Inspiration Monday – Zion National Park


Rock Climbing

Hardcore Dads

Riverwalk Crossing

Sarah on the bike

We spent the past week in Utah with The Parents. Hiking at Zion National Park was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Zion National Park is absolutely gorgeous. The rock formations, the numerous hikes and the geological, Native American and settlers history of the area is so interesting to me, We took the Riverside Walk, barefoot no less, thanks to Zeb’s always-barefoot hiking inspiring us. Hiking, climbing, splashing, freezing, chatting, playing. And Sarah even rode the motorcycle home! So. Much. Fun! Definitely one of our favorite places and highly recommended.

October 1st came with some pretty major changes. The next three months are going to be crazy busy for us. I’m trying to write it all out to share with you within the next few days before even more changes for us and I have even more to catch everyone up on! No worries; it’s all pretty darn good!

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15 Replies to “Inspiration Monday – Zion National Park”

  1. Tara, just have to say thank you again for the inspiration your share and for giving others the motivation and incentive to share their inspiration and ideas and creativity. It’s given a beautiful focus to my blogging and to my thought process.

  2. What a beautiful park. That hike must have been glorious. I can’t wait to hear your news! Thanks also for the terrific links. They always give me something to think about-deeply I might add. Peace, Angela

  3. Tara,
    I also want to say thank you for sharing your thoughts, I so often find them inspiring. I especially enjoyed your previous post on the If/Then syndrome, thanks! I am also finding inspiration in The Tao of Inner Peace.

  4. I love Zion! We drove from California to visit my brother when he was living in Utah, years ago, and it was a trip we weren’t really looking forward to. It turned out to be one of our best vacations ever. We visited Moab, Bryce Canyon and–at the end–Zion. Our kids were too young to hike through the river like that, so I’m definitely going back at some point in my life. It’s wondrous! Your photos made me remember just how much so.

  5. You always leave me with lots to contemplate. On a side note, I typed in attachment parenting in the keyword suggestion tool, and one of the results was “obama internet control.” I’m not sure where that fits in…

  6. I loved the YouTube “Why Men Leave.” As baby-wearing, co-sleeping mother to my 8-month-old baby girl, I feel his message strongly – so strongly I sometimes weep at the mad ways our culture treats its infants. I’m working on finding and creating the village/clan/tribe… easy in cyberspace, challenging in the flesh! Thanks for posting your links. (I remember that cliff from the river hike in your second photo down!)

  7. Thanks for the links!! Awesome as usual 🙂 I have been looking online for a certain type of music all day, I click on your Anna Ternheim link and there it was!!

  8. Oh, such a beautiful area. I haven’t been there in too long – when I lived in NM I would travel to hike in the 4 state area (NM, UT, CO, AZ) all the time. So many amazing places to explore.

    I love hiking w/o shoes. Connects you to the earth.

  9. Oh, please tell me you were not as close as Zion and didn’t let me know! I could have been up there and got my portraits with you as easily as a 4 hour drive! I guess since you were up with family I can forgive you though. But damn….

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