More posts about hair?!

I figured after posting all about my own hair, I should fill in some gaps on Justin’s hair.

After reading on Path To Freedom’s blog about their Justin’s experiment of using no shampoo, my Justin decided to give this a try. He’s shampooed exactly once since reading this back in March and has had no problems at all. He does a quick rinse with water to wash out any dirt or sawdust from the jobsite. (Others often “no-poo” with baking soda and vinegar, but Justin hasn’t seen the need.)

To back this up, I offer you two articles. The first is provided by Jennifer about the Shampoo Scam. The second is in regards to “no-poo” provided via

But the best part of Justin’s hair is the haircuts. For a couple years he’s opted to spend $15 at the Hair Cut Conveyor Belt down the street. I finally convinced him that I can mess up his hair at home for free!

We opted to do this on the garden, near the compost pile. And after years of not cutting his hair, I must say I haven’t seemed to have lost my touch.

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  1. This post is encouraging. I have been slowly dropping the amount of shampoo I use. I am down to twice a week instead of 7 days and am looking forward to being an occaional Vinegar rinse. My sensitive scalp and hair have been much healthier since the change. Thanks for this post. It encourages me to stay on the path I’m on. Loved the articles cited.

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