Making Magic in the Florida Keys

We only had 48 hours, me and my love. (Zeb is still in Vegas for a couple more days, in case you’re wondering.)

But we rocked it.

We stayed in Marathon, in a tiny little (slightly shabby) cottage on the beach, for only $100 a night. (Yellowtail Inn.)

We ate amazing seafood with our fingers, and laughed as the dog discovered the ocean, and drank a little too much rum, and drunk texted because how could we not.

We did a little dancing, but not nearly enough. And toured Duval St and held hands and smiled and made love.

And we realized two things:

  1. We really must live by the beach one day. Preferably in the Keys. For really.
  2. We really must make little adventures like this take place more often. Like monthly. Turning the computers off and setting our autoresponders on our email and creating a mini Adventure Week. Every month. Seriously. We do work for ourselves and loving the hell of our life and doing it our way is one of the perks of that. So we’re making that happen.

Justin’s favorite part: “Feeding the fish” over the side of the boat…watching a jellyfish eat his lunch really did it for him.

My favorite part: Snorkeling. And watching Justin feed the fish. 😉

The view from our cottage!

And a very happy dog on the beach!


Sandy feet from now on

Snorkeling rocked. So did the wild boat ride over the waves!



Hogfish and scallops :)

Life preservers for the lunch crowd... Just in case.

Keys Kombo for lunch. Lobster, shrimp, scallops, hogfish...mmm

I wanna live here please

Good seafood

I totally thought this said Tampon Feeding.

Keys Fishery line

Of course Justin was the mermaid.