Newspaper Pot Maker

I’ve had several people ask me about my newspaper pot maker thingy. So here is what it is and how it works.

I ordered mine from Bountiful Gardens when I ordered my seeds. Check with your seed company to see if they also sell them or check online. (Peddler’s Wagon sells them!) Alternatively, you can also make one yourself out of a used can, jar or drinking glass.

Start off with the pot maker and a strip of newspaper (Recommended 3 inch by 10 inch newspaper strip but I’m never that precise. I just take one half sheet of newspaper and tear it into thirds.) Ideally you’re newspaper should be free from any color ink but I’m not sure that’s possible to find anymore (at least not in my newspaper it seems), so I usually ignore that.

Making a NewsPaper Pot - Step One

Next, wrap the newspaper around your pot maker, leaving about an inch or so hanging off the bottom. Don’t wrap too tight or you’ll destroy the newspaper when taking it off the press thingy.

Making a NewsPaper Pot - Step Two

Like my Grandma says “squarsh” the newspaper down around the bottom (or fold if you’re not from Michigan and can’t “squarsh” with the best of ‘em). Place the pot maker onto its base and press down, twisting a few times for good measure.

Making a NewsPaper Pot - Step Three

Carefully pull the newly made pot off and Presto-chango! you have a pot. Fill it with your soil-less seed mix, plant a seed or three, germinate, etc etc. If you place the pot in a tray you can water the delicate seedlings from the bottom (the newspaper will soak up the water) – just be careful picking them up; they may fall apart. When the plant is ready for the great outdoors you can tear the bottom off the pot easily and plant the entire thing in the ground.

Making a NewsPaper Pot - Step Four

Cool huh?

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6 Comments. Leave new

That is a very neat tool. On reading a previous post about newspaper pots I decided to do a web search to see how its made. I found a site that used a tin can and basically the same technique. Very cool, I dont think I would have thought of this myself and look forward to trying it. Your blog is beyond inspiring!

February 25, 2009 4:09 pm

I think I would avoid the tin/aluminum can myself. Tin and aluminum can be pretty unhealthy for us – aluminum specifically is linked to certain cancers as well as multiple sclerosis (sp?). I’d imagine planting and watering would leach those toxins into the soil/plant.

Leslie- La Mama Naturale'
February 25, 2009 8:00 pm

Too cool! :) Love it.

Very cool! I’ll try to find a log….

That is the most phyallic looking thing I’ve seen for a while……… :D Great photography btw.

Great idea!!!, my first time here, sure I will back, thanks for share

Well hello there!

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