed my life forever! it’s why i created my e-course “inside out – a creative adventure of self-discovery.” i can’t wait to hear more about your journey. and i LOVED the “how to be alone” video. super awesome cool. and your PHOTO….fabulous!

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August 16, 2010 6:01 pm

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Love this idea! I’m going to do it on my blog as well, and pass around the inspiration :)

I’m inspired by the growth I’ve been experiencing. It’s helping me realize that I can shape and mold my life and heart to be how I want them to be :)

August 16, 2010 6:19 pm

Oh my, it’s so difficult to narrow down. I’ve been inspired by so much around me lately. Just yesterday I sat on my deck while I felt and heard the movement of the trees swaying with the wind. It was like they were calmly speaking to each other. The experience inspired me to communicate with my loved ones in the same peaceful manner.

Then there is all the art I’ve stumbled upon last week. So different, yet all so beautiful. Quite moving.

The things around me inspire me everyday and with a new school year beginning I already feel the power of inspiration hitting me all over.

deb from p.s. bohemian
August 16, 2010 8:45 pm

first – i have the book sitting here in my office – been peeking at it on and off for a year – feeling closer to ready but something is holding me back…

i just watched Food Matters thanks to a mention of it by Christine

i have begun writing again – as in fiction – something i haven’t done since middle school and it felt very freeing and just plain old good.

been inspired by getting back into green smoothies and am anxious for the weather to cool to start sprouting again.

and underneath it all is this sense that i am becoming more/different/??? … not sure how to explain it – but it is deep and cleansing and powerful this time in my life…

Cage Free Family
August 16, 2010 11:24 pm

Ooh, don’t miss the Bay Beach Amusement Park. It’s beautifully kept, been there since I was a tiny tot and the rides are all still twenty five cents.

Wisc. is a beautiful place.

Kelly Halldorson
August 17, 2010 8:19 am

:) I’m inspired by being linked to such a cool, fun, inspiring blog. So much so I added the Organic Sister to my blogroll.


I’m reading your blog, so, of course, I’m inspired by you – especially with regard to your efforts to live sustainably and with healthy foods. It has had a big impact on me. (Hey, you’ve come up in my therapy sessions! : )

Another blogger who inspires me, is Christine at (I see she is already mentioned, but I decided to post this before I saw that!)

I want to make a better effort in making a meaningful contribution, but often fear I will get in over my head. Or that the problems will overwhelm me.

When I see what she does, I am constantly reminded that I can (and should) take on things that seem too difficult….

Great post. I look forward to following it and see what others contribute.


Wow, I am working through the very same book! I also enjoyed the video on how to be alone. Hancock Shaker Village has been inspiring me lately! I love Shaker design and innovation and their approach to self-sufficiency. Peace, Angela

Cohousing! that is absolutely wonderful – we have been talking with friends about doing something like that for a while…. (we’ve called it alternating things intentional community/commune/island project). we also love the earthships and want to learn how to build them!

Thanks for that link!

Sarah Hubbard
August 17, 2010 10:08 am

music and life are inspiring me. We are in GA and the heat has been unbearable this year, so I am spending a lot of time inside listening to new music and dancing. I bellydance with a troupe and we are hosting a show in a little over a month and I’m learning to use my body in ways I never had before. I’ve taken up break dancing at 35 and hip hop to add to my repertoire and awaking fantasies I had when I was a child. I also quilt and the music has led me to make tribal belts and explore new ways of making quilts! Life is fun, whether traveling or being still, I find breathing to be inspiring and watching my children grow into the people they already are and learning from them.

I’ve been inspired by lying back practising yoga with a fabulous teacher, under a blue sky, surrounded by trees and listening to bird song. I’ve been inspired by friends who are starting a journey towards homeschooling.

I’m loving the links, so much food for thought x

Here is my addition to inspiration Monday, a reflection on inspirations past and present:

I’ve only just read your post on unschooling your body, and it’s been a HUGE inspiration to me this week :-D

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