Saying Yes to Life

Taking It All In

I have a little story for you, a story of opportunity, of growth, of saying Yes.

Many months ago I had this little tiny nudge. A nudge to shift, to relaunch, to step up to the plate of my life.

And I said yes. Actually, I said “Okay“.

And because “Okay” is really just a thinly veiled “Okay, I’m having doubts, but I’ll try to tentatively trust you” Life answered in return with, “Okay, I hear your doubts, so we’ll take this slow.”

So, for about four months, I moved slowly. There were a few moments of “Um…” or even one or two of “Eek!” but mostly it was a comfortable little path.

Then right before I relaunched, as I was sitting in my space – that quiet, meditative, soulful space – I felt it again.

But it wasn’t a nudge this time. It was more like a request: A request for more Trust, an offer of growth and connection, an opportunity.

It was the question, “Are you feeling ready yet?

Not demanding or pushy, just a heartfelt question.

I had no idea what it really meant and I was filled with fear about it. Oh boy, was I. Because saying yes to something you can’t see…well, that’s just fracking terrifying.

But I took a deep breath anyway…and I said Yes. And I really meant Yes this time. So I opened my whole heart and my whole soul to receive it.

And Life Rushed In

Do you know what happens when you say Yes! to Life, to an offer from your Source, to the nudge in your heart you’ve been ignoring?


In the moment, opportunity looks a lot like stress, overwhelm, uncomfortable changes, upheaval, odd new circumstances, and a really messy experience. It might start feeling like being engulfed by fear, or even sadness or anger.

(Or maybe that’s all just me.)

But if you keep saying Yes, if you can remain open and trusting….

Well, in hindsight you can see it’s all just Life rushing into your open heart as fast as it can. It’s not going to miss the opportunity after all. 🙂

And so because Life’s opportunities are often big, it can be stressful.
Because it comes so fast, you can feel overwhelmed.
When it’s new (and it will be new), it can feel uncomfortable.
And since it’s often demanding, it may seem like upheaval.
And because we’re human, it’s often messy.

But in reality, it’s really, really good. And here’s why…

It All = Strength Training

Looking back on these past 3 months, I see what I thought was pain and obstacles and stress. But you know what I really see now?

Strength training.

My coach has a way of putting it that I like. She compares it to weight lifting. You put resistance on your muscles to build them, to grow them.

When you say “Yes!” (and really mean it), Life begins its job of giving you opportunity to strengthen and grow you.

And that can feel tiring, overwhelming, even painful at times. Because it’s usually going to start with the discovery and healing of all the things that are going to get in your way of what comes next.

You can call it struggle, or strengthening; pain, or healing. But only one perspective is going to get you through it. Only one is going to keep you saying “Yes”, keep your heart open and authentic and expanding.

And that’s worth it.

Because as ugly as it will feel as you go through it, as someone emerging from the other side, I can promise you it’s amazing.

What are you saying “Yes” to in your life?