Shit surfaces. That’s okay.

Shit surfaces. via

“Shit surfaces. Watch it. Laugh at the silliness of it. Breathe through it. DIG IN. Dance it off. Make friends with it. Talk to it. But most of all, don’t take it seriously. It’s just a function of our minds. The point isn’t to fight it off or try to make it go away. The point is to learn how to let it come and let it go.”

These words come from a great convo with a friend, colleague, and client.

It might just be the hardest thing to learn.

Shit does and will surface.

But with practice it ceases to feel like shit, and just starts being “stuff”. It’s like meditation: Buddha didn’t have NO thoughts cross the mind during meditation, just no attachment to those thoughts. One of the meditations I practice uses these words about thoughts (i.e. “shit”)…”Let them come. Let them ALL come. And let them go.”

Don’t believe them. Don’t feed them. Don’t latch on. Do what you gotta do to make sense of them perhaps, so that you can let them go. Cuz they will go.

If you’re not hanging on.