Renaissance Faire

This was our first Ren Faire and we had a blast. So much to see and do and so many great costumes.

Jousting with HUGE horses!


Glad that thing is styrofoam!

This little cork gun didn’t stay with us long. Someone had given it to Zeb to enjoy and after playing with it for some time he decided to keep the gift going, giving it to a little boy nearby and making his day. Melt this mama’s heart.

Goofy cork gun

Every so often we are given a glimpse into the mind of our little unschooler and reaffirmed that yes, we are doing the right thing; that learning happens internally and in places you hardly expect it.

We were walking past the cannons, on our way to find lunch, when we were stopped by one of the cannoneers who struck up a conversation with Zeb. After a minute of chatting he asked him about his weapons of choices, wondering aloud if Zeb knew the name of the sword in his hand. “Yeah, it’s a scimitar.”

Wha? Okay, I really should not be so stunned at my child’s knowledge, but he just said a word that I can’t even pronounce, let alone had ever heard! The cannoneer didn’t look nearly as stunned as myself, although perhaps a bit disappointed he couldn’t tell Zeb something new. As we walked away, I asked again what it was called and how he knew that. “It’s a scimitar, Mom. I knew that from RuneScape. My character has one.” Justin had a proud and pleased, albeit surprised looked on his face as well. So much for those doubts he had been attempting to conquer these last few weeks over the amount of time Zeb spends playing RuneScape. ;)

Zeb and his gear

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I know my DS11 would know a scimatar (sp?) very well too. And all these things work together. My son went from playing video games to SCA archery nights to watching The Forbidden Kingdom after seeing Kung Fu Panda to checking out from the library and reading books on Chinese mythology to finding Runescape on the computer to buying with his own money a fictional series about kid Kung Fu masters at Barnes and Noble to…….so many things an unschooler can do and learn when they get interested! He just takes off with all of it, with very little input from me.

I was just checking out ticket prices for our local fair this morning! Declan loves Runescape, weapons, sword fighting…etc. I may look into some clubs for him. Right up his alley!
Looks like fun!

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