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I’m going to attempt to capture the highlights of the conference from my perspective.

First of all, I have to give a huge heartfelt Thank You to Flo and all the others who helped for not only organizing and executing this conference, but for offering all the speeches on tape for free. (I’m really looking forward to hearing those I missed!)

Nearly Instant Nitrogen Ice Cream

Of the talks we attended, a few stand out to me the most:

Miranda’s talk and chat Radical Thoughts for Radical Unschoolers stands out because I couldn’t agree with her any more than I already do. (Okay, except on the fate of the internet.) If only she blogged the full depth of her knowledge and her actions (hint hint). She spoke on the taboo subjects of religion, politics and *ahem*…I’ll say intimate relationships to avoid the spam. She tied it beautifully into sustainability and what could be our role as unschoolers. I totally enjoy hearing my friend talk, and chatting with like-minded individuals about the struggles of melding several “radical” lifestyles into one. My own Green Living chat should have been combined with hers!

The next chat that stands out was Pam Sorooshian’s Unschooling and Math. I do believe I’ve found a new favorite “veteran”! So many things overheard or read about unschooling today can easily give one the impression that education is a dirty word in the unschooling world. But the way in which Pam speaks and shares her thoughts, so wonderfully melds the ideas of non-coercive learning with the most uncertain subject of math – and not because it “needs” to be learned but just because it can be so much fun. I got some wonderful ideas on how to support Zeb as he learns and outgrows his own math phobia; things like interjecting the word “yet” or using the term “school math” (as in validating with “Yes, school math does suck”) or new games to share and things to educate myself on. In other words, I need to get over my OWN math phobia!

Rain Fordyce’s The Peace Treaty was so freaking powerful I can’t even comment yet.

Zeb tying his boogie board onto another boy’s wrist.

There were chats we enjoyed as well; Our LOUD life – about living on the road; Secret Society of Unschooling Dads – which I’m told was an interesting and frustrating experience for many; my Green Living and Sustainability chat. I really loved Strangers in a Strange Land – all about how to cope with the saddening, stressful, or disparaging encounters with “traditional” parenting, such as when our children witness other children being spanked or ridiculed. Ronnie posted the highlights from the chat here: Blog of the Zombie Princess

All of the chats and speakers were good, powerful stuff and I so appreciate their contributions.

Zeb and his new friend, A

We didn’t do many funshops. Our downtime was either spent in the pool or decompressing in the room. Zeb had a blast with the gamers and goofing around with the tribe. He made a new close friend, A. whom we hope to visit. We spent a lot of time with old friends and new friends. And it was so awesome to meet some of the online friends I’ve made through blogging and Twitter…ing. Like Colleen, Amanda and Tracey. Did I mention I even dreaded Tracey’s hair??

A Few Twitter Moms (me, @aenclade, @autodidactmama)

I just can’t describe to you how powerful attending an unschooling conference can be. I know it can also be overwhelming especially for those of us that are either sensitive to large crowds or those that are going in without already having made a few connections. But it’s so worth going out on a limb for.

Justin’s Drum Circle on the beach

And…well, there is one more thing that came about on this trip; an intuitive feeling from Justin about something he’s been thinking on for a long time. But it’s SO BIG and SO LIFE CHANGING (not to mention a bit scary – for me anyway) that it really deserves it’s own post. Next time, k? ;)

[Flickr group: Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference Photos and my entire Flickr Set: Good Vibrations Conf 2009]
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So great! Wish there was something like that here…

i don’t know what’s kept me from the conferences… i am definitely, 100% committed to attending this one next year. Thanks for the inspiration! (and hey, next year, you can dread my son’s hair!)

I am very intrigued! (About Justin’s BIG LIFE CHANGING thoughts, and I liked the rest of the post too.)

Thanks again for doing my dreads!!

Oooo, what a cliff hanger! I so appreciate you sharing more details. We have the same drum!

Tweets that mention TheOrganicSister » Blog Archive » More from GVC --
September 18, 2009 5:28 pm

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tara and flowers. flowers said: […]

What!? You’re just going to leave us hanging!? Something to look forward to, I guess… :)
Your photos are great, by the way!

Hey, I’m finally enjoying your blogs. (I just figured out what a RSS feed is.)
Love you

P.S. Love those google ads.

So happy you are so happy! One of these times we may actually find time to talk. :)

It sounded like real fun and truly inspiring. Wish I could have gone too and brought the kids. :D

Wow! This sounds like an incredible conference! How lucky you were able to take part in it, thank you for posting about it!

This sounds so amazing – both the simple fun and the serious talks. it has to be empowering and validating among so many other positives. Would love to see all those talks written up online, they sound fab. And what a cliffhanger! Bloody heck!

TheOrganicSister » Blog Archive » SO Big. SO Life Changing.
September 20, 2009 6:28 pm

[…] you just . . . . dying to know . . . . the big . . . . life changing . . . . decision? . . . […]

i posted this comment on another page but i think it might be old or something.
i’m curious, as i am new to the technicalities of unschooling/homeschooling- i have almost 4 year old twins and wondering how it works with like the school systems and doctors all wondering “why aren’t they in school?!” and if you have to contact a specific place to :keep track” or whatever. i dunno, can someone enlighten me please with some useful info? (and i got here somehow- i think i initially started at the flickr group for dreadlocks and somehow got here haha) my pregnant mind is having a bit of a lapse, forgive me :)

exhale. return to center.
September 28, 2009 5:42 am

oh i LOVE it!!!!!!

we just got back from a roadtrip and week at a homeschool camp and we were noticing RVs all along our way.

someday think we’ll be joining you on the road!!!!


exhale. return to center.
September 28, 2009 5:42 am

oops…thought i was posting this comment on your next post.

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