Organic Parenting: The Unconventional Guide to Vibrant Mamas and Thriving Kids

Mindful. Gentle. Empathetic. Patient. Respectful. Conscious. Centered. Playful. Connected. Cooperative. Wonderful. Authentic. Responsive. Energetic. Deep. Warm. Interest-Led. Autonomous. Engaged. Enjoyable. Challenging (the good kind). Grounded. Friendly. Spiritual. Trusting. Thoughtful. Compassionate. Flowing. Confident. Silly. Shining. Supportive. Supported.

Are these the words that resonate parenting for you?

Do you want them to be?

It can seem like an impossible feat, I know, and it’s not going to happen overnight.

But it CAN happen with the right principles, prompts, and practices to help you grow as the parent you want to be (the parent I believe you already are).

Isn’t that what parenting is really about?

Growth, right? Our little spiritual gurus come into our world and show us exactly where we get to grow as people. Exactly where we struggle to remain patient. Exactly where our triggers are. Exactly what we fear.

But how do we navigate that with grace and joy?

  • How do we meet our needs while meeting theirs?
  • How do we overcome our triggers and knee-jerk reactions in order to love them better?
  • How do we guide them through this world and give them all they’ll need to thrive?

And how do we do it without losing our shit all the time? 😉

By parenting organically….

Organic Parenting, The Unconventional Guide to Vibrant Mamas and Thriving Kids is a 6 week course to help you flourish as a family.

It’s not about organic food or physical health.

It’s about spiritual food, emotional health, feeding our spirits with what it takes to thrive.

It’s about organically moving from a place of trust and connection and helping our children do the same. It’s about what comes naturally to us: doing the best we can to meet our needs, so that we can help others meet their needs and together move toward the things that light us up.

We may not know how to do it, but it’s still what we’re all ultimately trying to do.

I’d like to show you how you can make it better, easier, more fun, more wonderful in more ways.

This course is for you if….

  • You know that children are inherently good: This course works from the premise that children are inherently wonderful and have a deep desire to love and be loved and only need our guidance on how to best meet their needs and navigate the world so their incredible nature has the ability to shine through.
  • You understand your triggers are getting in the way: Knee-jerk reactions, blowing your top, impatience, hurt, anger, doubt, fear…none of those things are helping. And you’re ready to feel grounded, balanced, vibrant, calm, and fully present with your children instead.
  • You are ready to move beyond behaviors: This course isn’t about having more tools to get your kids to do what you tell them to do. It’s about relationships, and the tools that help you come together to co-create choices and a lifestyle that serve each of you equally. It’s about learning to interact with them, just as you would interact and treat an honored guest or dear friend, knowing that behaviors are healthy when relationships are healthy.
  • You don’t want a copycat family: You want *your* family…thriving, however that gets to look for your family. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do or what will meet the needs of your family; I don’t want to give you more parenting “rules”. I want to introduce you to parenting in a much deeper, more meaningful way; I’m going to offer you the principles and prompts to help you examine for yourself what isn’t working and the practices to find what will.
  • You know there must be an alternative to Hands-Off Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, or Tiger Mom: Organic Parenting is thoroughly hands-on and engaged, without resorting to control, coercion, fear or micro-managing. It leans heavily into Trust and Connection, knowing that you can’t have freedom, responsibility and autonomy without the firm foundation of a healthy relationship.
  • You believe that punishments and rewards aren’t the way to go, but you’re not sure what to do instead: You don’t need me to convince you why hitting another human being is harmful; you know punishments and rewards are damaging Trust and intrinsic motivation. I’m going to take you from knowing you’re ready to let those things go, to finally knowing HOW (without creating havoc or losing your mind).

Organic Parenting is for mamas (and their partners) who are ready to let go, and fall into the easier, joyful flow of living together.

In six modules, coming to you over the course of six weeks, I want to show you how I and other organic, mindful parents feel amazing, release our triggers, connect with our kids, build trust and responsibility without control, have fun together and shine as parents.

Here is what’s included…

The Organic Parenting Package

Getting Started Module

This module is to, well, get you started. It includes audios (or transcripts, if you prefer), video, and a workbook to introduce you to Organic Parenting in-depth, help you identify your goals for the course, and set the stage for the principles and practices to come.

**SNEAK PEEK: Would you like to give this course a test drive? Listen to the first audio below!


Module One // Filling Your Cup

How do you balance your own needs with the needs of your family? We start here because you can’t fill their cups, if you’re running on empty. This module will show you how you can:

  • have more energy and less brain fog
  • feel vibrant and more connected to your body and your spirit
  • actually enjoy motherhood again (because you’re not too tired to be present)
  • and feel more grounded when your kids need you most.

We’ll work with the principles of Connection, Mindfulness, and Honor, and use prompts and practices to find what works for YOU.

Module Two // Digging Deep to Release Your Triggers

This kind of work is my speciality. We’re going to use my Digging Deep process to help you transform your triggers and struggles as a mama into freedom, joy, and ease so that you can:

  • Stop “reacting” and start responding with patience and compassion
  • End the cycles of frustration, anger, or abuse
  • Overcome our triggers and disable our hot buttons
  • Feel empowered, instead of overwhelmed

We’ll delve into the principles of Deeper Connection, Authenticity, and Responsibility (the ability to respond) and use the prompts and practices to DIG IN and release what isn’t serving us.

Module Three // Let’s Come Together

This module covers a very important aspect of the Digging Deep process: helping us come together with empathy and compassion for others using Nonviolent Communication. It helps us to:

  • Respond with a deep sense of patience and kindness toward our kids
  • Understand them on a level that allows us to guide them better and more gently
  • Build such Trust that they always feel comfortable coming to us
  • Create more space for connection and cooperation in our homes

We’ll be discussing the principle of Connection again (it’s one of the most important things after all), as well as Trust and Honor with prompts and practices to help us put it into place in our relationships.

Module Four // Inspired, NOT Required

This module is a tough one for most of us (and by most of us, I mean me). This is where we get to put our values of respect for all human beings into practice with the youngest of human beings. It’s where we do some examining of our need for control and our mistrust of children, and learn to build what we’ve lost, so we can:

  • Finally end the power struggles and bickering in our homes
  • Raise confident kids who feel empowered (instead of overpowered, or overpowering of others)
  • Create a sense of safety, trust, and synergy between us
  • Show our kids what a real, healthy relationship looks like, before they are ready to create their own

We’ll be doing a lot with the principles of Trust and Autonomy, and you’ll have plenty of prompts and practices to help you make the transition out of control and into mutual support.

Module Five // Thriving, Not Just Surviving

With the other practices in place, this is where it gets fun! If you really want to get out of family survival mode, you get to get silly, get playful, and get serious about lightening up. With this module you’ll be able to:

  • Turn fighting into laughter
  • Show your kids how to create an interested and interesting life
  • Amplify what lights you up and keeps you going when you’re running on empty
  • Get closer as a family, create more ease, and give yourself more leverage as a mama they can trust

This is all about the principles of Passion, Generosity and FUN, and the prompts and practices will make it easier for you to get down and play with (and for) your kids.

Module Six // Shining Your Parenting Light

If you’re living such an unconventionally free and joyful life with your family, chances are you’ll face confrontation, confusion, criticism, or just plain shocking choices in others. That’s why this module helps you:

  • Feel confident enough to live your parenting values amidst any crowd
  • Know what to say to any Naysayer in your life
  • Help your partner and you come together in your parenting styles and choices
  • Surround yourself with support, friendship, and guidance (especially for those imperfect mama days)

It’s all about the principle of Authenticity and Connection again, with prompts and practices to make it a little less overwhelming.

Bonus Module Full O’ Goodies

This bonus module is just a grab bag of goodies from me, including printouts, note cards and dozens of incredible, tear-jerking, awe-inspiring contributors.

Just look at a few of those joining us to add their wisdom to the mix:

Organic Parenting Contributors

Jan Hunt // Peter Gray // Naomi Aldort // Lenore Skenazy // Brad Yates
Sara Janssen // Tiffani Bearup // Teresa Graham Brett // Pixie Campbell
Denise Andrade // Tara Mauger // Hannah Marcotti // Erin Goodman // Barb Lundgren // Leonie Dawson // Jenn Gibson // Amanda Oaks // Lisa Work

And dozens more coaches, bloggers, teachers, gurus, healers, and parents!

The Organic Parenting Package

A rich and deeply transformational experience…

As someone who has followed Tara’s work for years and has had the pleasure of experiencing her coaching, her beautiful products, and interviewing her for my podcast, I am eagerly anticipating her latest endeavor – The Organic Parenting e-course. Tara holds space for self-discovery and growth in such a powerful and peaceful way and I know this class will be a rich and deeply transformational experience.

Erin Goodman, Interfaith Minister and Yoga Teacher // Mama to 2 //

I am able to meet more of my own needs and create peace within myself.

Prior to working with Tara, I have always struggled with my relationship with my family (my mother primarily) and feelings of not being good enough.  I also struggle with being a mother of two challenging ADHD children and how to keep my inner peace while still meeting everybody’s needs. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and depressed and helpless and at the end of my rope, without peace in myself or my surroundings.

Answering the hard questions Tara prompts really helped me work things out in my own head and accept my feelings and emotions for what they are instead of hiding from them.  Letting myself feel was difficult but by doing so the inner growth was amazing.

Tara helped me to open myself up, and move past the hurt and pain with peace. Because I am mostly at peace within myself now and am not constantly beating myself up, I am able to see the little things as little as they are and not make a mountain out of a mole hill.  It is good to feel rather than just feel numb, and I am learning how to turn off that voice in my head that says I’m not good enough.

My relationship with my parents has moved to a more grown up level and I no longer feel like a powerless teenager when I speak to them. My relationship with my children has improved and by helping them meet their needs, I am able to meet more of my own needs. Learning how to take a step back and seeing what is important has been a real eye opener. I have created a place and pretty good routine for creating peace within myself.

Tracy Huggard // Mama to twins // California, USA

I’m now able to work and process through every challenge…

Prior to working with Tara, I was struggling with parenting and being myself – doing things the way I wanted to versus the way I was. I was struggling with what I wanted to do, what had happened to me before, and who I wanted to be now. I was coming into the woman that I wanted and knew I was going to be, but I hadn’t given myself permission to do so just yet. I still needed to work through why I was holding myself back.

Working through judgement and trusting trust made the biggest impact on me. My biggest aha moment was working with judgement and realizing that when I’m judging others, it’s because I’m judging myself and I need to work through that.

I think working with Tara was just what I needed to face this crazy year that my family and I have had since our time working together. I’ve been able to work and process through every challenge and say yes to living even when I couldn’t see how or when that would be possible.

I feel like my family is thriving now, when I am present, mindful, and am taking care of myself. Tara helped me give myself permission to do that!

Natalie Davis // Mama to 3 // Kansas, USA

Frequently Asked Questions


What does “organic” mean? Is this about food or green living?

Nope. Don’t get me wrong. Food and sustainability are important, but not nearly as important as what’s going on beneath our choices for healthy living. I help you go deeper into the source of your choices, so you can make the best ones for you and your family based on love and trust, not fear or contral.

“Organic” instead means natural, inherent, part of a whole…what comes organically to us (love and compassion) when we are moving from our organic selves, our core.

For a deeper explanation of what “Organic Parenting” is, I’d like to offer you a sneak peek into the course with this free audio from the Getting Started module above!

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Is this for parents of children within a certain age?

Not at all!

The work in this e-course is for children of all ages, people of all ages. You could even apply it to your relationship with you grown children and partner.

You will find most of the examples are of children ages 4 to 14, but the tools are mostly the same if you child is 4 months or 24 years old.

This is because these are *relationship* tools – practices that help you to overcome obstacles to a strong relationship based on trust, connection, autonomy, and passion and allows you to honor your needs while also honoring theirs.

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Can papas join too?

Yes! Papas are encouraged to join the e-course by themselves or with their partners, however much of the e-course is in language most appealing to women.

But the tools are still powerful, if you can look past being called a mama or a sista. 😉

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I don’t think my partner would join with me. Will these principles and practices still work for me without both of us on board?

Yes. The principles and practices in this e-course will be more effective with your partner on board, of course, but it’s not necessary to create the shifts in your family if you’re ready. What most mamas find is when they get grounded in their own practices and begin to feel radiant and loving as a result, their partner and other family members will naturally gravitate toward the work as they are ready.

So start with you mama, and allow yourself to shine for others.

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I’m a single mama. Will these principles and practices work for me?

Yes! These tools will help you find ways to meet your needs and fill your own cup, so you can feel centered, energetic, and have more to balance the many needs of your family. It will help you to create a life that feels less overwhelming and more fun together and make parenting easier as you come together cooperatively. I’m not promising it will be easy; you’ve got a big job, but I believe this can help you rock it (even more than you already are).

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I’m not a mama. Can I still take this course?

Absolutely! Whether you plan to be a mama, or not, you’re welcome to join us in examining a new way of relating to and loving one another. This course is based on principles that can easily be applied to other relationships, including partners, parents, friends and family, nieces and nephews, and even (or most importantly) your relationship to yourself.

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Does this e-course advocate punishments, such as spanking or shaming?

NO! This e-course does not advocate punishments of ANY kind (not even time outs or “natural” consequences) but instead encourages you to move BEYOND the need for punishments. With the principles and practices in this e-course you’ll find that punishments won’t be necessary anymore, as you learn to help you child communicate, empathize, and make wise choices.

If you’re NOT ready to examine any assumptions you have about the use of punishments and move beyond such strategies, this is NOT going to be the e-course for you.

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How is it possible to make such big changes in just 6 weeks?

It’s not. But it is possible to BEGIN big changes in 6 weeks.

And that’s what this course is about – offering you the practices that you can begin to PRACTICE. Mastering those relationship tools and strategies will take our entire life. But by practicing these tools and strategies you’ll find that it quickly gets so easy that it perpetuates itself. Using these practices makes it easier to use these practices.

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I’m not sure I have the time to commit to doing it all in six weeks. Is there an alternative?

Yes! The e-course is setup as six individual modules that you can access anytime you’d like. You can use them week-by-week or spread them out in any way you need. You can focus a month or more just on Filling Your Cup and getting yourself into a really grounded place as a parent, or 2 days on it, depending on how you feel.

It also comes to you in multiple formats, including audios and transcripts, so you can participate according to what is most convenient for your schedule. (Downloading the MP3 audios to your phone or iPod tends to be a popular choice for busy moms who want to listen as they drive or walk the dogs or watch the kids play at the park.)

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Is the Organic Parenting e-course spiritual or religious in nature?

Religious, no. It is spiritual in the sense that I believe the work we do as parents is important and spiritual work, and that our children are the perfect spiritual gurus to show us where we get to grow and stretch beyond our comfort zones (I call this soul yoga). It is also spiritual in the belief that each person is inherently wonderful (yourself and your children) and that our role as parents is to help our children access that wonderful part of themselves as they learn to navigate and thrive in their lives.

Beyond that you don’t need to adhere to any specific religious or spiritual beliefs to get a lot from this course.

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I’ve never joined an e-course. How does this one work?

Once you’ve purchased the e-course you will be directed to a private login page only accessible to you where you’ll be able to download your Getting Started audios and workbook and delve into each module and the goodies from there. I recommend you schedule time in your week to sit down with each module, in order to help yourself stay on track and not let this become a nice theory that was never actually put into practice. (Life gets crazy; we all know that. Schedule this like you’d schedule a pap smear or something equally important, and protect your appointment. Don’t let this be something you purchase but never do.)

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What format do the materials come in?

A wide variety! My goal is to give you options to make this course successful for your needs and learning style. 🙂

Each module is comprised of at least one audio with complete transcripts, so you can listen while you drive or clean, or you can read if that’s more your style. It also includes workbooks that are downloadable as PDFs and can be printed or used as guides, as well as other downloadable goodies. There are also bonus videos from me and from many contributors that you can access online, as well as written essays from multiple like-minded people, which you’ll find in the Village Wisdom ebook in your bonus downloads.

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Is it important that I work through each module in order?

It will make a big difference if you work through each module in order. Each one builds upon the last, so working from the middle may not make as much sense. But ultimately, trust yourself and your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to access any module you want as soon as you begin, so follow your intuition.

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I think I may need support through this. What are my options?

You’ll have the option to join the Organic Sisterhood Facebook group, where you will have 24/7 online support from other like-minded women online, as well as from me. If you join the course with friends, I highly recommend creating a system of support amongst one another. Brainstorming, or just an ear and an open heart makes all the difference.

If you find you need one-on-one support from me you’ll be given the opportunity to book one or more coaching sessions with me at any time you feel it would support you, and we can work together to overcome any barrier or troubleshoot any situation you might be struggling with.

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Is there any group support with this e-course?

Informally, yes. You will have the ability to join the Organic Sisterhood Facebook group to chat with like-minded women about the course, or any other topic that’s on your mind. You’ll see the link to join that within your member login area.

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How is payment made for the e-course?

When you choose to join the e-course, payment is made via Paypal through my online store. Immediately upon payment you should receive access to the e-course materials through your own secure login.

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here’s what others are saying…

We are a much more peaceful family now.

Before I began coaching with Tara, I was really struggling in my marriage and as a mother.  I didn’t know how to maintain my own happiness if other people in my family were having a hard time.  I didn’t know how to take responsibility for my own emotional state. I was dealing with a lot of overwhelm and anger at my family for not meeting my needs. I kept thinking “if only they… then I would be happy.” My mindset was all about what they could do for me and I was blaming them for all my dissatisfaction.

Life felt really difficult.  It seemed like there was no way out.  No time, no energy, no peace.

It was scary, but also liberating to examine my triggers and beliefs because I could finally take responsibility for my own emotional state, understanding that my husband and child could not “make” me feel a certain way. I recognized my desire to control people and situations as a huge barrier to my own happiness. I stopped blaming others for what was going on with me and learned to listen deep within myself.

I connected to a wellspring of inspiration and possibility in my future. There are less conflicts between me and my son as I have learned to release control and have faith and respect for his desires and who he is. We are a much more peaceful family now. And I have even been able to rediscovered some of my passions in life and I am working diligently to create the life of my dreams. My relationships are much more fulfilling, and not a source of stress and drama now. I feel like I now have the power to create my dream life.

Tatiana Abatemarco // Mama to 1 //

I’m simply lighter and braver now – that’s my favorite part.

I came to Tara looking for some clarity about myself.  “Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, help me get out of my own way.”

I’m a mom of three spectacular little people (7, 10 and 12), a grad student, a wife and so so much more.  I have never been or felt on top of things, and quite often things are usually piled on top of me! I had recently been diagnosed with ADD and started taking meds (something I swore I’d never do!). I sought that out to finally get a handle on managing all the details of my crazy life, because I could see how my patters were impacting my ability to support my kids. What it boiled down to was if I couldn’t take care of my day to day responsibilities effectively, how can I teach my kids to handle theirs?

Digging Deep with Tara really gave the chance to lean into that stuff and look it in the face.  There were…I can’t even count how many “aha” moments during my first weeks in coaching and the Digging Deep process. They are still dawning on me, still working their way to the surface of my conscious awareness.  The first sessions were pretty much full-tilt catharsis. Lots of tissues went to Kleenex Heaven, bless their hearts.  It was work I needed to do. Grief that needed to be offered up. But it wasn’t just raw, wound opening – there was structure, and support in both Tara’s presence in the process and in DD itself. It was a tether, a net that kept me from feeling like I might be swept away by the intensity.

I do know, and see now so much more how much I (we, you) need and deserve support.  I wouldn’t be without it.  The results…are pretty pervasive honestly.  It’s more than keeping the utilities on. I am watching myself see, observe, question, re-approach, observe more, question more in tiny and major ways in many areas of my life.  And honestly, I’m simply lighter and braver now – that’s probably my favorite part.

Olivia Hamilton // Mama to 3 //

I am able to feel more grounded to parent more consciously.

I have very intense, spirited children, and am a highly spirited mama, myself. So, I know that I am easily triggered.

Working with Tara and implementing Non-Violent Communication into our home has made a huge difference in how we all handle the tough times. It has enabled me to understand that my kids are a reflection of myself, but that I need to reflect back to them what they are feeling. Through NVC, and using empathy and trust, and a whole lot of patience, looking for their unmet need that is always behind and a cause of their behavior, I can handle the intensity with much more ease. I also realized just how important self-care really was and have made time for that so that I can be the strong, confident woman that my children need. It really is essential for me to feel grounded if I am to model how to handle those intense emotions to my kids.

I have learned so much about myself through Digging Deep and Tara’s coaching, that I am able to feel more grounded so that I can be in the place to parent more consciously. Sometimes we still have days where we feel like we are spinning and everyone is off, or it’s all great and then we hit a wall, but after working with Tara and Digging Deep and finding a tribe, I have a better sense of myself and my relationship with my kids, and understand that it is all a part of our growth, this parenting journey that we are on.

Angela Malson // Mama to 3 //

This isn’t just for parent-child relationships!

I just wanted to send you a little note and let you know that even though I am not a parent, nor hope to be a parent any time soon, I am greatly looking forward to your Organic Parenting E-Course. Honestly, your parenting webinars/articles/e-books and everything else parenting related isn’t just great for parent-child relationships, they’re great for all relationships as you’re always encouraging connection, trust and respect.

For example, I loved in your call about food and kids when you asked “How can you make food an act of love?” and “How can you honor your families needs?”. Now even though I only live with my long-time partner this resonated deeply for me. I thought, wow, how many times have I been frustrated because my boyfriend wouldn’t try something or eat something or how many times have I tried to talk my parents into eating something they didn’t want to?? And bam, it hit me. I needed to honor and respect their wants and desires and build our relationship on trust and respect rather than being forceful. After hearing your call I immediately messaged my boyfriend and apologized for being so forceful when it came to meals and told him I would try to honor his needs going forward and honestly it’s made eating together so much more pleasurable. So thank you!

And I guess my point is :::::: your words of wisdom regarding parenting are more than that. They’re words of wisdom on how to interact with others and build strong relationships and anyone can benefit from those bits of advice. So I hope all the single, child-less women out there tune into this course!

Erin Madore // Blogger //

Thank you so much! I’m enjoying the work. It’s self-discovery at its finest. Difficult. Painful sometimes. Motivating at others. Beautiful in its wholeness. I’m going slowly. Practicing daily. It’s amazing how those negative patterns of behavior are almost like a drug. You try to resist, you get overwhelmed. You use. Then you feel guilty…. Vicious cycle.

This ‘Digging Deep’ and connecting with my core is opening up such space. Space for love. Space for healing. Space for SELF-LOVE, and self-appreciation.

I’m really getting a lot out this. And you.

Melanie // Mama to 4

TeriP-OP The Organic Parenting course created a huge shift in the way I relate to my two young children, as well as my husband. Instead of expecting them to meet my needs (for quiet, for organization, for space, etc.), I became more clear on how I could first meet my own needs, and then clearly ask for their support. Such a simple concept, but really revolutionary results!

For me, the most important part of the course has been by joining the Sisterhood and the intimate connections with a small group of mamas who are equally committed to engaging with their children in a more loving, compassionate way. This support has been so important to me as I dig into deep inner work and create new ways of being with my family.

Teri Page // Mama to 2 //

This course has filled in the blanks in a big way…

Angie C
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting together the organic parenting e-course. I mean, not just a thank you, but a real, connecting my heart to yours for just a moment in time, THANK YOU!

I grew up in a split family, with parents who never went through the digging deep process….! I’ve developed some pretty negative behaviors and beliefs and had a habit of moving if/when things got tough (I travelled and lived all over the world for about ten years!). Then in 2008, I met my husband, married him a year later, and had two kiddos (now 3 and 2 years old). Being married, but especially having children, brought out behaviors in me that I didn’t know were there because I’d always avoided experiencing anything too stressful in the past. I didn’t want to leave and knew things had to change if I was going to stay, but I wasn’t sure where to turn.

I went to a therapist for a while, read a LOT, had discussions with many people, and wrote it all down in mind maps until I finally figured out what was important to me (my family) and what I wanted to have/be (a happy person with a happy family) but the thing I kept getting stuck on was how to get there from where I/we were. Life was definitely getting better than it had been at our lowest point, but I still kept coming up short at key moments and scrambling to figure out what to do.

This course has filled in the blanks in a big way and even though I’m only half-way through my family is responding and things are so, so better! I still have my moments but they’re fewer and farther between. This course you put together is giving me exactly the skills I needed to be able to live the way I want and to parent my children the way I want.

For all my searching (its been over a year’s worth of work I’ve been doing), I did not find these skills written out in such a way that my brain could understand and apply them anywhere else.

I want to tell you that this course is still so relevant and I hope that many more people will come across it and be ready to do it, because it is literally life-changing. You are amazing, and I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, from my family to yours, thank you.

Peace and blessings to you all,

Angie Canavan
Mama to 2 Toddlers

Woodchuck - On the Organic Parenting e-course


You can get started right now!

The Organic Parenting Package

There are two ways to get started…

In case you’re not aware, the Organic Parenting e-course is a part of The Library. This means you can get over 50 different tools, for everything from personal growth to healthy relationships, and unlimited access to updates and added tools in the future. Here’s what’s included:

What You Receive

The E-Course

The Library

6 modules coming to you over 6 weeks to help you fill your mama cup, release your triggers, and create the love, joy, peace, and fun in your home you’ve been craving, including…
10 audios (with transcripts) to help you DIG IN, examine, and overcome the challenges in your home (in order to participate when and how it’s best for you!) (value $150)
11 workbooks to help you put thought into practical action in your relationships (value $100)
12+ videos from me and other mindful parents to encourage, inspire and support you in any area (value $120)
Village Wisdom: The Insights, Tools, and Aha Moments From Other Organic Parents e-book to guide you and connect you with like-minded parents (value $25)
Filling Your Cup meditation and several printouts to help feel grounded and vibrant as a mama (value $25)
Digging Deep Toolbox, a 151 page ebook and audio full of tools and coaching to get you unstuck and out of overwhelm (value $47)
The Complete Guiding Word ebook to help you DIG IN, learn from, design, and lean into your next phase in life
2 Guided Meditations: Filling Your Cup and Mindfulness Meditation, to help you find your center ($40 value)
4 Toolkits for Personal Growth: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, How to Thrive Unconventionally in a Conventional World, Living Beyond “Should, and Living Beyond “Have To” ($100 value)
3 Audios for Partners: Partners on Different Pages, and Organic Partners and Relationships ($45 value)
6 Audios for Emotional Wellness: 7 Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm, What to Be Instead of Busy, 6 Tools for Self-Acceptance, From Uncertainty to Clarity, and Quit Taking It Personally Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
2 Mini-Toolkits for Parents: Children and Food and The Playful Family
4 Additional Audios for Organic Parenting: Emergency Parenting Turnaround, Handling Meltdowns with Compassion (Theirs and Yours), Advocating for Children Part 1 and 2 ($60 value)
12 Additional Collaboratives: 9 audios, 2 workbooks, and 1 video on everything from Getting Grounded, with Pixie Campbell, to Un-Diagnosing Our Children, with Dr. Marilyn Wedge ($170 value)
2 Mindful Business Goodies: 6 Steps to a Better Blog and How to Sell Other People’s Stuff ($35 value)
Bonus: Mini “Thriving” E-Course, including 1 ebook, 1 audio, 2 videos, and 3 workbooks full of nuggets o’ wisdom on everything from parenting to making confident lifestyle choices ($90 value)
Value $420 Value: $800+

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The E-Course: $74

The Library: $129


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more about tara wagner (the organic sister)…

Photo by Tifani BearupHey sweet mama, my name is Tara Wagner. I’m a mama to a teen son, named Zeb, a partner to an amazing man, Justin, and a mentor and the creator of the Digging Deep process, which helps women to overcome barriers in themselves, their relationships, and their life.

I believe in living an unconventional life, one that radically accepts what makes us each wonderful, that allows us to love what we do together, that encourages us to examine and rethink conventional wisdom and to settle on what makes our hearts sing, while supporting the same in others. Ultimately, I believe in love and acceptance – first of ourselves, then of each other.

And I believe the best way to heal the world is to heal the way we relate to and love children, which starts with the way we relate to and love ourselves, since we are the first reflection of the world our children will learn to respond to. If we want equality, we need a deep current of honoring one another in our homes. If we want peace, we need to show our children what peaceful resolution looks like within their most important relationships. If we want to love our life, we get to consciously create a life we all love.

I hope you’ll join me in creating this dynamic of radical acceptance, profound trust, and organic love in the world, in our families, in ourselves.

Because it’s about time we all get out of survival mode…