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Digging Deep: Get to the root of you
Digging Deep is my baby and the groundwork for everything else I do. Here’s just some of what you can use the Digging Deep process for:

  • Overcoming the thought “I’m not good enough”
  • Healing from the pain of past experiences
  • Clearing the anger or frustration that plagues your emotions
  • Move through uncertainty, overwhelm or self-doubt to find your own strength, courage and wisdom
  • Overcoming the barriers in your life, self, work or relationships authentically

Price: $47 (or included in the Sisterhood)


Spiritual Growth, Release, and Healing with Essential Oils

Most people are aware of essentials oils for cleaning, atmosphere, or even healing burns, but my #1 use for essential oils is for emotional, mental, and spiritual cleansing and healing:

  • Using Balance to ground yourself and decrease overwhelm
  • Increasing your capacity for compassion with Ylang Ylang over your heart center
  • Lifting yourself from heaviness or despair with Elevation
  • Nurture connection to self and others with Marjoram
  • Deepening your meditation with Frankincense
  • Releasing old baggage and old stories with Geranium

I exclusively use and adore doTERRA essential oils, and I’m compiling all the goodies and knowledge I can on how to use these oils for Digging Deep, meditation, personal growth, and self-realization to share with you here.

While I’m working on that love package, you can click here to learn more about how to try these incredible healing oils for yourself. ♥