More Valentine’s Day Gush

I didn’t notice until late in the day what Justin had given me. No time to shop or even think but he didn’t forget to leave me this before he left for work at 4am:

Justin's gift to me

“Happy Valentine’s Day. My love, I’m sorry I can’t spend the day with you like I want to. Here’s my check money. Take 100 and get something you want and don’t argue. I love you very much. Have a good day. Your Love.”

He’s too funny. Like I’m not going to argue.

Justin’s reaction to my V-Day gift was quiet and sweet. Smiles as he walked in and began to read all the hearts and a long hug. He helped me make a special dinner, then he fell asleep on my lap as we watched Star Wars on TV.

Zeb went to a charity appreciation luncheon with his Gramma in the afternoon where he won a giant stuffed dog that he presented to me when he got home. He decorated the house and helped me clean. Then at dinner Zeb surprised us each with a box of chocolates and our own hand-written card:

Zeb's gift to me

“Dear Mom, You ar the best mom ever and no mom could replace you [heart] Love Zeb”

My heart melts…I have the best men ever and no men could replace them.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, bless them both. How adorable. Thanks for sharing that with all of us!

Too sweet. You are definitely a very lucky lady! Of course they are pretty darn lucky too. The love goes around full circle :)

Darlene Navarre
February 17, 2009 2:20 pm

Sweet I love Love its so fun and brings out our creative touches!
I love the pic and your new blog looks grand!