What if you had a magic bag for personal growth?

I’m talking about something you could reach your hand into and pull out just the right message and reminder that would guide you through the end of a bad week…

That would align your spirit with the Truth you carry in your heart…

That could serve as a quiet space to slip into with a cup o’ warmth and a blanket of self-love…

Welcome to The Library, my friend.

This is what I’ve found most helpful in my life. Having a stockpile of notes tucked into my pocket in the form of my favorite voices, resonating words, and helpful practices. I stick my well-loved audios on my iPhone and listen as I drive or clean. I delve into meaningful prompts before I start my day. I use them as my touchstone to keep me aligned with what I know is true but tend to forget when Life starts throwing ping pong balls at my face.

I created this e-bundle as a way to open up my digital vault and pour it all into one giant bag of mindful, conscious, heart-centered growth.

My intention is not to offer you a lot of information you’ll never fully tap into. My intention is to offer you nuggets o’ wisdom that you can pop on your smartphone, and listen to as you walk the dog or make breakfast or sit in traffic.


Of what you already know but have a tendency to need to hear again. Things you can use at a moments notice to help you navigate a bad mood, a curveball, a new phase.

New tools.

Of what you want to practice, want to do with your one wild and precious life, but in a way that first aligns you with your Center, then with your inner wisdom, and then with the clarity to move forward.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?

Here’s What Lies Within….

Digging Deep: Get to the root of you

The Library E-Bundle, including Digging DeepDigging Deep is my process for thriving in any area of life, no matter the circumstances. It’s a process for getting so deeply rooted into the Core of Who You Are that you are unshakable when the world tries to shake you up. It’s a life-long toolbox to help you uncover blocks, overcome fears and move through your life’s challenges to organically create a self-designed life of passion, autonomy, spiritual freedom and authenticity. It is your catalyst for personal growth, your inspiration for healing and your toolkit for awareness and confidence. Because you have a life to live and some things just aren’t serving you.

Workbook, MP3, and more – $47 value

Organic Parenting: the unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids

The Library E-Bundle, including Organic ParentingMindful. Respectful. Conscious. Centered. Playful. Connected. Cooperative. Authentic. Responsive. Energetic. Deep. Warm. Interest-Led. Autonomous. Engaged. Challenging (the good kind). Friendly. Spiritual. Flowing. Confident. Supportive. Supported. Are these the words that resonate as “parenting” for you? Do you want them to be? It can seem like an impossible feat, I know, and it’s not going to happen overnight. But it CAN happen with the right principles, prompts, and practices to help you grow as the parent you want to be (the parent I believe you already are).

6 Weeks E-Course, 45+ pieces – $74 value

Digging Into…Your Guiding Word

The Library E-Bundle, including Guiding WordLet’s stop living the same year over and over, yes? This process not only helps you examine your past and current life phase or year with consciousness (not to be confused with shame or self-deprecation), bringing Light, wisdom, and understanding to what Life brought you and taught you, it helps you tune into the patterns and intricacies of your experiences and what they have been and currently are whispering to you, disclosing what you get to do to move forward into your next phase or year with intention, authenticity, courage, trust, and surrender to the process.

Workbook – $10 value

How to Thrive Unconventionally in a Conventional World

The Library E-BundleThis little mini-toolkit was and is a favorite. The title says it all, how do you thrive when you’re surrounded by conventional wisdom, people who think you’re crazy for doing things according to your own heart and authenticity? Hint: It has nothing to do with them. This mini-toolkit will show you how to remain unshakable in your values, and your Truth…even when it seems like the world is trying to shake you up. No more worrying about what others will think. No more hiding your heart out of fear of backlash. No more getting shaken up by the judgments, remarks, or beliefs of others. Just you, comfortable in your own skin and with your own choices, honoring your voice and your needs.

MP3 and Workbook – $25 value

Living Beyond “Have to” and “Should”

The Library E-BundleProbably one of the biggest traps we fall for is our own ideas (or the ideas of the world) on the things we’re allowed to do, supposed to do, must do…according to some unspoken rule of conduct. Usually these “shoulds” and “have to’s” involve squashing your voice, your style, your colorful self, your passions. It usually includes such lessons as “how to play small” and “how to settle for less”. I’d really like to show you how to surgically remove those dirty words from your mind, and find out what you could do with the freedom of living without them.

2 MP3s and 2 workbooks – $50 value

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

The Library E-BundleCould this be a hotter topic for us? The question of how to establish and honor our own boundaries, how to say no when we feel we “should” say yes, or how to not feel guilty for having needs is one I receive a lot. On to of that we often unconsciously inflict the same crossing of boundaries on those we love without ever realizing what we’re teaching them. If you’re ready to challenge yourself on your idea of boundaries, to reframe your perspective, and to take some radical accountability and big steps, you’ll enjoy this one.

MP3 and Workbook – $25 value

From Uncertainty to Clarity

The Library E-BundleIf you can’t tell your inner wisdom from your fear, your bullshit, your triggers, your stories, or your doubts, you’ll never, ever, ever trust yourself. And if you don’t trust yourself and that inner wisdom – that’s always there and always guiding you – you will never reach out for what your heart wants, you’ll never accept the goodness Life is offering you, and you’re gonna stay trapped in a place you don’t wanna be because you can’t hear the guidance trying to get you out. No joke, this is crucial. It’s that inner wisdom that directs your love life, your parenting, your professional choices, everything you do, say, think, or want. It’s your bullshit that causes the pain from distracting us from our wisdom. This practice can help you sort it all out.

MP3 – $15 value

Filling Your Cup Guided Visualization/Meditation – MP3 and workbook

The Library E-BundleThis little diddy is part of the Organic Parenting but deserves to be shared on its own. It’s a gentle, quiet practice of self-awareness and self-care that will guide you to making the shift necessary in your world to love yourself a little better. Use this 25 min guided visualization to help you connect to your ability to meet your needs and the companion workbook to work through anything that arises as you DIG IN to this topic.

MP3 and Workbook – $25 value

Guided Mindfulness Visualization/Meditation – MP3

The Library E-BundleMindfulness is a process, one that needs to be practiced in and out of sticky situations. Use this 48 min guided visualization/meditation to assist you in practicing mindfulness and nonviolent communication through the use of stillness, breath work, and visualization outside of challenging circumstances so that you can better access the tools within the moment. Keep in mind that this is a PRACTICE, and that only through practice does it become easy, natural, and second-nature. This guided audio will help.

MP3 – $15 value

6 Tools for Self-Acceptance – MP3

The Library E-BundleAaah, self-acceptance. How it dodges us…or perhaps, how we dodge it. Do you know what life is like when you utterly and completely accept yourself as you are? It’s pretty damn magical. Joy-filled, exciting, and full of clarity and wisdom. Because really, what gets in our way of those things better than our own self-doubt? In this audio, I’ve shared some of my biggest and most powerful tools and steps on how to actual practice self-acceptance, how to overcome those self-deprecating habits, and what exactly you can do when your inner critic starts whispering in your ear.

MP3 – $15 value

Organic Partners and Relationships

The Library E-BundleRelationships are tough. It’s hard enough sorting through our own baggage and triggers, but to add another person to the mix – with their own junk to sort through – it’s no wonder so many partnerships crumble. My husband and I have been through some pretty rough patches and have learned some pretty beautiful lessons. In this audio, I’m sharing our secret to being lovers, friends, and partners – still madly in love and enjoying one another since 2000. (P.S. These principles can also be applied to other relationships, from ex’s to business partners to parents.)

MP3 – $15 value

Partners on Different Pages

The Library E-BundleYikes. We’ve all been there, sometimes in some pretty big ways. Navigating the terrain when one of you is so completely aligned with a choice and the other is so completely not; when the two of you are going in opposite directions when you still want to travel together; when you’re faced with a decision you can’t seem to find a win-win for…it doesn’t have to tear things down. It can actually be the practice field for some beautiful growth in your relationship. These two audios (because it’s a big topic) will help you sort through it. And yes, even if you’re partner doesn’t listen in, you can still use and apply these principles.

2 MP3’s – $30 value

7 “Secrets” to Overcoming Overwhelm

The Library E-BundleI love secrets, don’t you? 😉 Actually I love when I’m not feeling overwhelmed. And me and overwhelm…well, we go way back. So I have a thing or two I know and can share about how to avoid it, how to navigate it, how to learn from it. Life is busy enough, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But you don’t have time for a meltdown. And these tools will help.

MP3 – $15 value

What to Be Instead of “Busy” – MP3

The Library E-BundleSpeaking of overwhelm, what if we could make changes to the pace and craziness of our life? No, we can’t change the world. But we can change the way we respond to it, the choices we make with what surfaces, and how we feel about it. And we can change the way it seems to victimize us, finding our own empowerment again, and taking back control of the maddening spinning that is our day-to-day. Let’s all stop the “busy” epidemic and start taking our power back, yes?

MP3 – $15 value

Quit Taking It Personally

The Library E-BundleI find this advice to be helpful in both raising children, and in living in the world. As a highly sensitive person, it has taken quite a bit of practice to not take so much personally, to not feel as though every comment was a comment on the state of my soul, to not think every action had something to do with me (or that I was responsible for ensuring it didn’t turn into something more). Learning to let go of what flies our way (or what we think flies or way) means finding emotional freedom to love and accept ourselves, and to love and accept others in healthy ways. And that’s always yummy.

2 MP3’s – $30 value

Emergency Parenting Turnaround

The Library E-BundleAre you in that really rough patch of parenting? (Or hopefully planning to avoid it.) This audio discusses how to turnaround rocky parent-child relationships, regardless of the struggle. It talks about how you can make immediate changes to your child’s relationship with you, themselves, or the world around them. It’s not a fix-all, it’s not a long-term plan; it’s an emergency intervention to turn it around and get you started on the road ahead. (The Organic Parenting e-course can help you take it further.)

MP3 – $15 value

Children and Food

The Library E-BundlePower struggles over food are not only painful to our relationships and the peace in our homes; it’s damaging to the relationships our children develop with food and consequently their own body. How can we nurture a healthy child without fighting or forcing all the time? How can we bring peace to the conversation? With mindfulness, connection, and a few tools found within this mini-toolkit.

MP3 and Workbook – $25 value

The Playful Family

The Library E-BundleSometimes it’s just hard, as adults, to get out of our busy heads or our busy schedules and down on the floor with our kids. We’re not sure how to do it, what stops us, or where to go with it. We might not even be sure it’s important or that we’re wanted. Well, it is important and we’re always wanted. In this audio, I”m sharing some mentoring, principles, and techniques to help you loosen up, let go of all the things holding you back, and play more freely with your children.

MP3 and Ebook – $20 value

Advocating for Children

The Library E-BundleThis one is hard, hard, hard. Or it can be, and certainly has been for me. Stepping in between a parent hitting their child, gently speaking up against shaming, helping a parent who is struggling through their own bad day at the grocery store. It’s possible and so very needed, not just for the kids who need our advocacy, but for the parents who need our kindness and support in finding a better way (without punishing or shaming them). Even if you don’t have children, I hope you’ll delve into this topic and allow your heart to guide you toward making a difference in someone’s day…or even their life.

2 MP3’s – $30 value

Handling Meltdowns (Theirs and Ours)

The Library E-BundleOh, you know you have meltdowns too. 😉 And isn’t it wonderful that we and our children are all human beings and that we can use the same nurturing tools on them that we can use on ourselves? Yes, yes it is. So let’s talk about meltdowns, how we get there, how we learn from them, and how we get beyond them with grace and patience, both with our children or with ourselves.

MP3 – $15 value

6 Steps to a Better Blog

The Library E-BundleI get questions all the time on how I created this blog and grew it organically. This mini-toolkit will help you reach 400k readers in under 10 hours a week by working powerful, and effectively. It combines all of my 6 years of blogging with authentic marketing strategies into an easy-to-follow 6 step process that honors your time, energy, resources, and priorities. It goes into design, growing your audience, and finding your voice. (Nope, doesn’t cover creating a business from it. That’ll be a different offering later!)

MP3 and Workbook – $25 value

Collaborative Goodies from the Vaults

  • Getting Grounded, with Pixie Campbell – MP3 and workbook
  • Making Peace with Food, with Christie Inge – MP3 and workbook
  • Parenting for Social Change, with Teresa Graham Brett – MP3
  • Un-Diagnosing Our Children, with Dr. Marilyn Wedge – MP3
  • The Spiritual and Practical Art of Business, with Heather Madder – MP3
  • “Good Job” and Other Things Not to Say to Kids, with Jennifer Lehr – MP3
  • Get Centered, with Stacey Spensley – MP3
  • Spiritual Parenting, with Abby Bordner – MP3
  • When Life Gets Too Busy, What to BE Instead – MP3
  • Handling Your Inner Critic – video

9 MP3’s, 2 Workbooks, and 1 Video – $170 value

BONUS: Mini “Thriving” E-Course

Once upon a time, this was a a free little e-course that I offered on this website, but have since tucked away as I moved into other things. There are some really yummy nuggets o’ truth here to play with, all of which are crucial steps to changing your life. Because of the many, many requests I’ve had to bring it back, I’m offering it here as an added bonus to you. (The first ebook you can still receive for free by signing up for my newsletter, but I’m including it here for the ease of having them all in one place.) This little e-course includes:

  • Be Organic: An Invitation to Change Your World – Ebook
  • 3 Secrets to Raising Happy, Healthy Kids – MP3 and Workbook
  • How to Sharpen Your Intuition (Your Wisdom vs Your Bullshit) – Video and Workbook
  • Receiving Support In Your Life (How To) – Video and Workbook

1 Ebook, 1 MP3, 2 videos, and 3 workbooks – $90 value

BONUS: How to Sell Other People’s Stuff (without the slime factor)

The Library E-BundleAre you interested in affiliate marketing on your blog/website/Facebook, but not sure where to start? This guide walks you through the inner and outer work necessary to set yourself up for affiliate success. It’s also available for free by signing up to be an affiliate for me, but I wanted to offer it here for the ease of having it in one place and so you don’t miss it.

Workbook – $10 value

100+ pieces of support and wisdom, a $800+ value…

Does this feel like the toolbox you’ve been looking for?

A DIY bundle to take you from where you are…to where you’re ready to be.

Mindful, gentle, and powerful work to change your world from the inside out.

A grab bag of support on everything life throws your way…whenever you need it.

And unlimited access to anything added at any time in the future…

Click here to purchase The Library.
Click here to purchase The Library forever.

After thinking this wasn’t for me, suddenly I realized this is exactly what I needed.

The Library E-Bundle
The most incredible part about this library is that I discovered a treasure chest of resources. These resources addressed the previously never spoken internal thoughts and concerns I’d carried with me for a very long time. Previously, I thought these were “me” issues – but I realized that others ask themselves the same questions. Others feel this way too. I instantly felt safe walking through this process because I felt as if Tara was speaking directly to me.

Going into this process, I had identified the matters that I believed I needed to address. Wrong. The e-book and work sheets steered me in directions (unwillingly at first) that I didn’t think I needed to go….and then, bam! After being skeptical, thinking this wasn’t for me, suddenly I realized this is exactly what I needed. I could not have gotten to the end results without Tara’s roadmap. It’s difficult to step outside of your perceptions and own thoughts by yourself. Having someone to guide you is an indescribable gift.

And I like the diversity of media. The e-book, hearing someone read the words to me while I read along was incredibly significant. I would have moved through, not absorbing nearly as much without it. The video links were equally helpful. Seeing/hearing someone talk about this process, versus reading along on a page made me feel much more connected to the whole process and less distracted by the world around me.

If you’re considering The Library, I will tell you this: This is deep. This is scary. This is safe. Tara has provided a very raw roadmap to truly go deeper than you have before. It’s scary. You’ll probably cry. I cried. A lot. While taking you through some of the deepest internal work you may have ever done, she somehow simultaneously creates this sense of safety and security. I could not have gone through the process without it. You owe yourself this resource. Some of it will apply now, other pieces later. I will revisit these resources often. I believe they will help me grow, and grow with me. Take what you can now, and come back for more when you are ready for it.

Leigha May

I figured this e-bundle might be a rinse and repeat of your blog, but it was so much more…

I so enjoyed the feeling of comfort as I began to work my way through The Library…not only Tara’s voice (so soothing to this mama who can sometimes go days without speaking to another adult!), but also the easy settling in to listen as she spoke to my heart. It sometimes took me a try or three to get through an entire section, but that was not for lack of interest…just proof that I have five kids running in and out of the house. It’s so nice to have a compilation of helpful talks to pull up as the need arises on any given topic.

I found myself nodding along with many of the audios. Sometimes because you were affirming things I know in my heart to be true (children are real people with real selves who don’t need to be “raised”!) and sometimes because what you said really made me stop and examine why I don’t always live what I believe. Also, why it is that I even believe what I do.

Having read along on your blog for a good while now, I will admit I kind of figured I knew what you had to say and this bundle was going to be a rinse and repeat ~ but there is so much more to it and I’m grateful I went out of my comfort zone to give it a go (obviously, I needed it!).

The Library is a blessing of common sense insights that really meets you where you are at in so many arenas of your life. What I especially appreciate is that none of the guidance is bossy or preachy. It’s very much an invitation to step without apology into your full self, whoever that is, and to becoming open to accepting what life wants to offer you.

Even when it’s uncomfortable, it’s good. Even when you don’t want to hear it anymore, you keep listening. Even the stuff that you think right off doesn’t apply to you, you’ll find yourself thinking about days later when all of a sudden you make the connection.

It’s a lot, and it seems pretty intimidating at first but I found it so worth the effort. Plus, Tara’s voice is so gentle and reassuring that you can’t help but feel better after listening.

Beth, Mama to 5

I see my own life evolving, and knowing I can re-listen and re-learn anytime it’s needed…

The Library E-Bundle
I was surprised at how many topics in The Library was something that directly relates to my life. To be able to find another soul who believes in mindfulness and is a mother, really helps keep emotions in check. So many times I will look to others and without them being a mother, I just can’t relate to their advice. And I really enjoyed the sessions where they were recorded group sessions. It made it feel like everyone was working together instead of just being talked to directly, and coldly. And I loved the workbooks. I’m a visual learner, so to work on something I could read and re-read was quite helpful.

If you’re curious about The Library I would tell you it’s an extensive bundle of topics that is usual for many phases of life. Anyone can gain knowledge and security by listening or working through the topics. It seems like many topics work together and can be used as building blocks to the next thought/issue.

I see my own life evolving, and knowing I can re-listen and re-learn anytime it’s needed and on my schedule is of great value to me. It’s like having your best friend on speed dial. I would suggest this library be in everyone’s life toolbox, and I see myself coming back to get back in touch with my own emotions.

Laura Jehlik
Mother of 2, Director of Finance

The Library opens your eyes to your own innate wisdom…

The Library E-BundleI found the Library most helpful because the information within it is helping to reframe the way I look at myself and others. I have a tendency to hear self-help type information and call “bullshit,” or say “give me an effing break,” and although at times I honestly want to do that with some of this information, there’s something about it that resonates with me, and I can’t shake it. It’s causing me to dig deeper (to use Tara’s words) and figure out why I often get so jaded and to push past the walls I’ve built for my own “self-protection.”

I love that this gives me instant access to such valuable information. Ever since I first started following Tara’s blog a few years ago her words have reached me to my core, and I keep coming back to the message. I’ve been slow to dig within simply because I haven’t made it a priority. I have an incredibly demanding life working for Children’s Protective Services, trying to hold together a very frail marriage, and raising four young children, and it is an absolute joy that I can come to this Library at any time I want to access information that I know will help me change my life in a way that suits me and my family.

The Library is a no fuss, convenient way to have instant access to relevant, life-changing information you can use in your daily life. Rather than relying on tried and UNtrue methods to live in this world, relate with one another, and raise your children, the Library opens your eyes to your own innate wisdom to show you how to satisfy your need for connection with yourself and others. It combines audio, video, and workbooks to reach all learning styles.

The guiding principal of the teachings in the Library is that change begins from within. Thus, the first several audios discuss topics, such as mindfulness, creating healthy boundaries, and walking in freedom. Topics branch outward giving you the tools necessary to connect with those most important in your life, such as your significant other, family members, and your children. It dives deeper into raising children showing you how to build a strong foundation based on connection, how to create a peaceful home in a chaotic world, and how to become less argumentative and more playful. There are a couple of audios on blogging and affiliate marketing, as well as several Tara has done in connection with other respected, like-minded individuals.

We all know Tara lives and breathes outside of the box, but if you could contain her, the Library would be the full package. 🙂

Erika Estey
Social Worker, Mother, Wife

The Library is a digital treasure trove of experience…

The Library E-Bundle

I am a really sensitive person, so my favorite part was a toss up for me between Quit Taking It Personally and Boundaries. Both are things I have needed to work on, and still do, and hearing about others and Tara, working through these things, feeling stronger on the other side is encouraging. I know it works, I know it helps, and it can still be so hard to stick to these healthier ways of thinking and acting, without guilt or misplaced loyalty to others over myself, and their feelings over my own. Both of these I will return to for re-inspiration!

And variety of topics, there were so many, but yet, almost all of them spoke to me in one way or another, even ones that I initially did not think were among the ones I would get the most out of. I listened to them in pieces, while working in my glass studio, instead of listening to NPR, and I found myself concentrating in new ways, and focusing deeper on what I was listening to. This was not always super productive for my work, but it definitely was working my brain in different ways! I was also excited about the idea of sitting back and listening to them in my own time. As I said, most were while working, but some was just me in my room at night, with nothing else on my agenda. I was certain I would learn from you, but I was equally learning from others who were participating.

The Library is a digital treasure trove of experience, both from Tara and so many other women out there, living their lives that are so different from my own, yet united in similar struggles and joys. It’s a collection of wisdom, hard-gained through experience, and while only you can change yourself, and create your own true happiness and strength in life, starting from within, hearing others flail, cry, laugh, try, and succeed really helps. Even when one feels alone, others have passed before, and these are excellent resources for learning about what has worked for others in so many facets of life, as a mother, as a woman, and as a plain old human being.

Carli S.
Mother, Artist,

I was a bit skeptical at first…

The Library E-Bundle

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have found myself using these tools in my everyday life. Taking time for myself is so important to every relationship I have, be it with my partner, kids, friends or even strangers. If I’m in a good place it shines through to those around me.

I’ve loved all the parts I’ve went through so far. I’ve found so many of the strategies recharge me and leave me ready for the day. It is insightful and has so much valuable information and tools to help me learn about being more “organic” in living my life. The Library is full of great tools, information and support to help guide us on our path, which will help us to be a better parent, partner and friend.

Chris Bates

Tara delivers from the heart with passion and authenticity.

The Library E-Bundle
The Library is overflowing with Tara’s wisdom, which she delivers from the heart with passion and authenticity. Spanning several subjects she inspires and encourages you to be the person, the parent, the partner you want to be.

The MP3’s allow her beautiful voice to guide you through her own experiences and to empower you by providing you with the tools to get beyond your daily struggles and to take control of your life. The workbooks enhance the thought provoking content in the MP3’s, which is great for the visual learner like myself.

The whole e-bundle was so thought provoking and the parenting audios especially made me realise how my own (and partner’s) actions and words are setting such a negative example for our children. “It’s not anyone else’s job to make me happy” and “I got angry” as opposed to “you made me feel angry” blew me away. It’s so true yet I’ve never once thought about it like that. I have the power to make sure that myself and my children grow up being responsible for their own feelings and happiness, whilst realising that “feelings are never wrong”.

I particularly enjoyed the meditation/visualisation audios. They made me take time out for myself which I really don’t do enough. Tara has such a beautiful, soothing voice which makes me feel at ease. I loved this Library.

Nicola Hoath
Mama of 2, UK

I would describe the Library as a smorgasbord of delicacies for soul sisters.

The Library E-Bundle
It’s self-affirming info to help tune you into yourself made it life-changing in a very real way. No psycho-babble, just real deep down lump in your throat truth. Relationships to each other, to nature, to your kids, between your kids, how to grow your life together with the universe (sounds granola maybe, but it’s really so true); Tara explains how we all affect each other and can do so peacefully.

I would describe the Library as a smorgasbord of delicacies for soul sisters. If you can imagine your fantasy image of a physical space, and you sitting there comfortable and at home, but also being nurtured mind-wise and soul-wise and like a warm soft tight hug from your mama – there you are! And you can always go back!

– Amy Silverman
Mother, New York

It’s like you’re talking to a friend…

The Library E-Bundle
The Library is treasure box full of nicely interactive and easily applicable tools. I have started picking through, going back and forth, when and where I need to and each time I get a whisper or an “aha” moment. I particularly enjoyed the workbooks which were a good filter and offered a time to reflect on “whats going on inside”. And Tara’s audio “chats” feel like you are talking to a friend and very down to earth.

The Library was such fun and feel-good experience (a little spiky at times) each time I open the lid. 🙂 Through it I’m learning that the path between “move” and “grow” is understanding.

Huni B – London

I never cease to be amazed…

The Library E-Bundle
I am in the process of reimagining my life, body, mind and career. I have been cramming personal and business development into my head as fast as I can for the past two years. When I checked out Tara Wagner’s Library e-Bundle, I found wonderful and abundant resources for all my development needs. From the series on Intuition to the Affiliate Marketing e-guide, everything was produced with great heart and humor.

The Emergency Parenting Turnaround has been especially useful. It provided confirmation, reminders and new ideas all in one fabulous audio. The overall theme of working on relating to your children was inspiring and encouraging to me as I deal with my family’s issues.

In the four years I have been following Tara’s exploits and insights, I never cease to be amazed. I can’t wait to see what her next great adventure will be.

Jennifer McFarland
TFT practitioner

The Library leads the reader through a journey of self discovery.

In three words, Tara is: sage,soft, and sincere. The Organic Sister was placed in my FB feed by the Universe with the most precise timing. I had been struggling with loss, fear, and self-doubt. Tara is helping me to break down my barriers and realize that I need to value my authentic self first and foremost. Tara is the kind voice I wish to mimic in my own positive self talk. The Library is an amazing compilation of audio and written support that leads the reader through a journey of self discovery. As I slowly navigate through the expansive collection, I am starting to change my mindset. My favorite pieces are the videos where Tara gently touches your soul with golden nuggets of truth. I would often close my eyes and listen to her weave a beautiful narrative of acceptance. It is a therapeutic and calming experience.

Kindness Matters,
Lauren from St. Louis

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never purchased an e-bundle. How does this work?

It’s very simple! After clicking the purchase banner below, you’ll be directed to create a login and make payment via Paypal (described below). After payment has processed you’ll be redirected to your login (or can follow the link you will receive via email) to signin. There you will see the entire collection to watch or download at your leisure.

Unlike other e-bundles, there is no rush to download as your goodies won’t expire. As long as I’m here you’ll have access and can go through the resources at your own pace.

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Do I need to be of certain spiritual or religious beliefs to benefit from this Library?

Although everything I do is spiritual in nature, none of it ascribes to a particular belief and is purposefully geared toward every person, right where they are. The primary tools I use are based on the way we work and learn and above all else, Love and trust of Who You Are without all the muck that gets in our way.

You can be Buddhist, Christian or atheist and still use and benefit from these tools and techniques.

That’s because this entire process is about you, your experiences, and your Truth. Not mine.

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Is The Library for women only?

Nope! You can use this if you’re male, female, and everything in between. There is some gender-specific language in some of the e-products, but can be overlooked for the underlying principles I’m speaking of, which relate to all people. What matters is whether the spiritual language I use, and the principles and perspective I speak about in my work, resonate with you. If so, then I think you’ll enjoy this too.

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Does this e-bundle include *everything* you offer?

No, the e-bundle only includes The Library offers listed above. It does not include Digging Deep, Organic Parenting e-course, or the Guiding Word ebook. However, you may add those things to your cart when you purchase this bundle.

It’s possible that those or other offerings will be added to the e-bundle down the road. If so you will automagically receive them, since once you purchase access to The Library, you keep it forever. 🙂

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Is there an expiration date on this e-bundle?

Nope, no expiration and no time limit on how soon you need to download everything. You’ll receive online access to it forever and you can download and work through each offering in the bundle at your own pace.

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Do these downloads work in my browser, with Kindle, etc?

All of the downloads are either MP3’s or PDF’s which have the potential to work in any browser or device. You may find you need a particular plugin, or a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader, which is free). In some cases, you might need to convert your MP3 to another format to play on certain smartphones (can usually be done in iTunes). There are also several videos that are not downloadable, but should still play on any device. Unfortunately I’m not tech savvy enough to help you outfit your device, 😉 but I do know it’s possible and a quick Google search of a techy friend could probably help you further.

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How do I purchase The Library?

Click the banner below and you’ll be directed to my shopping cart, where you’ll have the option to pay with a Paypal account, or use Paypal to process a debit card, credit card, or e-check. (Please be aware that an e-check usually takes several days to process and your e-bundle won’t be available until the payment clears. All other payment types are instant.)

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Are there any refunds on The Library?

No. Because of the nature of this offering being instantly accessible, I can’t offer any refunds and still honor my own work and boundaries.

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