“Surviving” Sucks. Get The Holiday Thriving Kit!

Let me tell you how this Holiday Surviving Thriving Kit all began.

I was freaking overwhelmed. I had a plate piled high and my mind wandering off in 14 different directions all at once – quite painful, I might add.

I was finding myself feeling unrooted, scattered, unable to be present or feel authentic. (Not authentically overwhelmed; I had that covered. But authentically my real self: grounded, kind, patient, compassionate.)

So I began to practice my own mindfulness meditation.

I would practice it in the tiny slivers of a moment between the action and my reaction.

I would practice it after it all took place.

But soon I found I wanted to practice it outside the moments all together, so that I could get firm in it before the world shook beneath my feet.

So I created a Guided Mindfulness Meditation for myself.

No intentions of sharing it. I created it just for me. And I practiced it.

And it was goooood.

I felt myself settling in…feeling rooted, grounded in mindfulness and the benefits of it.

I felt the chatter of my mind start to fade as I practiced listening deeper in and out of the most overwhelming days.

And as I sank deeper into my own mindfulness, it began to ripple around me.

My sweet husband, Justin, began to breathe with me, to reflect back to me the inner work I was doing and to organically begin to practice it himself. Even Zeb, at 12, started to notice and would begin to reflect it back for me, asking me how I was feeling when he saw my tension rise, unconsciously giving me that gentle reminder to move into mindfulness.

But it’s effectiveness truly showed itself during one of Life’s trials.

It was when we had a really hard couple days, when some really challenging things threatened to shake us up, when my ability to remain grounded was tested to the extreme and I knew my ability to remain mindful meant the difference between total success and total failure within the situation.

It was exhausting, and emotionally heartbreaking and took every last ounce of energy from me.

But no matter how exhausted I became, how close to my edge I thought I was, when I needed it the most I found myself able to remain grounded and mindful through this practice, transforming the challenge with the compassionate presence I found I was never without.

I had been wanting to offer this guided mindfulness meditation for weeks. But it wasn’t until I recognized just how powerful a practice it had become, that I truly felt ready to share it with you.

The Organic Sister’s Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is remaining present and deeply connected to Who You Are within any moment or situation.

It’s the ability to remain calm and centered around your values and the organic actions that spring from your values.

Life challenges that mindfulness. It offers so many opportunities to lose yourself.

We all know what it’s like to not feel mindful.

When we’re not mindful, we feel scattered, uneasy, irritable, overwhelmed, unable to see clearly and prone to losing our temper or our stability, to losing ourselves within the drama or commotion or emotion flying around us.

Gaining or regaining that mindfulness is crucial to what you’re ready to experience in your life.

This meditation is for anyone ready to:

  • Move out of the chaos of your mind’s chatter
  • Cut through the layers of complexity in any moment
  • Experience the deep grounding feeling that mindfulness brings
  • See clearly through the eyes of Compassion and Wisdom
  • Learn to stop your knee-jerk responses – you know, the ones you regret later
  • Offer support and steadiness to those in need around you
  • Bring calm, clarity, and kindness into your interactions with others.

This Guided Mindfulness Meditation is an organic practice. And as you practice it, both within the meditation and using the practice in your everyday life, you will experience the power that mindfulness holds for you.

What You Can Expect From This Meditation

This Guided Mindfulness Meditation is a 45 minute mp3 that is immediately available upon payment via download.

You can upload it on your iPod, your smartphone or save it to your computer.

And slowly, gently, it will guide you through a process of relaxing, grounding and connecting you to your awareness, to your body, to your heart. Then I will guide you to bringing this into any moment with the confidence that you can make this happen, that you can create the results of mindfulness in your life, before leaving you with several extra minutes to finish your meditation practice at your own pace.

And then The Holiday Thriving Kit was born.

In that same place of meditation I felt a very clear call and sudden call to create something more.

Something WITH the Guided Mindfulness Meditation…AND some other practical tools.

Tools I had recently shared with the Organic Tribe.

Because I know, as we come up on the holidays, mindfulness is a necessary and powerful practice to transform your experiences.

And I know that sometimes you might find you need a little more than mindfulness…you might need something to do next.

For a limited time, only until Wednesday, December 22…

I’m offering The Holiday Survival Thriving Kit, which includes:

  • The 45 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation, described above, to give you a practice that you can use before, after and within your holiday season

  • An 80 minute Organic Tribe audio: Being Organic Around Conventional Wisdom, with four exercises to help you to remain true to your values around the people you love – the family, friends or even strangers – who don’t share those values. This Organic Tribe session is full of the coaching, the Aha moments, the tools you need to not be triggered by the things others say or do (to you, around you or about you), to continue to shine Who You Are, despite any odds.
  • And a 90 minute Organic Tribe audio: Stop Surviving the Holidays and Start Thriving (5 Things to Get Instead of Stressed), with the guidance and practices that you can use starting right now to change your experience of the holidays from overwhelm, discontent or unhappiness to joy, gratitude and Love, and includes another 20 minute guided meditation to help you remain connected to yourself, to what it is that feeds you and what it is that guides you toward truly loving and appreciating what is.

It’s all the tools, the coaching and the practices that you can use to truly thrive this holiday season.


What is your sanity worth this year?

Receiving this amount of coaching and tools personally from me would normally cost several hundred dollars or more in one-on-one coaching.

But for a short time, only until December 22nd, you can receive several hours of tools, coaching, and support for $74 or choose the meditation alone for $35.

Most gifts we give ourselves last a few hours, maybe a few weeks or months…

This gift will last you years.

And not just over the holidays. These are tools you can apply all year long.

Give yourself a gift this year.

Mindfulness. Grounding. Peace. Clarity.

The ability to think straight.

To hear your own Organic Wisdom and trust it.

The experience you and your entire family are needing.

The Holiday Thriving Kit Guided Mindfulness Meditation

P.S. Yes! Anyone who purchases either the Guided Mindfulness Meditation or The Holiday Thriving Kit will be invited to join The Organic Sisterhood! You’ll get that info upon payment.

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