Crazy Confessions of a Non-Foodie: Going Paleo Without the Rules

I’m not a foodie. I don’t like cooking (or cleaning up) and I’m quite fine with that, TYVM.

Which is why it’s so strange that I’ve been cooking so much. Just looking at my Instagrams kinda weirds me out. These are mine?

Finished apple pie. A group effort. And by group, I mean I peeled the apples. That is all. @mirandamayi
I only sort of helped with the pie. But it was good.

Holy hell. I made food without a recipe and it's SO FUCKING GOOD. Curried chicken salad: chicken from a whole one (bone broth still stewing), mayo, raisins, curry powder, honey, salt. Not sure I'll have it in me to share with Justin. But thank goodness Ze
Curry Chicken Salad – SO good!

Grain-free almond flour waffles. 13 year old junk foodie approved! #food
Grain-free almond flour waffles

Finished the apple sauce from @mirandamayi and had to try my hand at my own batch. #imactuallycooking #whatintheworld
Homemade apple sauce…mmmm

Sweet potato chili from the free Conscious Caravan cookbook. Mmm yummy! #paleo #foodporn
Sweet potato chili from the Conscious Caravan’s ebook

I made a frittata! And got compliments on it!  (@mirandamayi )
I made a freaking FRITTATA yo!

How did all this begin?

Back in February, with the elimination diet. What I found was not a sensitivity to random foods, but a severe sensitivity to all grains. I’ve been gluten-free for years, but it was the corn and rice (especially brown rice, since it replaced most of my traditional grains) that was leaving me with chronic fatigue.

So, I went 100% paleo (grain-free) back in June and felt AMAZING. All that fatigue was GONE. All I had was energy. But I only lasted a month, because – even now – if I see one more salad I’m going to yack. Creativity is not my strong suit in the kitchen. Then we went to visit Miranda in Ithaca, who has been paleo since January, and I could SEE and taste how easy and yummy and non-salad-y it could be. (Yeah, I had found all the recipes online, but they didn’t seem easy at all, and I didn’t want to waste a bunch of food on something I wasn’t sure would taste good – what can I say? I’m a hands-on learner.)

Now I’m actually…er, well…kind of enjoying it. (That feels weird coming from me, like when I heard myself say “I just want to cook” and how foreign those words tasted.)

This Isn’t a Diet “Should”

I’ve been told for years that I “should” or “need to” learn to cook, and to that I’ve always an eyeroll ready. Truth is, I neither needed to, nor should I have done any of this anytime before I was interested. Same goes for this style of eating…intuitively, eating grain-free has been on my mind for years. It just makes sense, biologically speaking.

But the timing wasn’t right until it was.

I’m glad I didn’t force myself to eat this way years ago, or even stick with it months ago, or guilt or shame myself.

Because I allowed myself to take the steps I wanted to take, when I wanted to take them (including eating what I knew would leave me feeling like shit), I was ready for this step right now.

Every “good” or “bad” food choice was and is a necessary one.

I needed it (for some reason or another) or else I wouldn’t have chosen it.

I’m not going to claim to be good at any of this. Nor am I going to claim to be turning into a foodie (the idea still doesn’t exactly draw me in). But I am having some fun, and feeling energetic, and enjoying sharing with others (like my mom, who after a week is already feeling better; and Justin, who is planning to go 100% in November; and Heather and Caleb, who we’ve been visiting for the past week).

No should’s or rules or “now I have to”…I want to, and I get to, and I can NOT any time I choose to.


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