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31 Things Before I’m 32

Today is my 31st birthday. I’ve been celebrating all weekend with art, music, writing…basically quiet, creative space with myself. And it’s been divine. Before I forget, I’m also celebrating with a Pay-What-You-Can Day on Digging Deep {today and tomorrow only}. I’ve always wanted to do a Pay-What-You-Can Day and for some reason it just never came together. Lame, I know. But I also know the holidays can be tough, financially, and I know that to make 2013 beyond amazing it takes some tools to overcome our obstacles to amazing. And it’s just fun to do it on my birthday. My birthday’s always leave me reflective. I think it’s the passing-of-time + holiday nostalgia + upcoming New Year’s all rolled into one. The past few months have been especially reflective for me – lots of reexamining, realigning, rediscovery. Lots of asking myself, “Is this the Life you want? Are you making…

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More thoughts on parenting a teenager

Zeb woke up a little after noon yesterday, his 13th birthday. I could tell from the look in his eyes that something was unsettled within him. For the next 90 minutes we walked softly, gauging his needs. He was quiet, teetering on the edge of irritable. Not what we expected, but not uncommon either. It was several weeks ago that we started talking about his birthday. He had made a list of everything he wanted (which was 95% Halo related) but his anticipation ended there. Or at least his excited anticipation. When we asked what we wanted to do, I got a clue as to his feelings. It is his 13th birthday so we had planned to do something big. After all, it’s not every year that your child becomes a teenager. I wanted to celebrate just as much as I thought he did. So we asked him what he…

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