“They say you find yourself in your 30’s.”

Slow Sunday

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with myself lately. Not the kind I normally have; they’ve evolved into something quiet and still and full of observation without words. They come instead with color and texture and movement and breath. With messy hands and a messy kitchen. With exposed shoulders and wisps of hair. With clutter and cleaning. My hands, my feet, my heart….they all want to be moving. Continue reading ““They say you find yourself in your 30’s.””

Thoughts on Parenting for Show

If you haven’t read it already, this commentary on the public humiliation of children that has become so prevalent in the social media age of parenting is well worth reading and absorbing.

Public shaming is awful and is nothing less than societally sanctioned parental bullying. Especially harmful to the young people against whom it is used as a weapon, the ramifications will resonate throughout their lives. They aren’t as tough as we pretend we are. (Read the whole thing here.)

Continue reading “Thoughts on Parenting for Show”

Win a Copy of Digging Into 2014!

Digging Into 2014: Discvoering Your Guiding WordDo you know what’s not so awesome about Facebook? They have this fun little algorithm that makes it difficult for certain things to get SEEN. Case in point? My giveaway on Facebook has gone out to nearly 10,000 but has less traction than a photo of a Yoga snowflake. So thanks for that Facebook. 😉

Because of it, I extended the entry deadline, so more people who want a chance to win, can have it. #yay 🙂 Continue reading “Win a Copy of Digging Into 2014!”

Crazy Moments are Just Crazy Moments (A Message From My Past Self)

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Crazy moments are JUST crazy moments, nothing more.

I love when I write things on my blog or Facebook or elsewhere in this case, only to find them a week, a month, 6 months later and at just the right time. It’s like wisdom to myself, from myself, and always in the perfect timing. Continue reading “Crazy Moments are Just Crazy Moments (A Message From My Past Self)”

Gratitude Is All That’s Left (when we stop trying so hard)

Very last page of my very first #artjournal.

It’s Thanksgiving week. Our little family of three is planning our dinner and a long weekend, disconnected from the ‘puters and connecting with the tangible world.

We have yet to finish building our table. We’ve yet to find a couch we love. So we’ll be eating our meal in a camping chair. And we’re okay with that. Continue reading “Gratitude Is All That’s Left (when we stop trying so hard)”

The only blog post in which I can talk about Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Ego in one breath (okay, maybe two)

This little piece of fringe culture has been on my Bucket List for like, 87 years. Literally.

Or it was on my Bucket List. Because we went recently and it was beyond epic. We sat out in the cold. We threw rice. We yelled profanities. And Justin even did the Time Warp (happily he has no rhythm, which made it that much better).

This weekend I’m getting my nose re-pierced. Something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly a flipping decade since I took my last one out. Continue reading “The only blog post in which I can talk about Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Ego in one breath (okay, maybe two)”

Essential Oils for the Soul {and a free workshop}

Old Frankie and I are off to meditation. Cuz Mama needs all the help she can get this morning.

You know, I’ve gotten some serious flack for my love of essential oils. Some people can’t believe I’m involved in any sort of direct sales (which I get – I used to feel the same way until I realized how beautifully anti-corporatism this model is) and some just can’t believe I like this brand (which I get – we all have our personal faves). Continue reading “Essential Oils for the Soul {and a free workshop}”