Sometimes Inspiration Derails Me

here's looking at you kid

I love inspiration. I am an inspiration junkie. I eat, breath and dream it. I get excited when it hits me and I get excited when other people are swimming it.

Smack in the middle of my 3 part series on personal growth, I was hit by it and it derailed me a little with getting part 3 up on time.

I was hit so hard I had little choice but to heed the call and make my trek deep into my Creative Cave. And there I’ve been for the past 3 days…and there I’ll be for a couple more.

And I’m excited. I’m inspired. And I’m scared a little shitless.

Because I’m creating something real, valuable, soul-driven.

I’m creating an e-book and audiobook on the biggest, most important piece of personal growth.

So, part three of this series is coming very soon, in the next couple days.

And soon after that, my new creation, my heart and soul and inspiration will be finished and ready and put out into the world.

Sharing the Love

If you’re interested in getting first dibs and a super special offer on what I’m creating, you’ll need to sign up here.

In addition to a super sweet deal, you’ll also get a copy of Be Organic: An Invitation to Change Your World.

If you’ve already received that e-book and you’re still on the list, you’re golden. Just hang tight and I’ll get you the goodness very soon.

Oh I’m excited! And I think I need to barf. Good, good things. 🙂

8 Replies to “Sometimes Inspiration Derails Me”

  1. Change always makes me want to barf, too. I wish I could get past that and quit the drama, like you seem to be doing. Keep inspiring us, Tara!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! Your passion, your story it’s beautiful and I look forward to scanning the earlier posts, news posts and everything in between. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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