One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is a relationship. You and I. Digging in together. Intimate, real, and magical.

I work with women who are ready…

Ready to invest in themselves, their families, their deepest calling.
Ready to stop paying lip service to their higher Truth, or slipping back into their Comfort Zone.
Ready to stop kicking through the emotional mayhem, coughing on the Spiritual Dust it stirs up.

Ready to DIG IN, tune in, and pay attention.
Ready to lean into trust, depth, realness, soul.
Ready to plant (and actually nurture) seeds of self-approval and courage.

Ready to feel confident and calm, grounded and compassionate, steady and capable.
Ready to revel in belly laughs, happy tears and bone-deep joy.
Ready to face their demons, clear out their closets, and smudge the stagnant corners of their Life.

Ready to discover what it looks like to be true, wild, organic to Who You Are.

What We Can Do //

Coaching with me is 1 part goal-setting, 3 parts spiritual cultivation.

This means we start with where you are (in your family, in your relationships, in your work, in your life, in your dreams) and where you want to be, and we bring Light and clarity to two things: 1) the road you get to travel to get there, and 2) the shit that keeps getting in your way.

I’m talking the Walk Me Through This Crazy Summer kinda work, as well as I’m Ready For A Whole Life Overhaul. From guidance as you’re moving out of knee-jerk triggers, to the complete dismantling of your hidden bullshit that keeps you paralyzed when it comes to actually doing what you say you want to do. From parenting, to love, to Big Dreams, to Life Callings. And all the in-between bits, too. But we’ll do it as Sisters, with tears and goosebumps, perhaps a few raunchy jokes and most certainly with some side-splitting laughter.

The goal is to set you FREE. Free of your fears of what others think, fear of your fears of not being good enough, free of those old unexamined habits, free to sing your Soul Song, to plant your Spirit Seeds, to dance you’re magical *happydance* and love all over the criticisms (read: fears) of others.

With freedom comes hunger for Life and adventure. Peace. Belly-Aching Laughter. A constant undercurrent of Joy. Self-acceptance and self-expression with an extra helping of I’m Not Apologizing For Me Anymore. Confidence to embrace and expertly-imperfectly navigate the Now (regardless of what – or who – the Now is throwing at you). And courage. Courage to embrace Who You Are, where you are, and where you’re heading. And fucking love yourSelf during it.

Spiritual healing. Growth. Transformation.

Yeah, we do all that.

My Approach //

  • UNIQUE // This isn’t cookie cutter. Everything we do together allows us to organically flow, shift and meet your needs, your way. Not sure what you need? We will figure that out. You just start by telling me where you are and where you want to be, and we’ll springboard from there.
  • DEEP // We create our lives from the inside out. This means addressing the deep, personal inner work that will allow the outer movement you’re ready for. We’ll use tools, especially the Digging Deep process, to examine, address, and clear (instead of “push through”) the fears, beliefs, stumbling blocks, ideas, and perspectives that have been sitting on your chest. We’ll get you so connected with your core that everything else you do flows organically.
  • SPIRITUAL // I utilize intuitive coaching, meditation, visualization, affirmations, sacred principles, energy work, grounding, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other tools to help you clear old stories, release generational baggage, and get you back to Who You Are.
  • PRACTICAL :: My woo-woo side couples nicely with my Inner Pragmatic. This means I won’t leave you asking “But what does that look like? How do I do it?” We’ll couple the spiritual work with practical tools, step-by-step practices, and actionable invitations that help you rewrite your patterns, your road blocks, and your life.

Please read all Policies before reaching out.

Pricing and How It Works //

We start with a minimum 3 month commitment of your time and energy (because real growth takes a real commitment). We meet over the phone (Skype is available), every 2 weeks like clockwork and you receive:

  • A Soul Sister…in your corner, invested in you, loving on you, stretching you where you need to be stretched, and holding you as you move toward your own highest vision
  • A Commencement Bundle: Inner work to catalyze our relationship together
  • Six 90-minute Soul Sessions, to DIG IN, release, and click into place the work you’re doing
  • Optional call recordings for you to keep (or ceremonially delete)
  • A complimentary copy of Digging Deep to work through together or on your own
  • Unlimited text support for Life’s emotional emergencies, check-ins, and extra guidance between sessions
  • Happy Mail in the form of a customized Spiritual Fertilizer kit, including a set of essential oils specific to your emotional and spiritual needs and other hand-selected goodies to guide your body-mind-spirit through this period of transformation

Your 3 month investment: $1,700

I’m not currently taking on new coaching relationships. If you’d like to be updated of changes, please signup for my newsletter.