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13. Snorkel with an underwater camera (video – and an added bonus)

I feel like I’ve been blowing through my 31 Things list. I haven’t really, but I have been working through it at a steady pace. But #13? Oh yeah baby. Simply. Amazing. I can’t describe what it’s like to be doing things I never saw myself doing. It’s like trying to picture yourself as breaking mach speed…just not really on your radar until one day it is and you can’t believe you’re making it happen. We went out in Key Largo, rented a boat from John Pennekamp State Park, and dove in with friends. Zeb didn’t stay for long – cold and wet and over-his-head are not really his thing. It! Was! Amazing! The reef was gorgeous and the fish spectacular, but what took me by surprise by the Christ of the Abyss statue. Many, many jokes were had at old Jesus’ expense, but to see it was still pretty…

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31 Things Before I’m 32

Today is my 31st birthday. I’ve been celebrating all weekend with art, music, writing…basically quiet, creative space with myself. And it’s been divine. Before I forget, I’m also celebrating with a Pay-What-You-Can Day on Digging Deep {today and tomorrow only}. I’ve always wanted to do a Pay-What-You-Can Day and for some reason it just never came together. Lame, I know. But I also know the holidays can be tough, financially, and I know that to make 2013 beyond amazing it takes some tools to overcome our obstacles to amazing. And it’s just fun to do it on my birthday. My birthday’s always leave me reflective. I think it’s the passing-of-time + holiday nostalgia + upcoming New Year’s all rolled into one. The past few months have been especially reflective for me – lots of reexamining, realigning, rediscovery. Lots of asking myself, “Is this the Life you want? Are you making…

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