Scenes from the Organic Parenting e-course with Sara Janssen

August is already a busy month in our world. First Justin’s birthday, then Zeb’s, then our anniversary. And then our normal life of a busy coaching practice, traveling the country, exploring, and managing several other websites.

And then I decided to launch my Organic Parenting e-course in September.

Which pretty much assured I’d be slammed and knee-deep with a jam-packed schedule of tweaks, edits, interviews, emails, images, website changes, contributors lists, creativity…you get the idea. Projects are big, yo.

But I’m very pleased to say I’m rockin’ it. 😉

And making space to take entire days off. And eat. And sleep.

I’m the queen of crazy, massive productivity.

Part of my work this week has been to make the final edits to some of interviews from the contributors. One of those being the always lovely Sara Janssen.

We recorded this a few months ago when her newest bebe, Emma, was only three weeks old, and I absolutely LOVED watching it all over again.

So I made a little teaser to show you some fun points and Aha-moment-makers:

More To Come!

I have contributions in or coming in from SO MANY incredible people: Naomi Aldort, Peter Gray Phd, Brad Yates, Tiffani Bearup, Pixie Campbell, Denise Andrade and on and on.

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